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What Makes Mold Toxic? from HybridRastaMama.com

What Makes Mold Toxic?

This is a post I should have written ages ago. I took it for granted that my readers knew what “toxic mold” meant. But since I shared my story about our SECOND toxic mold crisis, I have received many emails and comments from my readers wondering what exactly causes mold to be toxic. This is a great question and one I will finally provide an answer for today. I must warn you … Keep Reading! You Know You Want To!

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Featured Story

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Homemade Healthy Granola from HybridRastaMama.com

Homemade Healthy Granola

At our house we absolutely LOVE breakfast cereal! I will eat any variety of Honey Bunches of Oats and Cameron loves his Crispix. We used to eat a bowl every morning along with our skim milk. We thought that we were being healthy because we ate the "healthy" … Keep Reading! You Know You Want To!