Coconut Oil and Blood Type O;

Coconut Oil and Blood Type O:

There is a lot of confusion about coconut products (namely coconut oil) and the blood type diet.  One of the most frequently asked questions from those who read my 333 Uses For Coconut Oil post is what my take is on the blood type diet and the concern for Type “O’s” consuming coconut oil and other coconut products.

Let me state that I am NOT a medical professional.  At all. Everything I share on my blog is based on research and personal experience.  It is NOT to be taken as hard and firm medical advice.  My posts are designed to encourage you to do more research and to consult with a trusted medical professional.  So please, take everything I say in the rest of this post as MY OPINION ONLY!  Good gosh I do not want to be held accountable for anyone experiencing an adverse reaction to coconut because I give the green light on it.

I wrote a post on Traditional Foods and the Blood Type Diet some time ago.  You might want to check it out if you have no idea what the Blood Type Diet is all about.  I have to admit that while I do think that there is some merit to it, I also remain a tad skeptical.  I know that I can eat some of the forbidden foods with no adverse effects.  I also know that there are indeed some forbidden foods that do me no favors. So honestly, the verdict is out for me on the Blood Type Diet.  However, I know many people swear by it and that is where the concern is when it comes to coconut products and the Type O’s of the world.

According to the Blood Type diet, Type O individuals are credited with being the original human blood type. The Type O blood type was the blood type of the hunter-gatherer nomads of the African plains that subsisted from fruits and berries naturally growing and whatever could be killed from the game herds that migrated across the continent. These early hunters subsisted from no agricultural products and likely no dairy products, thus Type O individuals are sensitive to milk, eggs, and most agriculture (grains, wheat, etc).

Here is where the confusion comes in regarding coconut.  In theory, coconut was NOT a food consumed by the hunter-gatherer nomads of the African plains. Although it is not considered an agricultural product per say, it is also not considered to be a naturally growing product according to several proponents of the Blood Type diet.  Uh, correct me if I am wrong but last I checked coconuts were high up there on the naturally growing food item chain! Sure, they have become part of the agricultural world today but for hundreds of thousands of years, coconut palms were not farmed.

Another argument against consuming coconut oil is that it will prohibit weight loss and possibly lead to weight gain in Type O individuals. You see, Blood Type Os are known for having a sluggish thyroid.  However, coconut oil is known for AIDING in weight loss and supporting thyroid function.  Confused much? 

I wrote an entire post on Hashimoto’s Disease which is triggered by a low functioning thyroid.  In my post, I explored how coconut oil can aid in improving thyroid function. I suggest you read that post for a better understanding of why a Type O with a sluggish thyroid would benefit, and not be harmed by consuming coconut oil.

I have a post in the works that discusses coconut oil and weight loss in depth but in short, the saturated fats in coconut oil contribute to weight loss and controlling food cravings. It also increases metabolic rate. So really, the argument that Blood Type O’s should avoid coconut oil because they will gain weight is invalid in my opinion and based on my research. 

Although Type O’s are known for being rather healthy, they are prone to stomach problems including ulcers and heartburn. Other common health issues that Type O blood types face are a hypersensitivity to allergens (especially mold), arthritis, low clotting factor (vitamin K deficiency), and diabetes.

Coconut oil is known for its ability to aid with the symptoms of all of these health issues and in some individuals may actually prevent or cure the above mentioned health issues. For individuals with diabetes it is known for keeping blood sugar levels stable and for controlling sugar cravings.  For those suffering from hayfever, rubbing a little coconut oil inside the nostril can be helpful in clearing a runny nose and ending sneezing bouts.  Taken internally it will help build immunity against certain allergens. The fat in coconut oil also aids in the absorption of vitamins, minerals and amino acids so anyone experiencing a Vitamin K deficiency (are anyone prone to one) would benefit from coconut oil. For anyone suffering from arthritis, coconut oil will reduce inflammation, aid in pain management, and lubricate the joints.

At the end of the day, only YOU can decide what is best for your health.  If you feel that consuming coconut oil is too risky and that its health benefits do not outweigh your concerns about coconut oil and being a Type O, then by all means, do not consume it.  But in my humble opinion, coconut oil is simply to powerful of a healer to NOT consume regularly.  Like everything else in life, start slow and see how your body reacts.  Gradually increase the amount of coconut oil you consume daily and if you have no adverse effects then hop on board the coconut oil train and don’t look back.  If you do have some adverse reactions then either scale back on the amount you are consuming or avoid it.  Again, your body –  your choice.

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  1. Eva says

    This is very interesting, have you read the newest book by D’Adamo “The Genotype Diet”? That makes things even more complicated.

  2. says

    I did look in to the blood type diet but there were things that didn’t fully ring true for me. I have found when I was cooking with coconut oil and making some of your yummy ‘sweets’ that I didn’t feel as depressed. I must start using it again, it’s dwindled in my diet for some reason!

    Faye xxx

    • says

      Apparently, coconut oil was an “Avoid” for all blood types, until some changes were made. The blood type diet list is constantly being revised, so you can’t really rely very much on it.

  3. says

    Despite what people say about coconut oil doing all those good things, in me it makes me have immflamation. Can’t even put it on my skin!!! I then found out about the Blood group diet, I am type O! So maybe it really does have some science in it!!
    BGD says coconut oil makes typeO sick. Well it’s true for me!!! I used to be so puzzled, how come all this info about how great coconut oil is, yet it makes me ill

    • Ashli says

      I’m blood type O and have zero problems with coconut. It does wonders for me. There is absolutely NO supporting evidence for any of the claims made by the blood type diet people and they are fairly easy to debunk. A is actually the earliest blood type and the one we shared with or common ancestor before humans split with the branch who would go on to become chimps. B blood type split off from A about 3.5 million years ago and O split off about 2.5 million years ago, making it the “newest” blood type. Make no mistake, all blood types are prehistoric though. I hate to see people denying themselves healthful and beneficial foods due to some fad diet with zero dietary evidence to support it. Any food issues experienced should most definitely be investigated, but use your own common sense and listen to your body. Not some guy in Hollywood who wants to start another celebrity diet trend.

  4. says

    I agree with your post on many levels. My opinion is still out as well! Well from my personal experience, I veer on the “no go” side.

    I am blood type 0 (with a sister who is type B –go figure), and I’m also hypothyroid, suffered from adrenal fatigue, and a Pacific Islander who was practically breast-fed eating all stages of the coconut.

    As I researched into naturally healing myself, I navigated away from a high-grain/Western style diet towards whole foods (I take from WAPF, GAPS, and paleo). During this time I started to eat saturated fats –most especially coconut oil– on a daily basis. After 2 years of steady recovery, I can absolutely attest to regained energy, a steady mood (less brain fog/depression), and my former cystic-acne riddled skin looks great now.

  5. says

    This is interesting! I like coconut and have type O blood, as well as Hashimoto’s. But, I do have to be careful about coconut, especially with my currently leaky gut. My body reacts if I have too much coconut. :(

    • Jo Ann Henderson says

      I too have been diagnosed in the past with Hashimoto’s, and am currently experiencing Hyperthyroid disease instead of the Sluggish (hypothyroid) as mentioned in the article for Type “O”. Agreed that this disease comes from a poor digestive system or leaky gut. My body is starting to react with (brown) coconut milk, but not with the (green) coconut water. It’s so delicious yogurt sometimes give me a reaction. This may be due to getting older also.

    • Jo Ann Henderson says

      Gastric type of reaction that effect my thyroid or heart. I don’t know if it good for my hyperthyroid or not, because my thyroid is producing too much thyroid. My heart beats fast now after eating or drinking something with coconut milk in it. It may be due to medications used also. Maybe it’s hard for me to digest now. Or it maybe cleaning out an organ. I am just cutting down on my consumption.

  6. says

    Hi Jennifer

    I also have the book by Dr. D’Adamo which made me a bit leary about adding it to my dietary intake. I have been using coconut oil for many years now and have no adverse effects. In fact it has helped me drop over 50 pounds which I have kept off. I do credit coconut oil for helping me to achieve the weight loss as well adopting a vegan, high raw lifestyle. I am also a blood type O.

    From my understanding, per Dr. Gabriel Cousens ~ Dr. A’Damo or his father allegedly stole the works of another physician and bastardized his findings. I am not in the habit of discredited someone’s work nor partaking in gossip but did feel it was something worth mentioning.

    I found the book originally when I was searching for allergy-like reactions to black pepper. Something that was plaguing me over 4 years ago. According to his book black pepper is not recommended for O types. I do feel there is an element of truth to his works but also have realized that its good practice not subscribe to any one belief ‘trying to remain open minded and most importantly maintain an intimate relationship with my body. Our body does know best and will communicate when something is or is not beneficial. We only have to listen closely.

    As far as candida is concerned I do believe it may be helpful but not necessarily cure it.

    Hope this post is helpful to your readers.

  7. Paulina says

    I’m not familiar with the blood type diet, though I’ve heard of it. From personal experience, my family switched to coconut oil about 6 months ago. My son and I are blood type 0 and pescetarian. We eliminated all types of oils, butters and margarine from our diet and use only coconut oil. Within the first two weeks I lost 10 lbs without changing anything else about my diet! The best part is that it STAYS off, despite me having a huge sugar addiction. It absolutely helped get me back to pre-pregnancy weight. Can’t ask for more 😉

  8. says

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  9. mae says

    I just wanted to say that I dont’ want to lose weight using coconut oil but reap all the benefits; is that possible????

    • says

      Coconut oil is amazing at knowing whether you need to loose or gain weight or stay the same. If you have a good metabolism, you probably will be fine. If you have thyroid issues or metabolism issues, coconut oil will possibly help regulate those which could mean a temporary weight gain or loss during the transition period.

  10. sharon simon says

    I have been looking at the Blood Type Diet, I notice that he says for O-type recommends soy milk?????? Doesn’t give me much faith in it given all the bad stuff with soy.
    I use coconut milk, I make my own, and was wondering about that with coconut for O-type which I am.

  11. sharon simon says

    I have been looking at the Blood Type Diet, I notice that he says for O-type recommends soy milk?????? Doesn’t give me much faith in it given all the bad stuff with soy.
    I use coconut milk, I make my own, and was wondering about that with coconut for O-type which I am. Actually, I notice he has coconut to be avoided by all blood types.

  12. marina says

    I really like your blog Jennifer and I will continue to come here to see what you are thinking this week. I am type O blood and have been working on vegan and vegetarian lifestyle but I get so much bloating, it is becoming unbearable. I am now going to take coconut oil in earnest for awhile, before meals and in cooking, to see if there is any difference. I also researched that bladder wrack helps to normalize a sluggish metaboolism and helps to produce weight loss and less bloating. My partner is a hunter and I am going to try a tiny bit of meat into my diet. We also fish so we will be consuming wild trout and salmon. I thought I was doing us a favour when I put us on a strick Kitcherie diet (lentils, rice and veggies) for five months. I did not lose weight and I felt bloated alot. We did raw vegan all summer using foods from our organic garden, and I did lose some weight, but began bloating again when I reintroduced cooked legumes, beans, rice and veggies.
    Okay, I am on yet another quest for good health by working with the tenets of the Blood type diet. I am muscle testing everything now, so that should help. Glad to know there are others out there that are so concerned with their diets.

    • says

      Hi Marina! I am a former vegetarian. I must share that I had similar problems. Grains caused me to be bloated all the time and my metabolism tanked. It is darn hard to be a vegetarian without consuming grains. I did a complete 180 and basically went full blown paleo. I eat tons of meat, veggies, a wee bit of fruit and NO grains, lentils, or beans. I do eat dairy. My metabolism rocks and I am rarely bloated. Keep on with the muscle testing. I have found that to be very helpful!

    • Georgie says

      I have been on a quest for good health most of my life. I also have been a vegan and have been finding that I have a lot of trouble with GERD. After reading the Blood Type Diet for Type O I have decided to try it. I will be using coconut oil along with the diet. I have used coconut oil for many years and love it.

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