160 Uses For Coconut Oil



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  1. says

    I recently picked up a jar of organic coconut oil at Trader Joe’s and was wondering what to do with it!! This is fabulous. What a wealth of information!! I think I’ll start by making a shower scrub– sugar and coconut oil. If anyone has done this, do you melt the coconut oil first and stir the sugar in? I’m looking at it now, and the contents of the jar are pretty solid?

    • Wanda Morgan says

      It melts easly though, I would soften it some so it will mix with the sugar evenly. Before I use my scrub. I sit mine in hot water for a few minutes softens right up. But the heat from your hands will probably melt it when you use it. Enjoy.

    • Debbie says

      Just rubbed some on my hands from solid and it melted away. No need to melt. Just add whatever you want for a good scrub! I had a salt and Lime treatment on a cruise once. Bet that would be nice added to it!

  2. says

    Jennifer you are amazing! Thank you so much for gathering and sharing all this knowledge – so many are going to benefit from it! I already love coconut oil but you keep making me realize I need to use a lot more of it! :)

  3. shar b says

    We love coconut oil! I have Ulcerative Colitis and did not know it could help it. I am definitely going to be increasing my consumption of coconut oil. It is really good on air popped popcorn by the way. So much better than butter

  4. Aria Milan says

    Wow! What a post. Thank you for all of this information. I am a fan of cooking with coconut oil as I believe it adds a yummy taste and texture to the food, but I did not know it was so good for you or could be used in all these different ways. I suffer from allergies, so I should eat coconut oil more often :)

  5. says

    I started to use virgin coconut oil to bring my little sons dry skin back to normal and as a moisturizer for his eczema behind the knees. We both love it and his skin is peachy soft now. I’d like to give it to him internally as well, as you did with your daughter, but didn’t do it so far, I was afraid of a runny BM. Guess I need to overcome this, right?

  6. Harsha says

    Great link! Thanks a lot. I have already bookmarked it. I will replace it only when you publish 1000 uses :)

    Just 1 query. For health issues, I know that virgin coconut oil would make the maximum impact. We get refined copra oil in our place. It is used for food purposes since ages. Will that have at least some impact. Instead of no coconut oil, some copra oil

  7. Cecilia says

    I am a huge lover of virgin coconut oil and have used it in my banana bread, zucchini & carrot bread and most recently as a moisturizer, make up remover, and deodorant. I am just so impressed with it’s versatility. I’m so excited to find that there are so many more uses for it.

    I would love to repost this article on my blog with a credit & link back to your site if you’re fine with it: http://blog.omkarabotanikals.com. This is an article that I would LOVE to share.

  8. says

    im a huge barleans fan!! I havent bought the coconut yet, but im gonna buy some now, because as I read your blog I didnt know how it could help with ulcers an my oldest suffers from them.Im so gonna get me some of this :)

  9. says

    I haven’t finished reading all 160 of them but I am slightly concerned about # 8 – Burns – you have directed to apply immediately. My concern is due to the fact that oil is a heat conductor and due to this traps heat within the burn which may cause further damage – is this not the same with Coconut Oil?
    The is the reason why no one uses butter anymore for burns! Could you please clarify?

  10. says

    @MsRAMHY The Indian Journal of Pharmacology states: Virgin coconut oil has a natural cooling nature that is very helpful when healing burns. After submersing your burn in cold water, apply coconut oil generously, and reapply throughout the day to keep the burn well coated with the oil. This helps to relieve the pain and also speed up the healing process and reduce scarring.

    I have scoured the internet and cannot find anything which mentions the concern you raise. All testimonials are postive and no one has expressed that the coconut oil trapped the heat. I personally have used it on burns and had no problem!

    Hope this helps!

  11. Anonymous says

    My 12 week old puppy has dry, itchy skin. How would I apply it to her body? And would it need to be rinced out afterwards?

  12. healthfitnessforlife says

    Love coconut oil, smells and didn’ t have idea about so many benefits. Great article, thank you!

  13. Anonymous says

    Is there a certain brand/ type of coconut oil that is the best for your skin? I have Eczema and inflammation on my face.

  14. says

    Hey! Great post as usual.
    I have fallen off the no shampoo bandwagon, that being said, my head is super itchy and I’ve been finding “scabs” for lack of a better term, all over my scalp.
    I have used coconut oil on my daughters’ heads, but was just wondering the best way to liquidy it to help it go into my thicker hair a little easier. I’m assuming on the stove at low heat so I don’t zap out all the good bits.
    Also, do you have a good recipe for the baking soda mix? I believe we have hard water and have heard that has something to do with why my hair looks really oily afterwards. I’ve also read to heat the war beforehand with the baking soda in it, they mentioned residue in the pan being leftover, but I’m pretty sure it was all the baking soda at the bottom. Needless to say, that batch didn’t do a thing for my hair.
    I guess that’s it, thanks.

  15. says

    Also, I gag every time I try to take the oil and so does my 3 1/2 year old. Any suggestions on getting it in us without damaging the good stuff?

  16. says

    @Harsha I looked into copra oil a bit and would say that yes, it is better that not using anything at all. When and if you are able to get your hands on some coconut oil, get as much as you can!!!! In the meantime, use copra oil.

  17. says

    @Anonymous For the puppy – just melt the coconut oil slightly in a warm pan of water. Rub the oil onto her skin, liberally. Then let it sit for a good hour. You can then rinse her off using a little baking soda to remove some of the oily reside left behind.

  18. says

    @Jess Getting that baking soda mix just right takes time. I use 1/4 cup baking soda in 1 1/2 cups hot tap water. I add in 2 drops of grapefruit essential oil as well. For a lot of people, no-poo won’t work without the essential grapefruit oil especially if you have hard water!

  19. says

    @Jess Heh heh – I totally get the gagging issue. Try mixing it into tea or soup. Just be careful as the oil stays at the top and can be hot. You can also add it to smoothies, cook eggs in it, saute veggies in it, and even use it on salad.

  20. Anonymous says

    hey, i also am one of these people who suffer from ulcerative colitis and is a little bit skeptical about this stuff working on me since every other method has failed. but i haven’t lost all hope yet. if anyone who suffers with the same thing as i do can tell me exactly in full detail what they did while taking this and how it affected you i would be ever so grateful. i am considering taking this but i just dont want to be dissapointed again been 7 years of false hope. please help me email me black_cat_midnite@hotmail.com please

  21. Anonymous says

    @ Jess: I just tried something for consuming 1-4 tablespoons. I liked it, but am not sure I could do it everyday…..just depends on what you like. I melted the amount in a mug by placing it in a larger mug that I filled with boiling water. I sprinkled on some stevia (not too much) and stirred until it was all melted and drank. I’m sure you could just add sugar too if you’re not a stevia fan.

  22. says

    I’ve been using coconut oill for a couple of years: in fact, using that, apple cider vinegar and bread soda for practically everything in our home. FANTASTIC RESOURCE! Thank you so much xx

  23. Anonymous says

    So I bought some EVCO yesterday..it says to take 3 T a day. I have a 2 year old, and was wondering if I need or could give her some?

  24. says

    THANK YOU I didn’t realize all the uses of coconut oilnow it looks like I have to buy a 5 gallon too, lol any way thank you for sharing the info I really appreciate it and maybe for future thout you could do like a little e-book available so people like myself that likes natural stuff have some clue when it comes to coconut oil. Thank you and BTW it’s a great post!

  25. says

    I have not tried it yet, but I’ve been looking at recipes for chocolate bark with cocoa and coconut oil. Maybe I’ll try it tomorrow…

  26. says

    I put some in the refrigerator and just eat the chunks. It does seem to go down easier that way. But then I like eating butter that way too!

  27. says

    @Nick No Risk, I plan on doing some checking myself based upon what I want to use evco for. These are suggestions after all.

    To the author, thank you! We use coconut oil regularly in our house for cooking and I use it in my natural hair and on my skin. It is truly wonderful!

  28. says

    @Nick No Risk My post is so long as it is that including detailed information on each use as well as sources would have been overkill. In my original 80 Uses post I always supplied information when asked about a use for a specific condition. A lot of people send me emails as well. I am more than happy to provide supporting information as time allows. If there is a particular use you are questioning, let me know and I will address it soon. Always happy to do that!

  29. Anonymous says

    I love this post too and am now going to try many more of the applications mentioned.

    I make sourdough bread, so I toast that, slather on the coconut oil and sprinkle a little cinnamon sugar on top for a treat.

    Also, it’s awesome to get rid of oil paint off your hands. Get rid of your paint thinner!

    This was already mentioned, but in the morning instead of using chlorinated tap water on my skin, I spray some filtered water from my cooking tap, then dip into my coconut oil… this works really well in the dry winter.

    I’m looking forward to trying out the deodorant!

  30. Anonymous says

    Coconut oil mixed with baking soda is an excellent microdermabrasion treatment. Apply in small circular motions with finger tips or soft facial brush concentrating on dull areas. Rinse with warm water and pat dry. Beautiful renewed skin is minutes away!
    How did you get your one year old to take it? Your Tiny seems a whole lot like my Pepper
    Where do you find 5 gallon drums of coconut oil?

  31. says

    I love this! Thank you so much, I’m new to coconut oil and you are so helpful!!

    I apparently need someone to hold my hand and walk me through some directions, I have a few questions!

    1. For dandruff use, do you leave it in or rinse it out?

    2. Is there a different kind for cooking and for ingesting/putting on areas of the body?

    3. For acne, do you use it on just the area’s that are affected or put it all over?

    Thank you so much for this!!

  32. Anonymous says

    I just got my first jug of coconut oil today to use on my kids eczema after a friend recommended it but after reading all the uses, I can’t wait to use it!!!! Thank you for posting this!!!!!

  33. says

    @Anonymous I have kind of lucked out with Tiny because she literally eats coconut oil out of the jar like ice cream. Same with cod liver oil! My friend has great success just mixing it into smoothies for her toddler and make coconut oil “candies.” Simple melt the coconut oil in a warm bowl of water then add vanilla extra and cocoa powder to taste. You can then fill the bottoms of mini-muffin tins with the mixture, put in the fridge for a few hours to let it harden, and voila! You have little discs of coconut oil goodness.

    Here is the link to purchase the 5 gallon pails of coconut oil. One a month they offer free shipping so order then! http://tinyurl.com/43u25ds

  34. says

    @Mrs. S Thanks for your questions! I love to share my knowledge on this amazing product.

    For dandruff, I like to soften the coconut oil (if it is solid to the core due to cold weather) theen rub it into my scalp, leaving it on for about 30 minutes. I then wash with 1/4 of baking soda mixed with 1 1/2 cups of warm water and 3 drops of grapefruit essential oil. If your hair still feels a little greasy after, do another baking soda scrub and really work it into your scalp. Repeat every three days until dandruff is gone. It usually only take a couple of treatments!

    For internal use I prefer to use the highest quality coconut oil – unrefined virgin coconut oil. For use on my body I do cheat to save money and use a slightly refined oil. Or sometimes I will mix the two. I feel it is more important to use the unrefined for consumption and cooking since it has the most impact that way.

    For acne, I suggest the following:
    Before getting in the shower, apply a thin layer of coconut oil all over the face. Leave it on the entire time you shower and at the end of your shower, take a washcloth and gently wipe it off with warm water. At night, apply a thin layer all over the face before bed. Seems weird to use oil to clear up clogged oil ducts but it really works!

    Good luck!

  35. Andrea C. says

    HI! I’m very interested in trying this! Can you recommend a store to get it from rather than purchasing online. And do you actually just eat it out of the jar! I can’t believe it! lol.

  36. says

    Love your article – I’m going to share! We use it here primarily for the animals. Of note, along with your #146, MCT’s are essential for organ development in pre-and post-natal infants, both human and animal. I add coconut oil to a pregnant or nursing mother’s diet as well as in the weaning food for pups. You’ve mentioned great for hot spots. Also great for removing tear stains from dogs’ eyes. Externally, it softens the goop that can accumulate near the eyes, as well as in any wrinkles near the face and keep the area moisturized and the bacteria at bay. Internally, it helps to rectify the underlying candida condition that causes tearstains in the first place. Totally awesome stuff!!

  37. says

    @Andrea C. Any health food store should carry coconut oil. Most will have Barleans and Nutiva. Do you have a Whole Foods near you? Trader Joes also carries coconut oil now.

    Yes, I eat it out of the jar when it is in a more solid state. During warmer months it liquifies and then I keep it in the fridge. I also cook with it, put it in smoothies, make salad dressing with it, and add it to my warm tea. It really doesn’t matter how it gets into you, just that it does!

  38. says

    Wow, so glad I stumbled upon this post! By sheer coincidence I just bought some coconut oil today, for facial massage & for nappy rash, but I am *very* excited to know that are many, many more uses for it :-)

  39. says

    I am wondering if there is a way to keep it solid for portability. I know it’s semi-solid at room temp, and it melts away really easily, but for use on chapped lips, or various other things, a solid is more useful.

    Any thoughts?

  40. says

    This is the very best post/article on Coconut Oil I have ever found! It’s all here….in one place! I had the honor of interviewing Dr. Bruce Fife (before he was DR.) when I was in business as a Woman’s Health Advocate…I’ve been using it for years….well done Rasta Mama!! Would it be rude of me to re-blog this post in it’s entirety on my blog with full resourcing and links to you? Please let me know…..I would love for my small band of readers to hear this information…..thank you so much! Debbie from Oregon

  41. says

    Anyone know if I can use coconut oil to polish my leather riding boots? They need some love after the cold and snow and I don’t want to go buy a chemical-filled polish, but I also don’t really have the money to buy an expensive natural polish. Thanks and I love, love, LOVE this article!

  42. says

    @D. Hi D! Solid can be tricky in warmer temps. If you melt some shea butter or cocoa butter and mix it in with a little arrowroot power, you can add that to the coconut oil and make it a bit more “solid.” I actually have an Ebook near completion with several recipes for chapstick using coconut oil. Stay tuned for that! You will love the recipes!

  43. says

    Thank you for the fabulous information!!! I just got some from Trader Joe and am excited to start using it. My son (16 months) and I both have hypothryoidism and he suffers from severe acid reflux. I would LOVE to get him off the prevacid however he still has flares despite the probiotics and miralax regiment I have him on. Im wondering if it is safe so give to him at this age and do you have suggestions as to how I can incorporate it in his limited diet daily??

  44. says

    @nikki *m* Yes, it is perfectly safe to give your son! My daughter started taking it at 14 months. You can try getting your son to eat it off the spoon. My daughter loves it that way! Start with 1/4 of a teaspoon and gradually work up to 1/4 tsp 3-4 times per day. If he will not directly consume it, you can melt it (not in the microwave – put some in a glass and place the glass in a bowl of warm water) and mix it into his food. You can also add it to a smoothie. My daughter loves it when I take a few slices of banana, add some coconut oil, a dash of cinnamon and warm it in the toaster over to get everything soft. Taste great! Also, if you are breastfeeding, you can consume it and some will pass through the breastmilk although it is not as much as if your son directly consumes it. Good luck and let me know if you have more questions!

  45. ashley a says

    I just found this article it’s amazing I went out and bought some. I was just wondering where you can get the oil that doesn’t taste because my boyfriend doesn’t like the taste of coconut and where I went they only had the one that tastes like coconut. Also I was wondering how old your baby should be to start giving it to them and how much, I have a 4 month old baby.

  46. Anonymous says

    I use it to make flouride free toothpaste. 50% coconut oil mixed with 50% bakingsoda. The oil makes a perfect anti-microbial agent, and is also good for the gums and enamel. The baking soda acts as a cleaning agent and absorbs acidic residue. I add mint oil for the kids to make it palatable. I then store it in a glass container and use mini wooden “popcycle” sticks to load onto toothbrush. Those sticks can be found in the arts and crafts section of nearly any store and are very cheap.~Pat

  47. says

    @ashley a Hi Ashley! So glad you liked the post. Here is the link to the expellar pressed CO that has NO taste!


    Watch for monthly free shipping offers and stock up!

    4 months old is a tad young to consume coconut oil directly. I would wait until 6 months and ONLY after baby is physically capable of eating other solid food. Start with 1/8 of a teaspoon per day. You can divide this up if needed. I would give it to baby on your finger. If he/she gets used to eating it straight, that will be less hassel for you later. Once 1/8of a tsp is well tolerated, gradually work up to 1 tsp per day. You can increase the amount based on the weight of your baby. Generally speaking, 1 tsp per 8 pounds is ok. By one year, 2 tsps is generally safe per day!

    Let me know if you have more questions!

  48. Mama Rex says

    I am in awe of this article! I went right out and bought some CO today. There are so many uses that I want to try. In addition to all of the health benefits, I have always looked for a safe bug repellent for my 3yr old. Also, for the mole removal, how long should one apply the apple cider vinegar compress before applying the CO? One more question…I am breastfeeding my 8wk old. Is it safe for me to take it internally while breastfeeding? Thanks!!

    • Mama Rex says

      P.S. I have a recipe for making homemade babywipe that calls for CO. That’s what lead me to your article looking for more info on it. I might have missed it, but not sure if that was on your list :)

  49. says

    @Mama Rex Hi Mama Rex! So glad that this helped you out! For mole removal, the standard approach is to leave the vinegar on overnight. Soak the cottonball and hold it in place with a bandaid or surgical tape. Put the CO on after bathing or washing your face in the morning. It can take up to two weeks for the mole to “peel” off. Here is a thread discussing natural mole removal. http://www.earthclinic.com/CURES/moles.html

    YES! CO is VERY safe to consume while breastfeeding. You will pass along so many great properties to your baby! You should actually consume more while breastfeeding so have at it!

    Funny you should mention the diaper wipes. I totally forgot about that and actually made my own solution with CO. This post will keep growing so that will just get added in!

  50. Anonymous says

    Just received my coconutoil. Planned to use it on really dry winter skin. Glad I googled it. Now have many reasons to use it. Can’t wait.

  51. Anonymous says


    I have used coconut oil in several burns, some done while cooking and some that some weed caused while on a hike, and both were healed and marks gone within weeks. It was very soothing and it amazes me how quickly my skin went back to normal.

  52. says

    A recipe for Chocolate Delight:
    equal amounts of melted EVCO and organic dark chocolate cocoa powder, add some flavored liquid stevia to taste (one or combo of vanilla, chocolate, hazelnut, chocolate/raspberry), opt – add nuts (we like macadamia). Pour into candy molds or lined cookie sheet. Put in freezer for about 30 min. Break up into smaller pieces, put into a large baggie and store in freezer. Great way to enjoy the health benefits of coconut oil, chocolate and nuts. Enjoy…

  53. says

    @Lindsay and Ryan Karns Of course! You can use either oil for anything. Virgin is simply the highest quality because it is not refined at all. Inside and out, it is the best for you! Not everyone like the slight coconut smell or taste it imparts, hence why I suggest expellar pressed for some of the other uses. So have at it!!! Your body will love you for it! Glad you found my blog. XO

  54. Sarah s says

    Hi:) Thank you so much for the extensive research and time you put into this post! I am so exited that I’ve discovered the endless health benefits of coconut oil! I have a question regarding the use for diaper rash. My lo recently developed a itchy painful (but mild looking) diaper rash, which was mild, but very persistent and irritating. I took her into the pediatrician to rule out strep. That test came out negative. The treatment recommended was, an anti fungal for Possible yeast and an antibiotic ointment for possible bacterial infection. ( ik, I can’t believe there wasn’t a culture done for yeast &i didn’t think at the time to request one. So were going back tomorrow for a yeast test) as I dont feel comfortable with blindly treating for two ailments at once with medication. Anyways, my question is, will coconut oil alone be sufficient to cure both yeast or bacterial infections? last question is,can I use the expeller pressed, organic, naturally refined for this? Ty ia!!

  55. says

    I have started taking VCO internally for improving my brain health. The results have started!!

    I also have started to massage skin. I observe that skin absorbs coconut oil quite fast and within minutes one can not say that oil has been applied there. Is it fine??

  56. says

    @Sarah s Hi! Coconut oil alone COULD be sufficient to cure both a yeast or bacterial infection. It really depends on the individual person. You can add some essential oils into the coconut oil to target the issue better. If you are not familiar with essential oils for children, please email me and I will give you some resources.

    You can use any coconut oil however, unrefined is best! They will all work there are just more health benefits in unrefined CO.

  57. says

    @Harsha It seems as though skin and CO go one of two ways. It either sits there for a long time or it absorbs fast. This has to do with how your individual skin is designed. Not a worry at all! Your skin is very healthy!

  58. Anonymous says

    LOVE coconut oil and thanks for all the many suggestions. I’ve been using it for years and couldn’t do without it!
    I use both kinds flavored and refined (no flavor). The flavored is great as a butter substitute on toast or muffins or in oatmeal. I fry or saute in the unflavored as it withstands higher heats than olive oil.
    For personal use I loved the discovery that it prevents bladder infections and or vaginal irritation after intercourse. Not only a great lubricant but the added benefit of antibacterial properties!

  59. says

    In India, many regions have coconut as a essential food. I am just wondering to know the exact quantity of coconuts equivalent to 3 tbsp of VCO. In one article, it was given as just a half coconut would give the benefits of 3 tbsp. I believe that is too less. Please clarify.

  60. Anonymous says

    Hello! I am a medical student, but I’m all for natural ingredients for healing. However, there has been considerable concern that coconut oil can raise cholesterol due to the large proportion (77%) of saturated fat that it contains. If it raises HDL (good cholesterol) it will likely also raise LDL (bad cholesterol). I have researched this on Pubmed, and the studies I found have supported this. Has anyone actually had their lipid levels tested in order to support your claim LDL is lowered? (Also – you have HDL listed as both good and bad cholesterol in your post)


    • Peter Dunne says


      Yes, I agree with you that it looks like that my cholesterol level has raised since taking sunflower oil every morning. I got a cholesterol result last week after 6 months. I do excerise and stay silm and it does not give me a weight gain. I thought it was going to decrease the level. I am not too sure if that is due to sunflower oil pulling because I swish them every morning for 20 mins. Can you confirm?

  61. Anonymous says

    @Jess I can’t take the oil straight either. I can vouch for the lack of nausea when adding coconut oil to tea, coffee, cocoa, soup, etc. For me, it must be in a hot liquid for my body to digest it. Hot cereal is ok for me with the coconut oil in smaller amounts, but it’s better if the cereal is fairly runny rather than dry. Hope this helps!

  62. islandsylvi says


    Thanks for this wonderful list of the uses for coconut oil. Coconut is my favourite and I have yet another perfect use for its oil:

    I make a product called “Noni for Yoni” so women have a totally user-friendly oil for their genitals. I add a small amount of full moon infusion of Noni Leaf to pure coconut oil and add a little magic. I encourage women to use it with love and daily, as most of us were raised without appreciation for the beauty of our own bodies, especially our yoni. This amazing oil and the application of it has worked wonders to heal and restore health to body and soul.
    Of course coconut oil on its own works well, too, so see how yo like it. Best to use sparingly as it can stain sheets and clothing. Another excellent oil to infuse and add is calendula.

  63. Unknown says

    Thank you for a great compilation, I have forwarded that to all my friends and family. YOu have such an informative blog, keep up the good work. I have been consuming virgin coconut oil for more than 10 years and enjoying it so much.

  64. says

    I also wrote about coconut oil. After reading the article I became aware that I have much to learn about the benefits of coconut oil. From this website I get a lot of things. This really inspires me. Through this paper, I think it would be great if 160 Uses for coconut oil secar described more detail one by one. It would be useful if you write it in a special book on The Benefits of coconut oil.

    thank you for the information.

  65. says

    Thank you for the wonderful coconut oil that I received from Barleans.
    I just went and purchased a new one. It really is a wonderful product, taste awesome!

  66. Jami says

    Would LouAna pure coconut oil work? I have poision ivy and was told coconut oil helps clear it up. All the stores in the town I live in carry pure coconut oil is it the same?

  67. Anonymous says

    Thanks for all the comments. Just got on the CO bandwagon. Ladies, use it with your husband when you are spending special time together. Nothing compares. Enjoy :)

  68. Manager to Mom says

    I recently had what appeared to be an allergic reaction to an antibiotic, as my whole body became incredibly itchy for several days! Rubbing virgin coconut oil onto the itchiest spots definitely helped provide some relief.

  69. Anonymous says

    A really yummy way to take it is to add some powdered raw cacoa to it and a spoonful of honey (raw if poss) and mix into a paste then either just eat it as is or spread it onto strawberries or other fruit Mmmmmmmmm so delicious :-)

  70. Anonymous says

    I only took it today for a throat infection. It was recommended to me by a friend. When do I see results?

  71. Anonymous says

    LOVE this info. never thought about cocoanut oil until i watched a documentary about hawaiian canoe people. i have always eaten cocoanut – now i know i can use it other ways. Thanks!!!

  72. says

    @Anonymous To be honest there is no real cut and dry timeframe of when you will see results. It depends on how much you are taking and how your health is in general. For chronic issues, it can take some time for your system to reset itself. For more minor issues – skin irritations, congestion, etc.. the effects are more immediate.

  73. DawnDM says

    I started applying EVCO to my face only a two weeks ago and I have already seen improvement…My Peri-oral Dermatitis is GONE and the redness from having it for years is already fading.
    I made a scrub with it and have been using it on my body regularly and I love it! I am trying to treat my eczema with it but I still need to use my prescribed steroid cream, for now. Do you think consuming it along with applying it to the eczema would be more beneficial? I would love to clear my hands of eczema…I’ve had it for 20 years.
    Our daughter has Ulcerative Colitis and is being treated with monthly infusions of Remicade. I would love to get her off this drug but she “flares” very easily. She has been taking some EVCO but not consistently and probably not enough. What do you recommend and do have any links to success stories?

  74. says

    @DawnDM Hi Dawn! Yes, consuming CO AND applying it topically will be key to getting the eczema under control. Often times you have to wean off of the steroid creams since your body is so used to it. Essential oils can also be very beneficial. Contact my friend Carrie at http://www.younglivingoillady.com and she can advise you on the best essential oils for eczema. She really knows her stuff!

    I have ulcerative colitis and flare VERY easily. I take copious amounts of EVCO which helps a lot so I think she may need to consume more. I have to follow a rather strict diet. I know what foods are my trigger foods and steer clear. Have you tried the GAPS diet to help cleanse her system? I can give you tons of info on that if you would like. It really kick starts healing and helps you identify problem foods.

  75. Anonymous says

    How do you recommend using coconut oil for migraines? Do you have more information on migraines and coconut oil?

  76. Anonymous says

    Hello. I am 7 weeks pregnant and I was wondering if it’s ok to ingest the cocunut oil. I recently got some genital sores. Not sure if herpes but will that cocunut oil cure it? Do I have to ingest it or just apply it topically when it shows up. Thanks

  77. Anonymous says

    Hello. I am 7 weeks pregnant and I was wondering if it’s ok to ingest the cocunut oil. I recently got some genital sores. Not sure if herpes but will that cocunut oil cure it? Do I have to ingest it or just apply it topically when it shows up. Thanks

  78. Anonymous says

    I am following the Eat Right 4 your blood type. It states that people with type O blood should avoid coconut oil. What are your thoughts on this?

  79. Anonymous says

    The reason I look to this page is that I do not TRUST the medical industry. Our ancestors lived glorious lives BEFORE WWII. Please, I would prefer that the followers of poisons in medicines and foods just leave us alone. Go peddle your wares and snake oils elsewhere. Gads.

  80. says

    @Anonymous I think you also posted over on my 80 Uses post and I replied there as well. I actually have a post about this coming out on May 4th for watch for that. In a nutshell, the health benefits of CO are just too great and in my opinion outweigh and potential conflict with Type O’s.

  81. says

    @Anonymous I think you also posted over on my 80 Uses post and I replied there as well. I actually have a post about this coming out on May 4th for watch for that. In a nutshell, the health benefits of CO are just too great and in my opinion outweigh and potential conflict with Type O’s.

  82. says

    @Anonymous CO works best to help PREVENT migraines. Adding it into your diet daily will help keep you migraine free or at least make them less severe.

    Of all the health forums I am on, no one has ever said that CO has helped a migraine already in progress. I will see if I can dig up more info for you!

  83. says

    @Jami Your comment went to spam and I am so sorry I just am now responding.

    The best coconut oil is UNREFINED/RAW. Look for that on the label. As long as coconut oil is the ONLY ingredient, you can use it even if it is refined. You will still get benefits.

    Yes, CO helps with the itching with poision ivy. It will also help clear up the sores quickly and prevent infection.

  84. Nasim says

    I love coconut oil!!! What a list, thank you!!! I had a question about apple cider vinegar compress what is it and how does it get rid of moles and would it work on acne scars if combined with coconut oil?

  85. says

    @Nasim I spend a lot of time on natural health forums researching how people use coconut oil. Most of what I find is personal testimony. I then research it further to make sure that it is safe.

    Here are some sites you can check out for more info on how ACV works for mole removal.




    I am not sure about acne scars although I do know that mixing Argan Oil and Coconut Oil can really help fade scars.

    Let me know if you need more info!

  86. Janis says

    A friend convinced me to try coconut oil. I’ve been doing research for quite some time now and so far this the most extensive list of coconut oil uses I’ve ever read. Thanks Mama!

    She also recommended Mercola brand coconut oil. Has anyone here tried it? Would appreciate some first-hand reviews :)

  87. says

    @Janis I have been trying to get Mercola to provide me with a sample but no luck! I do use several of his other products and they are all really good. Based on info on his site, I have no reason to believe that his brand of CO is inferior.

  88. says

    I use it in my cloth wipe solution. 1 tbsp per 1.5 to 2 cups water with some soap (CJ’s BUTTer Carcass Cleaner) and then keep the wipes in a wipe warmer which is the only thing that works for this type of oil because of the melting point. My baby has never had a diaper rash even once. I’ve been using this solution since birth!

  89. says

    I use Coconut Oil on my hair before swimming to protect it from chlorine and whatever else is in the pool water. I’ve been blogging about it at http://www.fitinfun.com. I am thrilled to see all these other uses, and I will be trying them. I love coconut oil! Sharon

  90. Anonymous says

    I love this info! I was just wondering how this works for hair loss and if you knew it really worked for it?
    Also it says to apply it 3 times a day. Wouldn’t that leave what hair one has oily?
    Thanks so much!

  91. says

    @Anonymous I am working on a detailed post about coconut oil and hair loss but yes, it does work although the results are different for everyone.

    It is best NOT to apply it directly on the hair but instead massage it onto the scalp, concentrating on the areas with little to no hair. It does absorb in although your hair will be a little greasy. If it is too greasy, simply cut back to once or twice a day.

  92. Jennifer says

    I LOVE all the information shared here…thank you so much! I do have another great use for coconut oil that I had to share. While giving birth, we used coconut oil for perineal massage. My daughter crowned for 2 hours and we had to massage the oil to help gain elasticity and help prevent tearing as much as possible. The hospital staff was shocked at how well it absorbed into the skin and worked wonders! I remember reaching down and rubbing coconut oil on my baby’s head between contractions too. Truly a miracle oil!

  93. caitlin says

    Thanks for this post! My son (who is 4) was just today diagnosed with H Pylori! He has had food sensitivities for MONTHS AND MONTHS and we finally have an answer. Adding some good coconut oil to his smoothie in the AM!

  94. says

    Some years ago I was stung by a jelly fish (in Bali) and the local people made me drink the milk from a fresh coconut which apparently stopped the poison reaching my stomach and making me sick (I don’t think this use is on your list Mama!(Although it doesn’t fit strictly into the ‘oil’ category, but just another wonder of the coconut)). Just thought I would share.

  95. Kirsty says

    Hi I have expeller pressed CO and it smells very coconutty. Thanks for the great info. A client inspired me today and I found you through jess’s site. I knew a path of healing would open up to me sooner or later! Bless you

  96. Anonymous says

    Hi my name is Paul

    Just wondering about healing properties for depression.

    I love your site. Any feed back would be great.

  97. Laura says

    Hi, I am very excited about EVCO!!! My mother had a Heart TP due to having Amyloidosis. Which is a protein that is over produced in her bone marrow. She also had a Stem Cell TP. I am wonderring if she would benefit from EVCO. The other thing that I am wondering about is my husband has extreemly large pores on his face he also has very oily & smelly face. I have a hunch that it is due to allergies & h has internal swellig or something to that effect. This affliction is something that never goes away with him. :(( I hope to get him started on EVCO ASAP!!! Any advice on these two things would be great! Thanks in Advance!!!

  98. Athena says

    Love this article, thank you so much for putting it together. For those looking to purchase CO, Costco now has it (at least in SC).

  99. says

    To Mama Expert: I bought 2 different brands of US Cert. Organic virgin coconut oils. Both from Philippines. 1 tastes a little toasted & is very watery compared to the other that is creamier in consistency (still more liquid than I thought would be. I envisioned coconut oil to be processed like Crisco in a can.. like lard). I wonder, is buying coconut oil like finding a good EEOO? Using for cooking may depend on this? Now it’s a matter of a taste test. Also noticed when tasting the toasted one, my sinus’s became affected. Could a person be allergic to coconut? The creamier one did not affect me.

  100. says

    To Full Plate Blog Jan.6,2012 – The toasted flavored coconut I bought and posted my questions 9/11/12 – was bought at Trader Joe’s and mine was in a jar, very watery consistency.

  101. says

    The 1st lowest priced OVCO (organic virgin coconut oil -QAI) I found at Swansons vitamins.com. @ $7.99. Then found @ Trader Joe’s Market @ $5.99. There is a difference in taste & thickness of the oil. Most health food brands are very expensive $15 -25.00. Just saying!

    I also wonder if there are different whole coconut species? Why is the one from Phillippines large & green smooth skin shell, and ones from Mexico are small brown & fiber shell?

  102. says

    @Laura Hi Laura! Easy one first…your husband. First, he should start trying the oil cleansing method for his face. Instead of using soap or other cleansers, rinse his face with warm water to open the pores, then apply a light layer of coconut oil on his face at night. Leave for about 15 minutes then using a hot washcloth, lightly remove the coconut oil. He can also place the hot washcloth over his face before removing the oil to open the pores further. Coconut oil will help shrink his pores as well as reduce the amount of sebum being released.

    I would also suggest that he take CO internally. If he has allergies, he certainly has gut health issues as well. Have you looked into the GAPS protocol for reversing allergies? I have talked about it on my blog a bit.

    Your mother should absolutely be on coconut oil! I cannot dispense medical advice but I would start her out with one tablespoon per day and work up to 6 tablespoons. I think it would benefit her in many ways!

  103. says

    @Dee Ewing Hi Dee! Coconut oils do tend to have different flavors not only from brand to brand but from batch to batch. I notice that the flavor from coconut out of the Philippines and Thailand are vastly different than from coconuts out of Mexico, Tonga, Jamaica, etc… The flavor is better in my opinion.

  104. Sharon says

    I love coconut & EVCO! Do you have a recipe for coconut ice cream? It’s expensive. I want to make coconut milk too. I put it in my starbucks decaf daily & smoothies. It’s the one thing I can have on my Candida diet. If I eat diet ice cream with chocolate at night (which is when I want it – on the weekend) I can’t sleep! I got some carob powder & will make some “chocolate” sauce with coconut milk.

  105. Anonymous says

    Oh my God I didn’t know coconut oil had so many beneficial uses! I have a problem with cold sores on my lower lip, they come out every 4 to 6 months. I was wondering what can I do to shorten their damn stay and to make them as seamlessly possible? :( I. Would appreciate your advice,I am pretty desperate

  106. says


    comment for black_cat_midnite@hotmail.com

    I’m not sure how ulcerative colitis feels like, but if it feels like stabbing cramps in the center of the stomach, then maybe I had that, I only ever feel that way when I take aspirin or advil. I have used coconut oil for about 4 years on and off, but recently started using it consistently for a year and have not had a that painful bout again. But in addition to the coconut oil I use Kefir Probiotic,by Lifeway, whenever I have digestion issues. Kefir has 12 strands of probiotics. It helps settle any stomach issues, from a small tummy ache but especially those terrible cramps that used to leave my stomach swollen and sore all day. I can drink an entire bottle in about an hour and depending on how bad the issue is I will drink Kefir for a couple of days at least. I can always find Kefir at Wholefoods and Kroger (Houston). Hope this helps.

  107. www says

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