What I Have Been Learning – August 2012

Welcome to my once monthly “What I Have Been Learning” feature. I receive a lot of emails from all of you asking me to point you in the direction of everything from helpful blog posts to tutorials to parenting inspiration to eCourses to eBooks. You name it, I am asked about it!

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So what have I been learning about this month?

KerryAnn from Cooking Traditional Foods explained how to use a probe thermometer for roasting chicken as part of her Real Food Cooking School. I now know how to officially keep a chicken from getting too dry as well as making sure it is not undercooked. KerryAnn’s methods also ensure you will end up with a super moist chicken.

I had no idea how much of an impact exercise had on blood sugar. This post by Lydia from Divine Health was eye opening!

While I am totally against any sort of birth control that disrupts a woman’s hormones, I do understand that there are lots and lots of women who do need to be on a reliable birth control. Jorje from Momma Jorje outlines all of the available methods of birth control/family planning out there so that you can do research and make an informed decision.

As you know, there is all kinds of excitement going on in the world of fermentation! Here are a few really great posts for your perusal:

Jessica at Delicious Obsessions shared her recipe review of the Indian Spiced Cauliflower recipe from Pickle Me Too. Jessica adapted the recipe for the Pickl-It and added her own personal touch on this amazing fermented recipe. I actually made this a few weeks back and OMG!!!!  It did not last long!

Melanie at Pickle Me Too has a great way to use up excess summer squash so you can enjoy it during the off season with this Summer Squash Relish. You will want to make this! Super yummy!

KerryAnn at Cooking Traditional Foods shares more information about the problems known with both BPA-free and BPA-containing plastics and how she’s removing plastic from her ferments in order to avoid those problems. This is a hugely important post to read. Hugely!

Jessica from Natural Health and Prevention shares an awesome cultured green beans recipe. I KNOW all you gardeners have a gazillion green beans right about now. Try this recipe. I think you will like it!

There have been some really great posts from my fellow natural/gentle parenting bloggers.

Have a sensitive child? Why is my sensitive kid so needy? An exploration of sensitivity and the high needs temperament is an excellent post. I actually have some new insight on my little Tiny.

Tiny will be an only child for a plethora of reasons. However, if I was going to have more children, this post on preparing siblings for a homebirth from The Hippie Housewife would be a must read!

Loving Earth Mama (oh I do so love her) has an excellent post about nurturing independence and imagination. Good stuff. Something parents need to wrap their brains around. Collectively, parents interfere in play far too much.

And last but by no means least…

The summer session of the Intuitive Heart Sanctuary is coming to a close. The past 8 weeks have been indescribable. Seriously. I participated in the original manifestation of the eCourse the first time it was offered. What Lauren has done this time around is absolutely mind-blowing. I have learned so much about myself through the exercises, the journaling, the photo assignments, and through connecting with the other wonderful women in this session. I am so inspired to continue my evolution under the inspiration and gentle guidance of Lauren that I am actually signing up for the Fall Session.

And that does it. Of course I have learned so much more than that is listed here but one can only share so much! What have YOU been learning? Links welcome!

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    Thanks for including me. My blog has been kind of dormant since having babyK but want to get back to it. This is a nice reminder. :) Been thinking about you LOTS and hope you are feeling good in your soul.


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