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It all started with a cesarean, only I didn’t know it at the time. It took my extra butt cheek to get the ball rolling. Then after Frankenbutt made its debut, all hell broke loose.

Curious? Confused? Giggling a bit? Me too. Sort of.

I have talked about my health situation a bit but try not to bore you to tears with my musings of life with a horribly messed up colon. Not the most um, enjoyable topic. But my goal on Hybrid Rasta Mama is to keep it real. So…

I’m getting down and dirty and giving you the lowdown on the past 15 months of my life. It ain’t pretty folks. And it is time for me to get serious and HEAL my body once and for all.

In May 2011 I started having some poop problems. I literally went from being a rather “good” pooper (i.e. normal insofar as the Bristol Stool Chart is concerned) to my toilet’s worst nightmare. I will spare you the details but I was pretty sure that my colon has self-destructed overnight. Yes, it was that bad.

I couldn’t understand what the heck was happening in my body. After all, I was a real foodie taking very good care of myself through nourishing foods. I consumed copious amounts of coconut oil which is awesome for digestive disorders. And yet, the toilet became my groom and I the forlorn bride.

I started researching like a mad woman, trying to make sense of what was happening to me. I scooped up a copy of Gut and Psychology Syndrome on the advice of several other natural health bloggers. I was stunned and motivated! I knew that what my body needed from a true healing diet and the GAPS diet became my way of life for the next several months.

I finally had a colonoscopy in August 2011 (and for the record, I did it with no sedation or relaxants. It was…interesting). Anyway, it was abundantly clear that I had severe ulcerative colitis. Cool. Now we knew what was going on. I had only been on the GAPS diet for a few weeks and while my GI gave me the green light to continue with it, he basically had his mind set on drugging me up with steroids. I wasn’t having it.

Fast forward to today…

How do I say this delicately. Ah…I’m being honest here. If you haven’t stopped reading yet then what I am about to say won’t make you turn tail now. After 15 months of trying to heal myself through diet, natural supplements, heavy duty probiotics, etc… I am still a bride to the toilet. Nothing coming out of me is pleasant. It is actually scary. And often times I am in several pain. I am scared to leave the house for fear that I will not get to a toilet in time. The routes I take when I walk my daughter to the parks around us are strategic in that I know which bushes I can duck into if need be. (And the need is more often than I care to admit). What comes out of me is something from a B horror film. (Still reading?)

I hate that my daughter has been witnessing this for ½ of her life. I mean, I spend a lot of time in the bathroom, sometimes making scary noises, sometimes cursing, something praying to God, sometimes crying, and sometimes with her on my lap reassuring her that no, mommy is not dying and yes, I will come play with you at some point today. Like after I am done with my obligatory 3 hour toilet stint.

I met with a new GI in July and of course will be having another colonoscopy along with an endoscopy. (I am thrilled beyond words to have a camera going up and down all in the same day!) However, this GI spent over an hour with me and REALLY seems to care about supporting me through the healing process. He is very open to methods of natural healing but also rationally discussed the dangers of NOT using some more “western” practices (i.e. steroids) to get this ulcerative colitis under control.

After 15 months, I am seeing a decline is other aspects of my well-being and do know that my body cannot take the strain of constant and severe infection. Think about it…ulcerative colitis is a colon riddled with infected ulcers that ooze and bleed. While lots of this comes out, some of it does get absorbed into my system. Beyond that, my entire body is fighting hard against the colitis leaving it depleted and unable to function properly on the whole.

We’ll see what happens in September when I get an up close and personal view of my colon again. However, I have decided that I am going to do more than just try to heal myself naturally, by myself. While my GI is very supportive of my desire to heal myself as naturally as possible, I feel like I still need another ally, someone who can provide professional guidance and well researched support.

I have decided to work with Lydia, a nutrition and wellness coach I met through Nourished Living Network (a group of the best real food bloggers you will find! I can say that. I’m one of them!)

Lydia writes a wonderful blog, Divine Health From The Inside Out. Many of you may have read some of her eye opening posts. Anyway, I am so excited to work with Lydia as I move towards getting this ulcerative colitis under control. You can visit her About page (and I suggest you do) to see just why I am confident that Lydia will be able to truly help me.

In addition, Lydia just started a Blood Sugar Control Health Challenge on her blog! It isn’t too late to join in and take baby steps towards regulating your blood sugar (which is most likely completely out of whack!)  It’s free AND totally doable! I’m taking part and am excited to see the positive outcome.

We are not an island and as much as I tried to go this alone, I no longer can. I will be sharing my healing journey with you starting in mid-September. Until then, think of me every time you sit upon your throne. J Just kidding…or am I?

Oh, before I go…remember that Squatty Potty giveaway I held a while back. I actually get a lot of messages asking me about it. Yes, I still use the Squatty Potty. Yes, it is amazing. Yes, you will poop like a rock star. And yes, it does help those with ulcerative colitis quite a bit. I promise you. Once you try a Squatty Potty you will never be able to poop without one again. 

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  1. says

    I know how awful it is to have horrible…er…poop issues. Very long, long story short I have had them from the time I was 3. I did manage to get them a bit more under control by my mid 20’s but it still wasn’t pleasant. Finally at 28 I gave up on Western Medicine and their cures and headed over to an acupuncturist. She was fantastic! She was a very natural and hollistic healer. Her food and remedy suggestions paired with some great (and sometimes not so great) teas plus acupuncture got my system to realign itself like never before! It did take a long time and more effort than I ever thought I’d put in to anything, but once I started feeling better and better and better I just couldn’t stop. I am all for changing your diet to help, but have you looked in to someone like an acupuncturist as well? Since you know what the problem is it is easier for them to be helpful. That paired with your already healthy eating and future healthy habits will double your recovery. And it sounds like you are ready to feel better : ) Just a suggestion. I tell everyone about that amazing experience I had because it really did work. I hope that you get to feeling better soon! (I don’t mind the poop talk….heheh…it’s been such a big part of my life, too!)

  2. says

    Thanks for sharing! My mother had some chronic health issues when I was little. I do t remember it being a big deal it was just how mom was. And most of the time we still got to normal stuff but when we didn’t it was ok. You are a good parent to tiny and I do t think you need to worry so much about how it’s affecting her. Everyone has their own challenges and seeing you handle them will teach her how to handle her own unique challenges. Good luck and I really hope you find a solution!!!

  3. MomE says

    Oh, sweetheart…. as someone who was diagnosed with IBS at about 16 (i’m 29 now), I can sympathize. Sometimes, I would get the most intense, wrenching gut pain… and then I would literally PEE OUT OF MY ASS. I mean, obviously it wasn’t urine… but my colon was no creating poo the way it was supposed to be doing.

    It was the worst during my periods. Not only did I have endometriosis (maybe. possibly. it was never a firm diagnosis as they thought doing surgery just to check for it was probably a bad idea) with the intense, screaming, crippling cramps, I also had exciting shitfits on the toilet where all I could do was assume the position (often with my feet propped up on the bathroom trashcan, laid on it’s side) and sweat like a fat man on a hot day while my body attempted to move all my internal organs out through my anus.

    If you’re still reading this reply… good on ya, mate! I’m so sorry you’re going through such an unpleasant thing. Mine has gotten better… but I have no idea what I did. I mean, I’ve been eating more whole grains and raw fruit/veg… but, I still eat Dunkin Donuts sometimes, too. (and suffer for it) I think I just lucked out. Well, also, my Lupus is in remission, which makes everything a little less WTF in my body.

    …. hmm. I have no suggestions… only sympathy. I hope you get better soon, baby. As someone who has had two endoscopy/colonoscopy procedures… God bless your arse.

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