The Importance of Our Own Rhythm

It’s so interesting how woodpeckers find acorns from the oak trees and squeeze them into the perfect sized holes they’ve pecked out of the pine trees to store for later. I just wrote about my connection to oak trees, and acorns in particular, last week on my blog, as they are incorporated into my new logo for Spiral Elixir, my business that has been growing over the past 9 years. I have been on a constant journey of learning and integrating new skills (aren’t we all?)… and I take the integration part of it very seriously. It’s one thing to try and obtain knowledge – it’s everywhere ya know… but to pause and reflect and be able to apply lessons into our life, that is the medicine way… to Live it… I have been like the turtle racing the hare… I stay on my path and go at my pace… I’ve seen many a hare race ahead and stumble over themselves trying to win and compete. It’s not my style…

Like the beat of the woodpecker’s drumming on the bark of large elder trees, my rhythm is consistent and keeps me in a trancelike awareness of my true goals… those that are deep within and rooted in spiritual soil… beyond the superficial aspects that are usually what people show off. It’s much easier to show off the surface, that layer is very dynamic and always changing rapidly, it’s easy to make alterations each day to fit in… As for what is further down, those layers are easily looked over and sometimes forgotten or denied… but that is where I dwell. It’s because of my commitment to self-healing, and learning what I feel drawn to learn about, so that I stay moving forward and humble… and because I am of no service to others if I am not well within my own mind, body, spirit…

I’ve taken long pauses throughout the years… to take time and reevaluate my connections, and work. Those times were so eye-opening because it makes space for clarity and reminds us of our inner drumbeat, the personal rhythm that moves us along… like a realignment with our true self… And what we’ve tucked in to nourish us later makes all the difference when we run low on energy and need something to sustain us through challenges that may arise.

Squirrels are another familiar spirit that have helped me along my path… They pick up the wondrous acorns as well, store them for later and are prepared for hard times, when the coldness of life sets in and we need comfort and sustenance. Working together is crucial… but to rely solely on others is not enough… We have to work hard to get what we need and realize that we have all the power within… staying centered on our own path and rhythm helps us conserve energy spent looking outside of our selves, going off onto other’s trails that may look easy to follow, but seem mysteriously not ours once we go astray, and can be dangerous to the naive as they are not prepared for what may be around the corner. To try and walk someone else’s path is a dishonor to your own…

When we sense others ‘behind’ us, watching our every move, trying to replicate our works, it feels uncomfortable… at least for me… the empath in me wants to help them… to shake them awake! But the other side of me feels unattached, as if it is none of my business… It’s all about the basics. What we put our energy into, is what will come back to us… When we put energy into our deepest awareness of our true self, beyond what others are doing or saying or thinking it gives us the biggest advantage on cutting through personal obstacles, understanding our purpose in life, and making it easier for us to truly help others, as we will be in alignment with our highest self. The power of being who we are… doing what we feel called to do… that is what’s important.

And often with our own children, there is this unconscious tendency to project our personal stories and perspectives on to them. We sometimes even force them into situations that do the same… Whether intentionally or not, it happens to the youth even more. They are bombarded by information and overstimulated with connections, and although those situations may serve them in some ways- to bring about new knowledge and vital experience… there is a need for pause, a sacred space to reflect, so that what they learn has a chance to soak in deep, and they have clarity and inner peace – which is when intuitive guidance can flow through… That is when integration begins…

When we allow ourselves moments to step back and relax, look through the clear lenses, put down the cool shades… That is when our spirit awakens and harmonizes with the universe, so we may evolve our consciousness and develop our senses, pushing us higher into our heart space where the most energy resides… It’s not our mind that vibrates the strongest, although our thoughts are extremely powerful… It is our heart-centered intention that carves our path ahead… Those energies blossom or explode and it is our choice how we work our magic.

If you feel off center, or overwhelmed… or perhaps notice that your child may seem worn out or even hyper-sensitive or high-energy… the best way to realign with our earth mother, our core rhythm, and to hear our personal drumming within, is to take a walk in nature… or simply sit and observe… Move out away from power lines if possible and just be still and listen…

Allow yourself to Be… Take pleasure in the chance to give your children the respect they deserve, and hold space for them to do the same… Each child has their own rhythm as well… and although it may not seem like it lines up with our ideal for certain moments when we want them to behave a certain way or say the ‘right’ thing… I’ve found that when we let go of our ego’s striving to control, and we surrender to the deeper trust and faith of what’s flowing within and throughout our being and the whole of the universe… that energy sustains us and brings us peace, and helps us remember to back up, and just let our kids be who they are… With our unconditional love they’ll learn how to integrate lessons we’ve provided them with or that they’ve manifested on their own… And with time for integration, to not have to feel that constant rush, the ability to make wise choices and follow their heart will be constant. That is when we heal and grow…

May you find that sacred space within, and create it all around you. With love…

Thank you for reading. I’ll be posting here monthly now, thanks to Jennifer of HRM… I look forward to connecting with you all more. ~*~ LL

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  1. mari says

    your post was inspiring in a strange way. i learned i’m not crazy, but i do have trypophobia. i broke out into sweats and chills and started to feel nauseous at the picture of the tree with the holes and couldn’t even read the rest of the post. but i talked to my brother, he told me to google ‘fear of holes’, and i found out quite a bit about myself and that i’m not alone in the world. i also found out my brother is trypophobic, so we’re exploring that together. so thank you!

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