Similac Now Has Formula For Moms

It was only a matter of time. Formula companies, in a fit a frustration over all of the potential profit they could be making, had to find a way to get inside the pocketbook of pregnant and breastfeeding moms. After all, breastfeeding moms are most likely not purchasing formula. Formula companies see this as lost profit. And why not get pregnant women hooked on their formula? Perhaps if the pregnant women love it then they will decide not to breastfeed.

Before I continue on, let me state for the record that I am an advocate of breastfeeding, especially extended breastfeeding. However, I am more of an advocate of babies getting fed. Period. This post is NOT going to be a breast is best or a formula versus breast milk debate. So please play nice in the comment section. Let’s stay focused on the atrocity at hand.

Similac (one of the most prominent infant and toddler formula brands) recently introduced “the first and only nutritional beverage for pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers.” Yes, you read that right. There is now a formula for moms. Apparently, pregnant and breastfeeding woman have been feeding themselves incorrectly for the past 250,000 years or so. We now all need the mom version of infant formula to make sure that our nutritional needs are met.

This is the point at which I would like to use curse words. But I won’t. I’ll keep it professional.

I am DISGUSTED. Actually, I am disgustipated. Really Similac? You think pregnant and breastfeeding women need their own formula? Blech.

The good news is that this product is currently a Canadian product. (Sorry to my Canadian friends!) It has not infiltrated the good old United States – yet. The bad news is that this product actually exists and if one formula manufacturer has jumped on the bandwagon, others are sure to follow. I’m sure it will be available worldwide in short order.

Similac presents this product as a nutritional snack or meal replacement for pregnant and breastfeeding moms. It is a ready-to-use beverage that provides complete balanced nutrition packed with protein, vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients. Yee haw. It comes in vanilla or chocolate flavors. Flavors being the operative word. Hmmm…a flavored, ready-to-use beverage with a shelf life of several years. “Balanced nutrition” is not how I would refer to this product on those two facts alone.

I took a good look at the nutritional breakdown of this product and scrutinized the ingredients. I wanted to see exactly what sort of nutrition Similac Mom really offered. You ready for a look at all the wonderful ingredients packed into the vanilla formula? Here you go:

Water, sugar, sodium and calcium caseinate, corn maltodextrin, high oleic safflower oil, canola oil, soy protein isolate, corn oil, potassium citrate, sodium citrate, calcium phosphate, magnesium phosphate, natural and artificial flavour, magnesium chloride, salt (sodium chloride), soy lecithin, potassium phosphate, carrageenan, ascorbic acid, zinc sulphate, ferrous sulphate, niacinamide, dl-α-tocopheryl acetate, manganese sulphate, cupric sulphate, calcium pantothenate, vitamin A palmitate, pyridoxine hydrochloride, thiamine chloride hydrochloride, riboflavin, folic acid, potassium iodide, sodium molybdate, biotin, sodium selenate, chromium chloride, vitamin D3, cyanocobalamin.

I hope you are as appalled as I am.

First, sugar is the second ingredient. If you are at all label savvy, you know that labels list ingredients with the ingredient of highest concentration first and the ingredients with the lowest concentration last. So basically, this nutritional powerhouse is sugar water with a bunch of synthetic stuff in it.

Similac Mom also includes corn maltodextrin and corn oil which undoubtedly are from a genetically modified product. If you are not familiar with GMOs I strongly suggest you start doing some research. That topic is at least six additional posts so I will not go into the dangers and health concerns of GMOs here. But I would not lie to you. You do not want to go anywhere near anything that contains a GMO.

Another ingredient that I see as a real concern is soy. Soy that has not been properly prepared (fermented) can cause a lot of damage to the human body. Again, if you are not familiar with the health risks associated with consuming soy products, please take a moment to visit Soy Alert! an article from the Weston A Price Foundation which outlines some of the major health risks.

What about all of those other ingredients? The ones with the fancy long names? Well, I live by a pretty simple rule. If I cannot theoretically grow it or raise it myself, then my body does not need it. If I cannot pronounce it, then my body will not benefit from it. So pyridoxine hydrochloride, thiamine chloride hydrochloride, and cyanocobalamin have no right to enter my precious temple.

Similac – nice try! I really hope that women everywhere ignore your marketing scheme and realize that your “mom formula” will only hurt them and not help them. More concerning is the fact that this product will be passed on to a growing fetus or breastfeeding baby. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that most everyone understands that sugar is NOT going to do their bodies any favors. And clearly, this is all your product is. Sugar, soy, GMOs, and crap ingredients.

I will not give this company or this product any extra website hits, therefore I have not provided a link to the product. You can find it if you do an internet search. Just in case you have to see for yourself that this poor excuse for nutrition actually exists. How did I even find this product in the first place? A pop up ad. Yep. They are already advertising far and wide.

What do you think about Similac’s newest product? Are your surprised? Appalled? Concerned? Do you think women will actually fall prey to this? I would love to hear your thoughts.

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  1. says

    I’ve been known to drink Ensure (formula for old people) during pregnancy when I’m hungry but just tired of eating and tired of trying to come up with something else to eat.

    Once I was diagnosed with diabetes, I switched to Glucerna (formula for diabetics) because Ensure was really high in carbs.

    So yes, I think moms will drink this product. As you can see, though, I don’t think this “formula for grownups” is a new idea. They’re just targeting a new niche of the market.

  2. says

    This is horrifying, because there are a lot of women who don’t know any better. Who don’t read labels, and who don’t really know what they should be doing to take care of themselves while breastfeeding. The worst part is, once they get a few doctors on board, then it will start getting pushed to new moms, or soon to be moms.

    I’m not going to pretend that I don’t love me some Cheetos or delicious horrid snack foods, but at least they don’t try to pretend to be correct nutrition.

  3. says

    Oh and if the kefir isn’t sweet enough, instead of adding more sugar, try adding just a few drops of liquid stevia, enhances the sweetness of sugars. And just an FYI there is a chocolate stevia that is a liquid, just a few drops in a glass of milk and it’s deliciously sweet and mildly chocolatey all without the use of ANY sugar! Of course it’s also best if you can get RAW milk or goats milk in the least but it works the same for cows milk.

  4. says

    I have been aware of a product used for pregnancy and bf I think boost maybe, allowable on WIC with a prescription if woman is not gaining well in pregnancy. I used to joke that we would soon not need food just formula in a tube from birth to death all provided by similac. t n

  5. Tara Kamiya says

    Someone is always trying to make money. What annoys me is the sugar! My son cannot eat anything in this country because sugar is in everything. The diet in Western countries is so sad. I hope that people learn to move away from trusting the corporate info so much and learn to live more naturally. I love my junk like everyone else in America, but it should not be a weekly event!

  6. Darcel {The Mahogany Way} says

    First, I love your new blog design! Second, this is disgusting….they have sunk to a new low. I am so sick of companies making women feel inferior about our bodies.

  7. Anonymous says

    They are not marketing them to “picky eaters” they are made for, and marketed to, children with special needs (and dietary needs) who need them. If it wasn’t for those meal replacements my son would not be alive, that is what he is pump fed through a Mic-Key overnight because he can not eat, or drink, by mouth.

  8. says

    @Anonymous PediaSure absolutely is marketed (on TV commercials) to moms of picky eaters. There’s a commercial where all the foods the (healthy-looking) kid won’t eat are shown swirling in a cloud, and the voiceover talks about how you as a mom are concerned your kid isn’t getting the nutrients s/he needs. I’m not talking about kids with G-tubes and the like; that’s a special case, and I’m sorry you’re going through that.

  9. Eve Doone says

    I find that disgusting an appalling, however I have always felt that way about “beverages” or “meal replacement drinks” or even “protein shakes” – this, synthetic sugar garbage is just that, garbage. I really hope it doesn’t catch on.

    But, with people already consuming power shakes and diet, meal-replacement style “drinks” it isn’t a far stretch to assume the market is out there (even more horrifying).

    Ugh. I’m going to eat fresh fruits and veggies, whole foods, stuff like that. I stay away from things I can’t pronounce and couldn’t feasibly grow myself.

  10. says

    @Momma Jorje You are correct! This “formula” is just rebranded. Pretty much the same thing as Ensure and Glucerna. And I agree with the other commenter. Kefir is a much better alternative for all of those, including this amazing mom formula.

  11. says

    @Anonymous I second what Lauren @ Hobo Mama said. Your situation is totally different although I really wish that there was a way that the meal replacements could be so much more nutritious without all of the junk. Unfortunately, I doubt this will happen soon. Say strong mama and I am so sorry that you and your sweet babe are having to go through this.

  12. says

    “If I cannot pronounce it, then my body will not benefit from it. So pyridoxine hydrochloride, thiamine chloride hydrochloride, and cyanocobalamin have no right to enter my precious temple”

    Hehe, just want to point out that the 3 ingredients you mentioned are all vitamins, so I guess if you don’t want to put those in your body you should stay away from tuna & oatmeal for the first two, although cyanocobalamin is a synthetic form of B12. Just because you can’t pronounce it does not mean it’s not beneficial. Plenty of people (myself included) CAN pronounce them and know what the use is.

  13. says

    Most of those ingredients you can’t pronounce are just the vitamins and minerals. Your body NEEDS 90% of those ingredients and believe it or not, they all do have chemical names. Also, it’s a nutritional supplement for moms. So what? Sure, it’s contained in a sugary beverage and sure, it’s marketed by Similac, but again…SO WHAT??? This is one of the most ignorant rants I have ever read! I wish people would just learn a thing or two about the world around them before they start bashing something.

  14. Anonymous says

    The reality is it probably wont make a giant apperance in the US since so many people already opt to formula feed. I see this being strongly marketed in contries that breastfeed more. Again it goes to fact that we are told that to have a child means spending money on things we dont need which then makes people think they cant afford to stay home.. cut out all the crap you are told to buy and you may beable to stay home longer if you want… just saying!

  15. says

    Oh my good god. I am a third time mother 7 months pregnant. I DO NOT use formula. I breast both my first kids for 14 months. That being said I LOVE my ensure and similac mom. I relied on them for nutrition for my second and third pregnancies due to horrid morning sickness which I throw up if I eat soild food of any kind. I drink that combined with chocolate milk and juices all which house some nutrition and calories I need that I cannot get any other way except an IV drip. So you can complain about it all you want but it kept me from needing to be hostpialized and kept my babies thriving. And keep in mind pregnant mothers 250000 years ago that got severe morning sickness so bad they couldn’t eat just died or miscarried instead, is this what you’d prefer I do? You don’t like it, don’t drink it! But don’t insist it needs to be gone when you don’t think of all of its uses first! Just like with mothers that can’t breast feed and might need to use formula (lack of milk supply/adoption/breast cancer/mastectomy survivor) it does have it’s uses.

  16. Hannah says

    Is there a place for formula, absolutely! Does every new parent need it pushed on them, absolutely not! It’s much the same with this product. While it is definitely controversial, and probably marketed way way way more than necessary, there are those who need it. The post directly above mine is a prime example. Unfortunately, the company sees aggressively marketing it as a new way to make a buck. That’s pretty much the way the whole system is nowadays, which is definitely sad!!!!

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