Really High Beds, Co-Sleeping Safely, and the Humanity Family Sleeper

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Before Tiny was born, Rasta Daddy and I researched and researched and researched before making the decision to invest in the Arm’s Reach Cocoon. This product seemed like a wonderful way to share our room with Tiny, making sleep and breastfeeding easier on all of us. Tiny would have her own space next to my bed and the idea was that I would be able to easily reach her when she woke at night. The Cocoon had a high safety rating and seemed like a great product which would allow Tiny to self soothe a bit.

Since Rasta Daddy and I were convinced that she would sleep peacefully through the night by the time she was three months old, we had a crib at the ready all decked out with jungle print sheets. Never in our wildest imaginations did we see ourselves sharing our actual bed with our little bundle of joy. After all, Rasta Daddy is a rather rambunctious sleeper and by that I mean that he takes up the entire spread of the bed whilst thrashing about all night long. So there was a safety issue for Tiny.

Yeah, well, all of that got turned on its head.

As many of you know, Tiny came into this world via cesarean section, not at all something I wanted. And as anyone who has had a cesarean knows, recovery is rather awful. My recovery was particularly brutal and I was basically stuck in bed for the better part of 14 weeks post-partum. Getting in and out of bed those first few weeks was beyond painful. Plus, Tiny slept on my chest every single second we were in the hospital and I could not imagine putting her teeny little self into the Cocoon, all alone.

So, we bed-shared. It was just Tiny and I in bed as my husband slept on the couch. For safety reasons of course. 😉

I felt pretty safe bed-sharing without any special contraptions or barricades those first few weeks. Tiny didn’t move much and I made sure to keep her towards the center of the bed. However, after about a month, I started to worry about what might happen if she decided to start rolling over in the middle of the night. We have a really high bed…like 3 feet off the floor high. That is a long fall for a baby. Sheesh – that is a long fall for an adult.

My doula had become my go-to mama so I asked her opinion, knowing she had bed-shared. She recommended that I check out the Humanity Family Sleeper. I did an internet search and found them quickly. However, before I even read anything about the product, I immediately balked at the price tag. I could not imagine that something that helps keeps a child in a bed would be so expensive. Instead of reading further, I ordered a bed rail online. Huge mistake!

Rasta Daddy installed the bedrail that I had ordered. It was designed for extra high beds however, it was pretty crappy.  There was an 8 inch wide and 12 inch deep gap between the mattress and the bedrail. Tiny could have easily rolled into that gap and suffocated. In addition, it only came up 2 inches above the top of our mattress. For me, this rally did not add any safety. A baby is capable of rolling up and over something that is only 2 inches high and less than 1 inch wide.

Panicked as Tiny was started to wiggle around more, I revisited the Humanity Family Sleeper. I gave the entire website a careful read, found some independent reviews, and decided to order it. BEST INVESTMENT EVER! I would not lie!

You can visit the Humanity Organics’ website to learn more about the Family Sleeper but let me share a few of the highlights:

Safety When connected to the pad, the full length body pillow offers a stable 5 ft. long roll-off protection for your baby. There’s no need to push your bed against a wall (a known crevice hazard) or ‘hurdle’ a bed rail to get in or out of bed, and forget bulky pillows along the bedside taking up valuable sleeping space or allowing baby to fall to the floor. The bolster takes up less than a foot of space and be can be placed to the very edge of the bed without worry of it falling.

And just because the new baby is coming doesn’t mean you have to stop sleeping with your toddler or older child.  If you share your bed with more than one child the Humanity Family Sleeper is a must. Mama and baby can sleep safely on our absorbent pad and big brother or sister can sleep on the other side of mom. 

Comfort The bolster can be used before baby arrives! The pregnancy body pillow gives the mother to be a great night’s sleep before baby is even born. The extra large sleeping pad is made of 4 thick, luxurious layers of 100% organic cotton flannel. Mom and baby get a super soft, super absorbent sleeping surface. The pad readily absorbs leaked breast milk from night time breastfeeding as well as mishaps from baby. The Humanity Family Sleeper makes sleep time more comfortable while protecting your sheets and mattress at the same time.

Convenience The Humanity Family Sleeper was designed with extended breastfeeding in mind. Research shows that a main reason moms stop breastfeeding is because of the lack of sleep they experience.  Night time nursing is a breeze when you’re sleeping next to your baby.  Bed sharing also gives working moms extra time to reconnect with their babies.

Other reasons why I love our Humanity Family Sleeper and could not imagine sleeping without it:

  • It keeps you warm in the cool months and cool in the warm months. The way this organic cotton flannel adjusts to your temperature is amazing!
  • It is perfect for travel. We have gone on two trips with it and I can rest easy knowing that Tiny is safe in our temporary bed. No pillow or parent barricades resulting in restless sleep. No worrying about leaking milk or diaper leaks finding their way onto the in-laws bed.
  • It NEVER retains odors. I have leaked copious amounts of milk onto the Sleeper and never has it smelled of mama milk. Similarly, leaky diapers do not present an odor issue. Although I will wash it after a diaper leak, I have gotten lazy once or twice and let it ride for a few days. Why? Because it did not have any pee pee odors!
  • It is impossible to stain this amazing fabric. I have had many nosebleeds (thanks to Tiny’s penchant for head butting my face in her sleep) and blood has gotten all over that pad. I do nothing special other than wash it with my usual detergent (from The Peaceful Housewife). Soaked in blood has come right out!
  • I will be able to use this in Tiny’s bed, should she decide on her own that she is ready to sleep in her room without me and is still in need of some sleeping safety.
  • When we no longer need to use the Family Sleeper, I can take the 5 foot long pillow and turn it into a body pillow! Whoo hoo!

When it comes to safely bed-sharing with Tiny, I could not imagine not having the Humanity Family Sleeper. This is definitely an item that I can whole heartedly recommend to anyone wanting to bed share. I feel confident that Tiny is safe and I can relax and enjoy sleep along with her.

P.S. I am in no way, shape, or form being compensated for writing about the Humanity Family Sleeper. This is a product that we have used, loved, and that I feel good about endorsing. This Carnival gave me the perfect opportunity.

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A big thank you to all of the Safe Cosleeping Blog Carnival participants!

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  1. says

    I looked at this product when our daughter was born,too. Yet we were living in a furnished house so wasn’t good for us but I am glad it worked wonders for you :)

  2. says

    I made one using a body pillow, and an old sheet, I just sewed a large “pocket” in the sheet and shoved the body pillow down inside. Also made it awesome and easy to wsh when baby spit up on it. But yes, they do work great and cosleeping was absolutley my favorite part of having a small baby! (Well that and breastfeeding) Nothing like snuggling all night with the best cuddler ever!

  3. says

    I used the Humanity Bed when my 3rd daughter was born. I used it keep my 2-year-old from falling out of bed, and I had the newborn sleep between me and the 5-year-old. We were all in one king-size bed, while my Partner-Guy slept in his own room. (Note that his location did not negatively affect our relationship, as we went on to have a 4th babe!)

    I love the Humanity Bed and I bought it off Craigslist for just $100. It was a great investment.

  4. says

    This sounds like a fantastic cosleeping product! We ended up taking the minimalist approach, got rid of our bedframe and put the mattress on the floor, but I love the idea of this pillow barrier for higher beds! Thanks for sharing.

    -Kerry @ City Kids Homeschooling

  5. says

    You just know exactly what to talk to me about don’t you? This is perfect. I think I need to change my wish list for Santa. Ever since Pistachio was born, Peanut has small meltdowns at bedtime if I have sister with us because she can’t snuggle with me anymore.
    Like I said…this is perfect.
    I just told hubby about it and showed it to him.
    We’ll see if it’s under the tree. 😀

  6. says

    I love to see people find exactly what they need to make bed sharing work! For us, it was as simple as a toddler bed rail attached to our Queen mattress. I used one with my now-13yo-daughter before transferring her to a toddler bed butted up against our mattress / box springs on the floor (the PERFECT matching height for us!). I used one again with my 3yo daughter. I’ve just had my husband and a friend reinstall it today as we’re expecting our son any time now!

  7. Lauren says

    Thank you for this! Baby Z may be able to roll over the blanket I roll up next to us… So I put lots of pillows on the floor Just In Case he were to fall, but in my mind I’ve been trying to figure out what to do… I need to save for this wonderful product! And quickly… :) xxLL

  8. Christy says

    That cosleeper pillow is AWESOME!! I agree with mamapoekie that a body pillow/pregnancy pillow could easily be converted into that. I may consider that if we have another, Sariah is pretty content in the center of the bed.
    Witht he other 3 we always just had the mattress on the floor so falling was never a concern haha.

  9. says

    We’re still working out the logistics of our cosleeping arrangement, but if we move full speed ahead you’ve sold me on the family sleeper. It really is a versatile piece of a equipment and more cozy then a guard rail.

    Also – thank you for the plug on your Facebook and your kind words! Such an awesome surprise!

  10. Dionna @ Code Name: Mama says

    I never even knew about this before Kieran, but now I wish I had – it looks amazing!
    We actually have our changing table butted up to the bed – the second level of it is the same height as our mattress, so if the babe happens to roll over, she’ll just roll onto the changing table. Kieran never did – I’m guessing Ailia won’t either.

  11. says

    This is one of the best bedding ideas for people who have limited room space. Bunk bed singapore are big in size then it is better for the big rooms. It is ideal for those living in dormitories, small apartments, RVs and boats. It is also good choice for parents who have kids.

  12. Michelle says

    What a lovely piece. Thank you for sharing your experience. I’ll have to get my sister to save up. She could do with an excuse to get hubby to sleep on the sofa! (Joking, dear, if you’re reading!)

  13. TheDerocheFamily says

    Does anyone know of a bigger size mattresses available? We have a king size, my oldest sleeps in.his own toddler bed (4yrs) next to our bed and our youngest co-sleeps with us (2yrs) but my husband is very tall and has a body like a football player LOL! So its him our two year old and me in our king size! Plus we are thinking of having another baby! So the bed is feeling smaller!!!
    Are there bigger beds put there?

  14. says

    I do think it is important to have those 3 factors – safety, comfort and convenience. That way i am assured that there won’t be any problems in the near future, less worries.

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