Raw Milk, Lemonade Stands, Bake Sales, and an Over Controlling Government

Raw Milk, Lemonade Stands, Bake Sales, and an Over Controlling Government: HybridRastaMama.com

In case you hadn’t heard, the government wants to control our access to healthy foods!

Raids on raw dairy farms have apparently become an entertaining pastime for our federal government. I mean, they have NOTHING else to do right? Might as well storm the farms producing and selling the healthiest, most beneficial milk we can possibly get from cows.

On August 3rd, another such raid took place in my home state, California, and it has generated what I consider to be the most outrage and anger of all of the more recent raids. It certainly pissed me the heck off!

You see, this raid was ludacris on so many levels. The government stepped in something here that I hope they regret. Their recent actions have inflamed a wave of activism that is only going to gain momentum as more and more of the story unfolds.

I could spend time giving you all the gory details of this atrocity but will instead send you over to read this brilliant and succinct post from Agricultural Society which gives you all the details you need.

I am going to continue on with my rant!

Federal, state, and local governments have been butting their heads into our business for a looooong time. Yes, sometimes this is a good thing. However, when it comes to our food choices, I personally feel like we all need to be left well enough alone. Yes, the government is in cahoots with all of the big companies who make all of that nasty processed and genetically modified food and I completely disagree with pretty much everything the government has decided to align with when it comes to our food.

However, we as Americans should have the freedom of choice, and with that freedom of choice we should be completely free to select organic, raw, and pasture raised food items if we so chose. The government needs to leave all of those struggling farmers and food supplies (who are trying their damndest to provide us with better food choices) alone! But no, they harass them, raid them, subject them to a ridiculous amount of hoop jumping, all in an effort to stop YOU, the American public, from having access to high quality foods. Why would they do this?

My thought? The government wants us to be at least moderately unhealthy. Why? Because people who are healthy will fight back against a corrupt government. People who are not healthy will not put up any sort of resistance. Seriously. I think it really is that black and white.

Why else would they wait 4 months, YES FOUR MONTHS, to issue a recall on tainted ground turkey? Hmm…because the longer they waited, the better chance that more Americans would fall ill and…wait for it…just continue to wade through life, putting their trust in or just plain ignoring the misdeeds of our government. And why else would they take away private animal husbandry rights in California? So people cannot get access to fresh, unpasteurized goat milk that has so many health benefits! Just saying… I am quite sure our government takes pleasure in keeping us as unhealthy as possible.

Now don’t get me started on Michelle Obama’s ruse to bring healthy foods to our schools and to Americans in general. It’s all smoke and mirrors to woo us into thinking our government cares. Yes, salads are a great addition to the hot lunch buffet however, low fat milk, processed whole grains, and other products from a can are not by any means considered healthy. It is all just “better” crap. I’ll stop here otherwise this post might never end.

So how else is our government embarrassing themselves? Let’s see…local authorities all over the country are shutting down lemonade stands and bake sales and in some cases issuing fines. Come on! Lemonade stands epitomize summer and at the same time allow children to flex their entrepreneurial spirit in a harmless and fun way. Bakes sales have long been a way that community organizations and schools have raised funds while delighting consumers with unique homemade treats.

Apparently these two traditions will be a thing of the past. Citing everything from a lack of a business license or permit, to health code violations, to selling food items not prepared in a professional kitchen by a professional chef, local government is cracking down on the very essence of what this Country was built on…hard work, charitable acts, and “the little guys.” I mean, the heart of this is that government wants us to just go out and buy baked goods from chain grocery stores and big box retailers right? To heck with creating something with love and wholesome ingredients in your own kitchen and then selling it to support a good cause or to foster a childhood right of passage.

Here is a short video showing the police shutting down a lemonade stand. Really?

And here is an article about bakes sales in Arizona. I’m ashamed to admit I once thought Arizona was one of the better run governments.

Big Brother is probably reading this article. Better watch my back now huh?

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Photo Credit: Rebecca Schley

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  1. says

    “My thought? The government wants us to be at least moderately unhealthy. Why? Because people who are healthy will fight back against a corrupt government. People who are not healthy will not put up any sort of resistance. Seriously. I think it really is that black and white.”

    I totally agree with you on this point, and just want to add unhealthy people need more medical care. More medical care= more $$$ for big pharma (and we KNOW how much influence they have on our Gov. Look at the FDA and Hyland’s teething tablets or FDA wanting to label WALNUTS as a drug because of their health benefits). We all know who really runs our government officals- Big Pharma, Big Business and Big Ag!

  2. says

    Totally agree about the govt wanting the population unhealthy . . . been thinking that for a while. Because nothing else makes sense unless they are complete morons. And for sure they are not. They know EXACTLY what they are doing!

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