My Tail Of Woe Part 3 – Surgery #3, 18 Months Recovery, and How ALL of You Can Help

My Tail of WoePart 3:

Make sure you are all caught up on my Tail Of Woe! Part 1 is here and Part 2 is here!

Ok – so we now know what this bad baby is. And that means what exactly?

Well, it means another surgery. There are possibly 4 different tumors in there.

The surgeon (who I love) is going to cut open a 3-4 inch hole and dig out 8 or so inches of tissue. He will literally scrape down to the bone and muscle. He is going under and around all of the diseased tissue. He will leave no stone unturned. Every little bit he can take out he will.   

His goal is to make sure that not a speck of dust is left of these cells, tumors, and tissues. He will then LEAVE THE WOUND OPEN to heal from the inside out. Yes, I will have a huge hole in my butt. HUGE. Go ahead – joke. It’s ok. I’m already joking about getting an even bigger second butthole for my birthday.

This surgery will require 18 months to fully close. It will require a full 3 year healing period.

This surgery is no joke.

Unlike the last surgery, I will be fully knocked out this time. It will require the skills of two surgeons.

Recovery will be brutal. I won’t be sitting for over a year. I won’t be able to do the things I do every day while I heal.

I have to be meticulous about irrigating the open wound in an effort to keep it from getting infected. This means that I have to become a germ-a-phobe. Nothing can get in there which is a tall order considering the size of the entrance!

My life, my daughter’s life, even Rasta Daddy’s life just did a 180.

This is definitely something I will survive. But I need help. Lots of it.

The financial burden of this is heavy. We are a single income home. My husband is in an industry where work is not stable. I don’t make squat from my blog. I basically just cover the cost of the blog itself. I already have health issues that cost me an arm and a leg. My daughter has health issues. And so, even though this surgeon is willing to work with me, I still have to come up with a sizeable sum of money. And then of course, there is the small matter of household help. (I will not be seeking assistance with child care. Tiny will not let anyone else near her. My tail has been especially difficult for her to handle.) I can’t do diddly for a good year or more.

This is where you come in. My friend Lauren has set up a fundraiser to help me. If you could be so kind as to share it, I would be deeply grateful. If you have the ability and would like to donate, every dollar helps. I would be so humbled if I was at least able to get the cost of the surgery covered. Having that burden lifted would allow me to get into a better head space to heal. Have you ever tried to recover from an illness or injury when you were massively stressed out? Yeah – not advisable.

This surgery HAS to be successful. I have to do EVERYTHING I can to heal properly and completely.  I cannot cheat. I cannot cut corners. I have to follow the doctors’ orders.

I don’t want to battle with tail after tail and surgery after surgery. I want this to be IT. Done. Gone. Adios.

My daughter has spent the last 3 years of her life with a sick mother. Her memories of me right now ALL center on my health issues. She was two when I had my first surgery. She is all too well aware of the pain and suffering I have been put through as a result of this. (I also went through a 19 month battle with ulcerative colitis after my first surgery).

I don’t want Tiny to think that this is all there is to life. Pain. Health problems. Tails.

So please, help me make my third surgery, on January 29th, my FINAL surgery. Help me send this tail packing.

Thank you. And thank you to everyone who send positive energy, healing vibes, and virtual support my way. That means just as much!

Help Jennifer Heal

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  1. Rachel says

    I hope this all goes well and you get tons of support financial and otherwise. I’ll be sharing the links on my FB pages.

    I just wanted to encourage you to buy your own colloidal silver generator because that stuff is going to be invaluable to keeping your wound clean (and accelerating healing and reducing scaring) and the house as clean as possible (spray on surfaces and let sit for 15 minutes, then wipe down). I use this one (I have no relationship with this company, other than that I bought this generator and have been using it for years):

    Pulling for you!

  2. Rosie says

    Hi I donated! But Lauren’s email doesn’t work and I can’t get the funding place to keep me signed on. Can I please have a copy of your cooking with coconut oil. Sorry to come to you but I have been hassling with the internet for 20 mins now.

    I do wish you more than well, its sounds really horrible what you are about to go through.

    Sending you much love

  3. Sarah Range says

    Many blessings to you mama! I will be sending Reiki to you!
    This is something you may have thought about, or not… the spiritual/emotional connection for this illness. When things like this happen because of or since birth they usually have something to do with a past life needing healing in this time. I am sure you will have lots of time to meditate and figure that out while recovering, and I am sure your friend Lauren will be able to assist you in that journey if you so choose.
    May the Bear of inner strength be with you.

  4. Deb says

    I ran across your blog through Laurie at Common Sense Homestead and she mentioned your Salve book. I tried to purchase your Salve ebook but it didn’t have the sale price. Is there suppose to be a code?
    I wish you wellness and wholeness, I wish you and your family love patience and understanding. You have a wonderful positive spirit that has obviously already gotten you through some tough times. It will see you through this too especially as we all join with you for a great (permanent) outcome.
    Love and Peace, Deb

    • says

      Hi Deb! The sale ended but shoot me an email with your email address and I will get it taken care of for you. jennifer @ hybridrastamama (dot) com (Just be sure to close those gaps in the email address and replace the dot with a period. I write it like that so spammers don’t get me.)

  5. Tammy says

    Hi, just wanted to share with you that when I was 13 years old I had the major surgery for this. It required 2 surgeons and almost a school year lost. I am not 46 yrs old and it is back. With a vengance and I cannot fathom how this happened after all the scraping and removing of tissue then. Stay strong and know that there are others out here dealing with this crazy tail issue/disease. Bless you and Prayers for your complete recovery.

    • says

      Oh no Tammy! I am so sorry! I pray that this thing never ever returns but I know that it can happen. Obviously you are proof. Are you thinking of having another surgery?

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