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Hybrid Rasta Mama is expanding and becoming a richer community thanks to the contributions of three wonderful women! Please read on to learn more about my monthly blog contributors!

On the 1st Monday of each month, you will find an informative and insightful post on all things related to natural, mindful living from the lovely Christina of The Hippy Homemaker!

Christina Anthis is The Hippy Homemaker. She is 29 years old and the mother of one miraculous three year old boy, Silas Thor (also known as Syfy). After going through many health problems and surgeries, Christina had nowhere else to turn but to a “hippier” lifestyle, in hopes of finding the answer. She did her research, read a lot of books, and taught herself the basics to change her family over to a greener lifestyle. A couple months after making the switch, and getting rid of all of the chemicals in her cleaning supplies and beauty products, she noticed that the nerve pains that she used to suffer from constantly, had diminished so much so, that she was actually living and enjoying life the way that she used to.

When Christina made the choice to try a vegetarian diet, her husband Andy (whom she affectionately calls “The Hippy Husband”), jumped on board with her, to support the healthier lifestyle she was trying to forge for their family. A few months of eating without meat brought the most surprising side effect of all; Christina’s narcolepsy was completely gone, and she was able to function Aderall free.

Always one to care for people, animals, and our Mother Earth; Christina has found her calling by writing for her blog, The Hippy Homemaker. On The Hippy Homemaker, she shares her journey to a healthier and more conscious lifestyle for her family, through vegan and vegetarian recipes, healthier and greener ways to clean, non-toxic beauty products that you can make in your own home, and non-toxic cheaper DIY kids crafts.

You can find Christina – The Hippy Homemaker here:

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On the 2nd Monday of each month, you will find an informative and insightful post on all things related to fitness and well-being by the lovely Kelli of The New Age Hippy Mama! 

Kelli is The New Age Hippy Mama and creator of The Babywearing Workout. She is a first time mama living an attachment parenting lifestyle and losing weight because of it!

Kelli is a mountain girl at the heart and was raised to be one with nature. She believes that we are all one…each and every being on this planet is connected. That is why she is a natural parent that believes in raising her girl in a compassionate, connected and respectful way. She didn’t really know anything about Attachment Parenting before she gave birth or even after. Kelli just went with her instincts. Turns out however, that most of her instincts are right in line with the Attachment Parenting principles.

She is now living in the Bronx, New York with her significant other “Big” and precious new baby girl “Little”.

Before she got pregnant Kelli was overweight. Then she gained 50 lbs during her pregnancy! Through The Babywearing Workout, Kelli shares how life as a babywearing and breastfeeding mom was all she needed to lose the baby weight and now weigh less than she did before she became pregnant.

Kelli is loving life and sharing it with you. Everything just seems to have fallen right into place and she feels like this is exactly where she is supposed to be and what she is supposed to be doing. Just like we are all connected I believe that everything we think, feel and do is connected and comes back to your overall health and happiness. Kelli had this feeling, even before she got pregnant, that once she had a baby her life would change for the better. She found her purpose and found herself in mind, body and spirit.

You can find Kelli – The New Age Hippy Mama here:

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On the 3rd Monday of each month, you will find an informative and insightful post on all things related to living an authentic life and being a mindful human being from the lovely Cara of CarasJeans! 

Cara Jean is very new to the blogging world but feels she has much to offer the wonderful community of mothers and women in general who wish to seek out wholesome, natural, meaningful lifestyles. She is a stay at home mother of her two young daughters who are just 11 months apart! Though she has her hands very full (of love), she is now taking on the role of a blogging mother as an outlet to reach others on several different levels. Ultimately, she seeks to appeal to those who are searching for deeper significance in life. From natural birthing, to organic parenting, to spiritual reflections, to revelations on society in general, she is attempting to embody her beliefs about the world into her blog in order to inspire others to not settle for the status quo and seek a more unique perspective. In the midst of this community of many fantastic people and gifted bloggers, she humbly hopes to attract anyone who might be interested in her lifestyle that she has found to be deeply rewarding.

You can find Cara Jean on her blog: CarasJeans.

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