Mama’s Monday Musings – The Long Overdue Edition

Hello to all of my loyal readers as well as to so many new ones! My Mama’s Monday Musings have been neglected for the past couple of months but to be honest, I have had so much going on (both personal and blog related) that keeping up with the additional post per week was impossible. However, I very much enjoy these posts because I can ramble on about anything and everything.

I have a few things I want to share with you today! First, on the Food and Health posting front…I have several wonderful articles in the queue for at least the next four Thursdays.

  • I will be covering the GAPS Diet (an informative post with lots of must read links) as well as my experience to date.
  • I will share some information on supplements.
  • I share my thoughts on vegetarians as I am a born again meat eater.
  • I will give you an overview of water and milk kefir along with kombucha. If you are not making these probiotic drinks at home, you really need to be!

I am also gearing up for a second post outlining even more uses for coconut oil. Apparently, 80 just wasn’t enough! I also had a request to cover starting solid foods for a baby in a real foods family. I am getting that worked out now. 

Any other food or health related posts that you would like to see? Comment here and let me know or shoot me an email! I am happy to dive into whatever ails you! 

On the parenting posting front, I sort of write those in the moment so you just never know what will end up on my blog every Tuesday! I have tons of posts swirling around in my head along with countless half written posts. 

However, if there is something you want to hear my thoughts on, please let me know! I already have a request to cover young children and the myriad of classes available to them. I have a lot of thoughts on this so stay tuned for that post. Beyond that, you will just have to wait and see what I spew forth!

Did you know that August 1st marked my 6month “blogiversary?” Guess what? I am celebrating with 7 days of great giveaways starting August 22nd! I won’t divulge anything else at this point but I am joining forces with another wonderful mama blogger who is also celebrating this same milestone. You won’t want to miss out!

Both Tiny and I are dealing with some rather complex health issues. (Hence why I am on the GAPS Intro diet right now). We are both under the care of great doctors and are combining holistic healing with western medicine. If I drop out of blogland for some reason, hang in there. I may need an unexpected break here and there to focus on Tiny. She will be needing more of me in the coming weeks and months. 

Speaking of Tiny, several of you asked why I use that moniker for her and why use a moniker at all. First, I am not at all afraid that someone will come and do harm to Tiny if I put her out there publicly. In fact, there are several pictures of her swirling around various guest posts so I do not go to great lengths to hide her. Mostly, I keep her name under wraps in the event that during her turbulent adolescence, someone unearths a post in which she was mentioned and decides to tease or harass her about it.

The reason I call her Tiny is because, well, RastaDaddy and I have ALWAYS called her Tiny or some variation of that. She has been Whiney McTiny, Tiny Tot, Tiny Wonder, Tinester, Tiny Tiny Timbo, Tiny Love, and My Little Tiny. She was of average size when she was born but slipped into the lower percentages and held firm there until recently when she got a 2 inch growth spurt. She is still low on the weight side but is getting closer to average on height. She IS tiny! So, Tiny just fit!

How ‘bout them musings???

P.S. Please excuse the randomness with the fonts on my blog. Blogger is toying with me again. It was brought to my attention that email subscribers see many of my words run together in the email version of my post so in an effort to remedy this, I somehow fouled up the fonts on my blog. I will get it all ironed out! Eventually!

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