Mama’s Monday Musings – May 23rd Edition

Welcome to a special edition of Mama’s Monday Musings! Two weeks ago, I told you that I was involved in a little secret project. Well, I am pleased to announce that I will be joining the Multicultural Familia™ online magazine family as a contributing writer. This is very exciting for me as I will get to put my Ethnic Studies degree, love of research, and life experience (both as a woman from two different cultures but also as a mother of a multicultural child and a wife of a multicultural man) to excellent use! I will be writing at least two articles a month about a wide variety of topics!

I have created a page on my blog dedicated to Multicultural Familia™. It is still a bit of a work in progress and I hope to have it finished soon. (Side note – I am working on a few new pages and will discuss them in next week’s Musings. Some good stuff happening!)
The official launch of the Multicultural Familia™ online magazine is May 30th and I hope you will all take a look at it. I personally believe that it will be one of the most valuable resources of its kind!
Here is the official press release for the magazine.™ Online Magazine to Launch on May 30th invites us all to join a community of diverse voices and discover the issues that matter to modern families.

Sioux Falls, SD – May 20, 2011 –A new online magazine will launch on May 30th to provide multicultural resources and articles geared towards modern families.  The magazine will address multicultural and multiracial lifestyle with special emphasis on topics such as racial and cultural identity, ethnic heritage, language acquisition, interracial relationships and multiracial parenting; with an overall focus on cultural awareness and racial unity.  The aim of the magazine is to bring people together and create a strengthened multicultural community online where individuals and families can discover similar perspectives, connect with diverse voices and find helpful resources.

Multicultural Familia™ was founded in April 2011 by Chantilly Patiño, the blogger behind Bicultural Mom, in an effort to provide arena for discussing the unique blessings and challenges associated with modern families.  Multicultural Familia™ consists of a diverse community of writers and bloggers from a variety of racial and ethnic backgrounds who share common interest in multiculturalism and diversity.  Multicultural Familia™ is a place where individuals from all backgrounds can come together to learn about new cultures, understand each other’s’ challenges and discover the beauty of a multicultural lifestyle.  Through America’s growing diversity, we are moving more and more toward multiculturalism, and becoming less of a cultural ‘melting pot’.  Today’s modern families are discovering that they are not limited to embracing only one cultural identity, but instead, can choose to cultivate a broader heritage.  Join us and add your voice to the discussion!

Connect with us: Twitter  Facebook  YouTube

Upcoming event: Tweet Chat on Monday, May 23rd from 7-8pm est, via the hashtag #multiculturalchat

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    Jennifer, it’s nice to meet you through Multicultural Familia! I’m really looking forward to reading your posts and learning more about you. I’m thinking your idea of a separate page for the “family” is probably better than a blogroll on the home page. Cheers! ; D

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