Mama’s Monday Musings – Frankenbutt Edition (April 11th)

Despite a few false starts, I have now donated a sizable portion of my hindquarters to the bio-waste bin. The surgeon was great, don’t get me wrong, but to be honest he made me look like Frankenbutt. Frankenbutt is what I imagine Frankenstein’s rear end to look like. I have A LOT of stitches, my skin is all funky looking, I’m bruised and swollen and pretty much am NEVER showing anyone my ass again. Thank GOD that I am married. I mean, I could not imagine being in a new relationship and having to explain why my butt looks like the Grand Canyon and Mt. Saint Helen’s all rolled into one. Seriously.

The surgery went well but the doctor ended up having to unwrap this atrocity from butt muscle. Yep, this thing had dug itself pretty deep. I liken the surgery to a c-section of the buttocks. Apparently things will not be fully healed for a year. No sitting for me for 60-90 days. I have GOBS of stiches inside, holding the muscle together and cannot risk tearing those. No lifting for me for me. The external stitches will be my friends for almost a month. Eeeee-gadds! And the best part…there is all kinds of stuff that can go wrong so I am not out of the woods any anything for quite a long time. Oh well. I’m rolling with the punches. My mom and friends have already been taking great care of me. I hate pain meds and antibiotics but they are a necessity. I am on tons of natural stuff too. Hoping for a speedy recovery. I want my normal self back and I am not very patient about it.

Tiny is handling things as best she can. She knows I’m not well. Her daddy is a good substitute for me when he is home and my mom, Tiny’s GiGi, is also a great second mama. We are making things work and having lots of play time in bed! When I see how confortable Tiny is without me, it does make me sad. I realize that she does not need me as much as I had thought. Do not get me wrong, she needs me, but she is not so attached to mama anymore. She feels safe and secure with other adult caregivers. This is great and what should happen. Doesn’t mean I have to love it.

My blog was mentioned on the back page of the front section of the Sacramento Bee, our region’s main newspaper. Pretty cool. It was nothing fancy, just a little blurb introducing my blog to whomever took notice of that section. Still pretty cool.

Do any of you bloggers blog non-stop in your head? My inner blogger won’t shut up! She has a million ideas and insists on prattling on about them ALL DAY LONG…sometimes all night too. Sheesh! But that’s ok. Some of my best ideas come at me during the middle of the night.

On an EXCITING note – I have 2 or 3 AMAZING giveaways lined up for April, 5 for May and 2 for June. These all just sort of fell in my lap but trust me, you will love them!!!! I am very excited. Just working out the final details. If you want a head start on entries, make sure you subscribe via email, follow me on GFC, follow me on Networked blogs, and like me on Facebook. All four of these options will be extra entries for each giveaway. Woot woot!

I am off to lay back down on my side and moan. My butt hurts!

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    i cannot imagine what you are going thru! how do you not sit down? you sound so cheerful and positive about it all….those must be some good meds :) And i am sooooo glad you have support thru baby help and food…it’s invigorating to feel the love of a community. We often forget how much a little help can do for someone in need. love from afar and perfect healing!

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