Kelapo Coconut Oil Giveaway (US & Canada; 03/20)

So if you have not figured it out by now, I love coconut oil! My post on 160 Uses For Coconut Oil proves that. I am always on the lookout for coconut oil even though I am pretty devoted to a couple of brands.

A new-to-me company contacted me a while back and asked if I was interested in trying their coconut oil. I check out their website and liked what I saw. Always game for bringing coconut oil to the masses, I agreed to see what they had to offer.

Kelapo™ Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is cold pressed from fresh coconut meat that is harvested from organically cultivated coconut palms, grown exclusively on Fair Trade farms on the island of Sri Lanka (which just so happens to be where my mother-in-law was born and raised). Practices of the farmers they source from include the use of non-chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. They also include maintenance and improvement of soil fertility, weed control and pest control by natural means. Their growers are provided with custom made compost that meets the nutrient needs of coconut palms. Mulch is also used that contains coconut leaves and fronds, which provide high levels of potassium needed by the trees for fruit production.

I absolutely love the Kelapo Mission statement. With each and every jar, we strive to deliver the freshest, highest quality coconut oil and ensure the fair and ethical treatment of the farmers who cultivate it. As one of the first Fair Trade coconut oil food products on the market, our products are 100% organic, vegetarian and free of trans fats. Plus, we incorporate eco-friendly practices to protect and preserve the planet’s natural resources.

This is certainly a company that I can stand behind. Even in transport, they employ practices that are supporting the sustainability of our environment. Their shipments are packaged in special totes that can store as much as two to six drums in 20% less space. Plus, the totes contain no metal and are completely recyclable and biodegradable.

Without even trying the coconut oil, I already loved this company. When the oil arrived (and I wrestled it away from Tiny), I was impressed by the fact that it was in a glass jar. Yep – no BPA filled plastic containers! Score!

It took a couple of days before I was able to test the coconut oil and decided to try it in my morning egg creation. Coconut oil plays a KEY role in this breakfast masterpiece and I was excited to see how Kelapo stacked up to the other brand I use. Well….drumroll please… IT WAS DELICIOUS!

Kelapo coconut oil is smooth, mild, and does not have the aftertaste that I have found in some other brands of coconut oil (which I refuse to use by the way). It had a slightly different taste than the coconut oil I typically use in my egg recipe and I enjoyed this variation quite a bit.

I spent the next couple of days cooking with the Kelapo oil as well as adding it to my morning tea. I also ate it right off the spoon. Kelapo definitely has a wonderful product. I am excited to add it into my arsenal of coconut oils!

Kelapo also carries a couple of rather unique products. In addition to the jars of coconut oil, they also offer coconut oil softgels and premeasured baking sticks. I like the idea of the softgels for people who simply cannot stomach coconut oil or cannot stand the taste/texture. Of the coconut oil brands I am loyal to, they are the only ones offering the softgels.


How would you like to win a jar of this fabulous coconut oil? I thought so! Kelapo is generously giving way one jar to a Hybrid Rasta Mama reader. All you have to do to enter is to check out Kelapo’s blog and choose the recipe that interests you the most then leave a comment on this post (be sure to include your email if it is not linked to your profile)!

But wait! There are MORE ways to win!

Extra Entries are SUPER EASY. Leave a second comment with the numbers of the corresponding entries. So if you did them all you would simply say “I did #s 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, 9. Easy, easy peasy! I will do the heavy lifting at the end of the giveaway.

Here are all the extra entry options. If you are already doing these, cool. If not, have at it!

1.   Subscribe to Kelapo’s Coconut Mail via email

2.   Like Kelapo on Facebook

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This giveaway opens today, March 10, 2012 and closes March 20, 2012 at 11:59pm PST. Winner will be selected via I will email you and you will have 48 hours to respond before another winner is selected.

Questions? Ask away. Otherwise, READY, SET, ENTER!!!!!

Good luck!

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  1. says

    I never thought about there being an art to scrambling eggs, but this recipe – The Perfect Scrambled Eggs – clearly makes cooking them an art! I need to try with coconut oil.

  2. Andrea B says

    The french fries sound good! Always trying to make things like this homemade.

    also #1,2,6


  3. Kim Smith says

    I love coconut oil so much. I use it for everything and anything these days. Your 160 uses for coconut oil is awesome.
    I would try the Vegan chocolate fondue.
    I did 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 &9

  4. LisaS says

    I just started on coconut oil today and noticed a huge differece and I’ve tried alot of things so I’m hooked already!

    Oh so many wonderful recipes to choose from, but my fav would have to be the vegan toffee because I actually have the ingredients on hand.

    Randomly pick me at: sugarnspice67ca at yahoo dot com !

  5. K. says

    I am fairly new to coconut oil so I still think of it terms of using on sweet not savory types so the Chocolate Lava sounds sounds great. I would also like to try it on popcorn soon. :-) ~Karen

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