The Importance of Being Grounded

Staying grounded is something that some of us need to make a conscious effort to do. Some people have know idea what it means but they do it anyway without realizing it. We will always be grounded at some point in time. Whether we see it as a fact of simply being a part of this earth, or because even if we get out of touch with reality the universe knocks sense back into us eventually, reminding us of what it feels like to be humble.

Being grounded is not necessarily better than being super airy. It’s just crucial to have a constant connection with reality to stay focused, in order to integrate what we bring what we gather from the higher realms and spiritual energies back to the earth plane and use them in practical ways to serve others, our self, or the planet, etc. The difference is just a matter of how we are experiencing life through our innate senses and natural abilities. Some of us have developed our senses consciously, most often those who were born very aware of them already, but sometimes also those who have become aware of themselves through soul-searching and deepening thier self-awareness.

I do mean our senses, like: sight, smell, hearing, etc, but in a deeper way, a more evolved way that is heightened, allowing one to see, and hear, and feel what is not seen, or heard, or felt by most people. The “clairs”… When we are working with our clair senses we need to ground out afterward. And likewise, when we go through something intense or emotional we will need to ground out as well. Another example is the unstoppable egomaniac. That type of person needs a good grounding.

We all go through experiences that affect us. Our chakras (energy centers) are activated and stimulated in various ways, sometimes in excess which can make us feel imbalanced, other times from under-activity… When any of our chakras are imbalanced it just means we are overcompensating in some other way… We are always balanced somehow, but to feel in harmony with our true self and be in alignment with the universe in ways that increase our potential for wellness and clarity, we must find a certain balance. A certain balance that is unique to each of us…

We may feel grounded and find that balance in “Aha” moments, and also sometimes when we break down and feel hopeless. There are extremes and there are mild cases. We go through it all the time. Sometimes we need to work hard to become grounded. It all depends…

When we move higher into the spiritual realms and develop our intention and intuition, we are more likely to get into a pattern of receiving messages from spirit, information from the natural intelligence of the universe… the consciousness that permeates our crown chakra when we meditate, the beauty that lights up everything… That is a powerful energy… It moves us and shapes our reactions and behaviors. However, to integrate those messages, and to apply them to real life situations, one has to be grounded… Humbled by it all. Reminded of our place in the cosmos. We are here to evolve our consciousness… and to do that we have to be open to learn. When we learn something new, or are reminded of a repeat lesson… we must slow down enough to do what is the most healing and powerful for our soul… We must listen to that which is not said or heard. We will be grounded after amazing travels in time and space and potential… We will be able to make a difference in this world with our best intentions, and move forward, avoiding all blockages that are caused by fear and doubt. We will feel the power we have in the co-creation of our life and the life of this planet.

That is why it is important to Be Grounded.

There are many ways to ground energy. It’s one of the most common things that I do since I am also equally always doing much work in my higher chakras… My heart, higher heart, third eye, and crown… The Soul Star Chakra too… I have many tools and rituals I do to ground myself out, but if I keep going and going and forget to or can’t figure out how to channel my intentions, thoughts, and feelings into a productive or helpful manner, the universe always seesm to humble me down with a quickness. Those times are often very challenging, but some of the best lessons and most enlightening of all. When women show up in my life for some type of exchange, it always comes back to the idea of either grounding one’s energy or finding ways to activate the energy centers to stimulate an awakening process. The healing that comes from both of those experiences is the when we consciously slow down, or are made to by the powers of the universe, to truly see and listen to what we have and what we have done, where we are going…

To be present is to be grounded. To be in that place of oneness with everything, our center…

Bless you on your path to wellness, as you ground out and awaken in the balance of ALL THAT IS. Visit me at my website or shop for ideas about ways to Ground your energy. Or let us know in the comments what you like to do to ground out. My favorite things to do to ground out, include a light meditation in nature while hiking, working with crystals & minerals and organic materials while creating, aromatherapy, gardening, drinking tea, stepping into the ocean, and sometimes just eating a piece of fruit! What are your favorite things to do…?

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