Healing Naturally – My Journey Towards Better Health (December 2012)

You know how you sometimes look back on aspects of your life and think “if only I knew then, what I know now…?” Yeah, that is where I am at right now.

I started my journey of naturally healing journey only 10 weeks ago. TEN WEEKS! That is nothing in the grand scheme of my life. And yet, I really wish I had the guidance and support that I have now, months and months ago. 

Are you all sitting down for this? If not, you should be. 

You might remember that 10 weeks ago my colon was a train wreck. For 20 months, I had been eliminating blood and mucus many times per day. I couldn’t be far from a toilet for fear of creating a scene. My life was unpleasant. It was restricted. It was really miserable. And I was not healthy. Plus, an infected colon due to ulcerative colitis wasn’t going to do me any favors health wise down the road. Compound that with celiac that I thought I had under control and getting healthy naturally seemed to be somewhat of a long shot. I was so afraid of having to go on steroids or other medications to control the colitis.

I enlisted the support of a health coach/nutritional therapist to give healing naturally one last shot. Since I was not succeeding on my own, I was hoping and praying that someone more knowledgeable would be able to steer me down a more intense path of healing. And guess what?

FOR OVER TWO FULL WEEKS I HAVE BEEN “NORMAL!” I use the word normal because my colon certainly still has healing to do as does the rest of my body. But, I am now eliminating normally! No blood, no mucus, no running full speed ahead into the nearest bush. For two weeks I feel like my life is MINE again and not the colitis’. 

I am floored at my progress. Not only did it happen much more quickly than I had ever anticipated but it hasn’t been the sacrificial nightmare I thought it might be. 

Yes, I am taking handfuls of supplements each day. But it is just part of my life now. No biggie.

Yes, I completely purged the house of all things gluten and cannot eat anywhere that I might be exposed to cross-contamination. It’s ok. I’m over the idea of not being able to eat somewhere other than home. And it feels good to get more and more creative in the kitchen.

Yes, the lists of foods I CAN eat is shorter than the list of foods I cannot eat. My health is worth it though. I can live without a lot more than I thought.

Last but not least, Yes, I can afford the expense of healing naturally. Sure, it costs more than I initially wanted to invest. It seemed impossible to rework our tight budget to accommodate the cost of supplements and foods. But you know what, if there is ANYTHING worth sacrificing for financially, it is good health. I cannot think of a better investment in my future. I want to be around to see Tiny grow up and become whomever she is going to be. I want to live a looooong, active life. So what seemed “expensive” initially actually is worth every penny now.

10 weeks everyone. TEN WEEKS and my life is so amazingly different. 

Now, I still have TONS of work to do. TONS. But I am motivated by my progress in a big way. Lydia and I will be working together for a long time. No way will I turn my health over to myself and myself alone right now. I’m at that “make or break” point for long term health. 

Lydia wanted me to start adding in Bioflavonoids. The challenge was finding a product that is made in a gluten free facility. NOW products are all certified gluten free which is huge! I have already used an entire bottle of the Bioflavonoids and while I cannot speak to their impact specifically, I know that as part of my overall healing, they are playing a vital role.

I hope this update inspires any of you out there who are struggling with any sort of health challenge! You need to give yourself the gift of health this season. YOU deserve it! 

If you have missed any of my posts in this series, you can find them here:


Until next month. Be well!

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    Hello, let me first and foremost say that this story is miraculous. I am a 23 year old Nurse who was diagnosed with Crohns disease at the age of 18. I too experience bloody mucousy stools. I have tried so many medications ive been put on pentasa and prednisone. this has done nothing but made me gain tons of weight around 50lbs and only mask my signs and symptoms. so ive stopped the meds &,stopped going to that docto. Even with me working in healthcare it is still very difficult to find a hollistic dr or a herbalist. they are pretty much nonexistant. im having to relearn MY body outside of medication which NO textbook teaches you. so ive been trying to do my own research. right now ive been juicing twice a day to try and rest my bowels. which works until i try and eat solid food then the cycle begins again. i couldnt imagine living a life while only ingesting “juice” with me working fulltime 12hr shifts and going to school fulltime. ive eliminated all RED meats, fried foods, and fast food. i cant seem to let go of all meats or seafood just yet!!! but i need some of your direction with the limited amount of resources that are availabe. can you please help me and bless me with your guidence. where did YOU begin?? Thanks in advance

  2. says

    This sounds like good news!

    he he, I almost thought that you wrote “the lists of foods I CAN eat is shorter than the list of foods I WANT to eat!”

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