Healing and Manifesting with Creative Visualization

Creative visualization is a powerful tool that we all can use to improve our own lives and the world as we know it. That’s because our thoughts are powerfully charged and create the world around us. Since the universe is energy and energy is magnetic, we literally bring forth that which we spend time thinking about, and dwelling on. Whatever we create, it always forms in our thoughts first. We’ll have an idea and then something comes of it. It’s a universal law.

We can use creative visualization to put intention into our thoughts. To not simply let our thoughts wander uncontrollably, or be effected by patterns of thinking that may be blocking us from our potential. When we use our thoughts to heal and manifest what we need, our life begins to unfold in amazing ways. Change won’t happen merely by “thinking positively”… it also involves changing our attitude about life, exploring within and discovering our true self and our deepest needs and desires. Using creative visualization creates powerful and meaningful growth within a person. It helps one achieve happiness and health, fulfillment and love… creating a space for us to live in our natural state.

In the beginning, practicing creative visualization can be used at specific times for specific goals, but once things start happening and we gain that trust in the process, it becomes a habit and an integral part of our thinking process, a constant awareness and heightened state of consciousness. People who know how to harness this power are very successful. They may even appear to be doing things with outside help or special powers… but that special power is within… they are simply in tune with their true self and using the powers within to guide and manifest what they want, and to heal from whatever is hurting them or blocking them from achieving their highest potential.

It’s beautiful to see people awaken to their innate power. Which is why I like to share about it, and constantly remind people… You are your own healer.

The more we practice creative visualization, the easier it becomes. It comes naturally, but on rare occasions those persons with some type of mental blockage inhibiting their ability to visualize images in their mind, there is a deep seated fear that needs to be overcome. Sometimes that fear is there because that person went through something emotionally disturbing when they were visualizing and they experienced the fear imbedded in the feelings that arose during it. Now when that person attempts to visualize something the fear comes up and blocks them from seeing within, to protect them from feeling emotional pain. The truth is that the only thing that can actually hurt us is our fear of experiencing feelings, not the feelings themselves. When we don’t confront our true feelings they gain power over us… but when we look at them fully and allow our self to experience the feelings as best we can, they lose all the negative power, and we often gain insight about how to move forward and heal from the experience.

Usually, visualizing something is easy for people, but there is also the possibility that someone will get stuck on the word and meaning of “visualize”. You don’t have to actually see some newly created image in your mind… It can simply be thinking about something or the impression that is felt from thinking about something…

We can use creative visualization anytime and anywhere, but the best way to use to effectively is when we are relaxed. Interestingly enough, when we are relaxed and using creative visualization we are more effective at creating change than we are when we are actively trying to plan out, worry about, or think about and manipulate situations or people. It would seem otherwise, but sometimes the best thing to do when you’ve been trying so hard to get something or make something happen, is to surrender to the process, slow down, relax, breathe, and visualize the image of what it is you want or need in your mind. That may be… a new job, a loving partner, an affordable home, a successful business, or a healthy body.

We can use creative visualization to achieve any and ever ything we want in this lifetime. That includes healing from physical “dis-ease” or working to create a more peaceful world. We all make a difference in the collective consciousness of the world.

On a personal level, every physical illness also is a consequence of some type of mental blockage trying to remedy itself. Of course there are other variables, and other factors involved with physical manifestations of disease and illness… but one of the most powerful healing tools we have is the ability to change our attitude about the illness and use creative visualization to learn from and envision a better state of being. If we are experiencing dis-ease in our body, mind, spirit, or environment, there needs to be changes made in our thoughts first before the physical can change.

If you’re new to using Creative Visualization try doing it at night just before bedtime or right after you wake up. It’s fine to do it when you’re laying down, but if you get sleepy try sitting up. It’s great to sit up straight to allow the energy to flow. You could also try doing a short meditation during the middle of the day to restore and renew your self, and change the course of your day…

There are four basic things to remember when it comes to using creative visualization…

First decide what it is that you want to work toward creating or realizing. If you’re just starting out, try choosing goals that will be relatively easy to achieve in the near future, and later on you can start practicing healing and manifesting more difficult and challenging problems or goals.

After you have your goal in mind, create a clear idea of it in your mind. This can be a mental picture of what you want, or a situation as you want it to be. Imagine yourself as you want to be, where you want to be, or doing what you want to do. Some people like to make an actual physical image of what they want as well, like a collage of images that remind them of their goal(s). This is not necessary but it can help keep your focus when you constantly see it in your home or office, and it’s fun. You could make a poster or keep it private in your journal.

Next, you have to think about your goal often. Visualize the mental picture of what you want or how you want to be all the time, throughout your day, when you wake, before you sleep… as much as possible. Make sure to focus on it clearly, but do so in a relaxed state of mind… you don’t have to crunch your mind or try too hard… it should happen casually throughout your day, when you naturally start to just think about it… Hold it in your mind and visualize it with focus and intention.

Now… the last thing to do is focus on your goal and think about it in a positive way. Encourage the idea to grow and manifest… Visualize your self healing, or receiving what you need, or achieving what you want. Give positive energy to the goal and it’s process. This is when affirmations can play a huge role in the visualization. While focusing on the mental picture in your mind of what you want or need, say it out loud, or say it to yourself in your mind, that which you want to happen… You may have doubt arise, but just push past it and say it anyway… Keep saying it and try to actually believe it! For example, say, “I am healthy and safe.” “I am on my way to finding my dream job.” “There is a home out there that is perfect for my family and we’re going to find it soon.” “I am beautiful and loved.” Whatever it is, say it. Write it on your collage or in your journal… and when you read it or say it, put that focus and intention into your words, as if you’re feeding it to help it to grow and manifest! It works…

Don’t stop doing these 4 things until you have achieved your goal, or until you no longer have the desire to achieve that goal. Sometimes along the way we realize that our goals or needs have changed… Acknowledge any change you may feel about your goal. It’s a natural process to change our mind or feel differently after going through various experiences. This is part of the grander scheme. There is much to learn in that process. Create a new image of a new goal… fine tune it… Be clear with yourself about what you truly want and/or need. It could be that you start thinking that since you didn’t achieve your goal that you must have “failed” but really it’s about needing to go deeper into your true needs and goals to readjust them. Changing is not failing.

When you do achieve your goal, recognize that it happened. Take a moment to acknowledge it. You may forget to see what you did, to see what you manifested or how you healed… Give yourself some appreciation and give thanks to the universe. The universe provides.

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  1. Catherine says

    hi, thanks for sharing, i’ve been trying to think positively and using creative visualisation, yet, i kind of find myself having fear during the process, and that makes me harder to picture the ideal imagines, how can i overcome this problem? thanks!

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