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Natural Parents Network Holiday Gift Guide

Welcome to the Natural Parents Network Holiday Gift Guide!

Natural Parents Network, Hybrid Rasta Mama, and 24 other natural parenting bloggers are giving away 89 items perfect for gifting for the holidays as part of the Natural Parents Network Holiday Gift Guide. The combined total value of all of the items is $2,550.

Have you finished your holiday shopping? The NPN Holiday Gift Guide is a great opportunity to complete your gift-giving purchases for family and friends, while supporting many naturally-minded small businesses. The companies who have provided items for giveaway are almost exclusively made up of small businesses or work-at-home families.

Please stop back to enter the giveaway. The Rafflecopter entry system will be live November 1 on this post (and on every post participating in the Gift Guide). Please visit some of the other review posts listed below and read about the fabulous companies offering giveaways in the Natural Parents Network Holiday Gift Guide.


Today I would like to introduce you to… Nushkie and Wooly Moss Roots


First up…Nushkie

Ahhhh, Nuskie! I have been a fan of Nushkie for years. The artist, Rebecca, is one of the most talented people I know. There is no other wool felt artist out there whose works can compare. Not only that, she is truly good people. I adore her and her works.

What Can You Find At Nushkie?

The simple version is every felted wool incarnation imaginable! There are seasonal items, fairies, playscapes, wall hangings, mermaids, gomes, mobiles, animals, and so  much more! You will even find cards, games, and puzzles with images of some of Rebecca’s most popular works!

However, there is so much more you should know about Nushkie. From Rebecca…

These standing and hanging figures and “sculptural wool paintings” do not attempt to recreate the look of paint with lots of intricate detail, rather they act more like sculptures. I am greatly inspired by Rodin. Each piece is three-dimensional, and in each of the sculptural wool paintings, the focal point seeks to capture an emotional moment …usually between two beings. Sometimes they’re human, sometimes magical beings.

I am hoping that in these impressionistic pieces, and in all my work, adults and children alike will see the movement of the characters and feel the love that exudes from them.The world has enough fear, enough suffering, greed, rage, apathy, and cynicism. It is filled with adults, after all. Here I explore stepping back to a more childlike sense of things, to a world in which there can be more wonder, more playfulness, magic, beauty and hope.

I believe that in our challenging world, going back to what’s pure, simple and childlike may help us find the imagination to make change reality.I also believe that if these pieces stir the emotions of compassion, kindness, magic, and wonder, perhaps those feelings will travel from person to person and begin the healing the world is waiting for.

My pieces are created using the fiber art technique of Needle felting, wherein the artist uses a specialized needle to poke fibers hundred or thousands of times to sculpt the fleece into the desired shape. My materials include organic wool, merino wool fibers, silk fiber and wire. There is no pre-fabricated base. The “canvas” or base is all wool fleece –wool which has been cleaned end carded (i.e., combed), but not spun into yarn. The only use of wire is for arms, legs tree branches, etc. The rest is natural fiber.

So What Exactly Do I Own From Nushkie?

Once again, the shorter answer would be “what don’t I own!”  This is my go-to shop for birthday gifts, wedding gifts, mama-blessing gifts, holiday gifts, and nature table treasures! One walk through our home, and my love affair with Rebecca’s creations becomes evident. You can see some of the items I have acquired in the photos below!

Rebecca was kind enough to send me one of her gorgeous puzzles to review! I was actually really excited about this as Tiny is really starting to enjoy a good puzzle. Come Play With Us is a puzzle with children playing under the loving arms of the jacaranda tree inviting another to join!

Puzzle size: 54 pieces
Measures: 12” x 16.5” fully constructed
Piece size: approx. 2” each

The puzzle comes in a cotton muslin bag with an image of the puzzle on the outside, and can be toted about anywhere.

Tiny and I both enjoyed this puzzle! While it is best suited for a child ages 9 or older, Tiny still had fun helping me find certain pieces. We actually made a game of it. I would give her clues to the next piece and she would try to find it for me!

The puzzles are all so beautiful and are a breath of fresh air from all the cartoon character infused puzzles found in the major toy stores and toy aisles these days!

Want to win? Nuchkie is offering one lucky winner a puzzle of his or her choice! Enter using Rafflecopter. 

Stay Connected To Nushkie:


And now – Wooly Moss Roots

Stumbling across a shop that draws you in through some unseen connection is hands down my favorite way of discovering a business that I would like to personally support through my purchases as well as share with everyone I can think of! Discovering that the shop you discovered actually has a second shop just makes it even better. Discovering that the artisans are truly some of the most incredible people on the planet is beyond words.

I actually discovered Wooly Moss Roots as the companion shop to Mystic Orb. Mystic Orb was filled with hand carved pendants and jewelry that pulled me in so deep.  I visited practically every day, waiting for the “perfect” piece that would speak to me and find its way to me. (I did and it did by the way). When I found my way over to Wooly Moss Roots, I knew that I had discovered two shops that I would stay connected to for a long, long time.

What Can You Find At Wooly Moss Roots?

There are some incredible treasures to be found! Wooly Moss Roots is most known for their incredible hand carved buttons in reclaimed woods for knitters, sewers, and crafters. However, there is so much more to the shop than this! You will find wooly delights, from purses and knitted cowls to felted pouches and wool creatures. There is also all kinds of herbal goodness in the form of homemade salves (complete with herbs straight from their yard), perfumes, and tooth powder. You can also find a variety of seeds to add to your own garden. The shop even has smudge sticks and some gorgeous greeting cards!

I personally feel that it is important to support hard working, mindful living artisans. You know, people who really deserve your hard earned money! I love what Taryn and Jeff have to say about this:

When you spend your money somewhere, don’t you like to know where it’s going? We’ll tell you! When you buy from Mystic Orb/Wooly Moss Roots, you are supporting a small family living simply and sustainably. You are buying unique handcrafted artwork, lovingly made in the Oregon woods and created to last a lifetime. Not only do we strive to live more sustainably all the time, we also continue to create our business, Mystic Orb/Wooly Moss Roots, to be more sustainable as well. Most of the items we offer you are made with sustainably harvested local or reclaimed wood. We always strive to provide more earth friendly options. Doesn’t that feel better than supporting a large corporation paying unfair wages and producing low quality, toxic items that are harmful to people and planet?

Your support of Mystic Orb/Wooly Moss Roots allows us to keep creating soulful things and sustains the homestead. Each and every sale helps us create our dreams. Know that when you buy from us, you are supporting three souls living a simple life, spreading joy in every way we can.

Seriously – Taryn and Jeff are two really special people. Really special. They honestly make me a better person. They live life like it should be lived.

So What Exactly Did I Review From Wooly Moss Roots?

Taryn and Jeff sent me three items from their shop to try out. I was gifted with the Peppermint Tooth Powder, the Magical Healing Salve in the reclaimed cedar wood box, and the Lavender Cedar Smudging Bundle. While their generosity was overwhelming, the quality of these items absolutely floored me!

The tooth powder was of great interest to me as I make my own toothpaste or use a basic coconut oil based toothpaste. Both have been doing wonders for my teeth and more importantly, Tiny actually likes them (and often eats them!) Throwing a tooth powder into the mix was risky, but I am so grateful that I did. I am ever more grateful to Taryn for coming up with this blend!

First, this tooth powder is not at all gritty. I had prepared myself for that and while it certainly is not as smooth as a paste would be, it really isn’t gritty either. It is sort of a balance between the two. It tastes fantastic, leaves you with some really fresh breath but most importantly, works better than ANYTHING I have EVER used to clean my teeth with. Oh. My. There are no words that accurately reflect how clean my teeth feel and look. I am hooked. There is no way that I can ever use anything else in my mouth. And best of all, Tiny actually love this!

I was a little worried about the magical healing salve. No, not because of the salve itself but because neither Tiny or I managed to need it once it arrived. Both of us are always getting scratched and scraped but of course, the universe knew we needed to review this salve and would not cooperate. Either than or we just weren’t as klutzy as usual.

Finally, a trip to the pumpkin patch and a 12 acre walk through scratchy vines solved our dilemma. Tiny and I looked like we had a date with a meat grinder. Our legs were a mess! I grabbed the healing salve and applied a thin layer over our battle wounds. I honestly forgot about putting more on since the dull stinging of the scratches disappeared almost instantly. The next morning after a shower, it dawned on me to apply some more salve. When I went to do so, neither Tiny or I had a need! The salve helped us to quickly heal and while there were a couple of little scratches still visible, the majority of them were completely gone! This salve is my new go-to for healing. (Don’t worry…I will still use coconut oil. This is just another layer of protection!)

Last but not least, I tried out the smudging stick on an afternoon where Tiny and Rasta Daddy were engaged in outside activities. I didn’t want to hear any commentary from the skeptical peanut gallery. Rasta Daddy hates when I burn sage. He says all it does is make him sneeze! Here is a little additional information about the bundle:

We made this herbal smudging bundle with organic lavender from our garden and organic cedar that we sustainably wildharvested on our mountain homestead. We placed lavender in the center and then surrounded it with cedar. The two smells are divine, then when you add them together, the scents blend so well.

After cleaning the house, I went room to room with the burning bundle and spoke some words intended to bring some positive energy into our space. I loved the light scent that the lavender and cedar left behind and I do feel that it cleared the space quite well. When Rasta Daddy and Tiny came in, no one said a word. No sneezing, no complaints, nothing. It was only after Rasta Daddy saw an ash that he asked if I had been burning something. When I told him, he was impressed and gave me the green light to continue smudging with this, and only this bundle! (That is a pretty big endorsement right there!)

Want to win? Wooly Moss Roots is offering one lucky winner their very own peppermint tooth powder, magic healing salve, and smudge bundle! 

Stay Connected To Wooly Moss Roots:

And Be Sure To Check Out Taryn and Jeff’s Second Shop, Mystic Orb:

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