Ebook Update, Essential Oils Giveaway, and More Coconut Oil Coming Your Way

My first Ebook was going to launch today. Well, today is here and I am still working on a few design issues. My goal is to launch the Ebook no later than March 25th. For those of you who have been waiting, thank you for your patience. For those of you who know nothing about my Ebook, let me briefly give you the highlights.

Coconut Oil For Your Skin – Nourishing Your Body From The Outside In is a true labor of love. I adore coconut oil for 160 reasons but have been so very impressed with it as I have used it on my skin. I decided to pass on my love of coconut oil for skincare and have created a recipe Ebook with 39 easy recipes for personal care products ranging from shampoo/conditioner to body washes, face washes, exfoliating scrubs, sunscreen, lip balm, and so much more! All of the recipes are easy to make and very nourishing for your skin.

This is an Ebook worth waiting for. I want to do this right so again, thank you for your patience.

In giveaway news…Tropical Traditions recently informed me that I can give away a ONE GALLON pail of their Gold Label Coconut Oil. Yep – ONE GALLON! I will launch that giveaway right after I get my Ebook out. You are going to want to enter that giveaway for obvious reasons. You’ll need copious amounts of coconut oil to make these recipes! 😉

I am also thrilled to be hostessing a series of guest posts and a giveaway from a wonderful mama who is so very knowledgeable about essential oils. Essential oils play a key role in many of my recipes and I wanted to make sure that I had only the very best essential oils to recommend to you. Carrie, the Young Living Oil Lady, will be guest posting on my blog for the next two Saturdays and then we will have a special essential oil giveaway on the 31st. Did you know that you can cook with essential oil? That is just one little highlight from the upcoming guest post!

That’s it! Just a little update on how things are coming along in my neck of the woods. Enjoy your day and again, thank you for waiting patiently as I fine tune Coconut Oil For Your Skin!

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    I read your 160 ways to use coconut oil from pinterest yesterday, and today I went and bought my first jar. I’ve already used it as moisturizer and stirred a few tablespoons into my oatmeal! :)

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