A Baby Sean Update With Pictures To Melt Your Heart

Happy Sunday! What better way to relax and enjoy this day than with an uplifting update about sweet Baby Sean!

First, thank you again to all of you who have donated to Baby Sean! To date, you have generously given over $1,500 in cash and over $600 in things like cloth diapers, detergents, clothing, blankets, and even a car seat! Several of my personal friends have even stepped up with donations including a crib!!!!  (Thanks Sharon!) And of course, thank you to Laura at Walden Mommy for her hard work on a second fundraiser for Baby Sean!!! Seriously, words cannot even being to describe how touched, deeply grateful, and humbled I am and more so, how the Mokofisi family is.

Baby Sean is doing AMAZING!!!!! He is 7 weeks old today and he has fought so hard and come so far. His life has not been easy but he literally takes each day moment by moment and with each milestone, proudly shows off his will to not only live but to amaze his medical team.

Baby Sean now weighs in at just under 4 pounds! Here is what Caroline had to say about his progess as of July 28th:

Baby is off bubbles and I can move him and carry him partly freely, i can kiss his face and head nonstop, sometimes i just want to walk out the door with him….lol…. The kids can hold him now, they Love it!! Josh still wants to wait till hes a little bigger, so he just kisses and touches…..OMG!! I can give him baby hugs, i was waiting so long to hug him and i finally did on the 26th…..so happy was me….yesterday he latched on to My nipple and did awesome for 10mins, then forgot to breathe…..i kiss him and tell him, its okay little preemie steps, but if you want mommies milk straight from mommie, you gotta breathe too, he gives me one of those sleepy baby smiles and goes to sleep….too cute….

Did you all catch that????  Baby Sean is BREASTFEEDING!!!!  Gosh, I started crying writing that.  I am so happy that Caroline and Sean will be able to enjoy a breastfeeding relationship and that Sean will get all of that mama goodness as he continues in his journey of growth and development!

Sean had such a huge week of milestones that he did need a little oxygen boost yesterday which is too be expected! He is also still figuring out that whole eat and breathe at the same time thing. But he is doing awesome and will keep doing awesome! And this all makes me smile sooooo huge! And cry. Because it is beyond beautiful and inspiring!

Sean will still be in the NICU (but in a little crib, not the incubator) for quite a while…a month or two. While Caroline has struggled at times to find her way as a NICU mom, YOUR support and encouragement has helped her so very much! When I asked for words of advice, support, upliftment, and love on my Facebook page, you rallied and brought Caroline to tears. Can we do that again?  Want to leave some comment love for Caroline? I know she could use it!

Stay tuned for a post this week where I show off Baby Sean’s new cloth diaper stash along with some of the other generous donations from many amazing companies. And if you would like to support the companies that supported Baby Sean, check out my sidebar. You can click their logos and check out each shop! 

And the moment you have been waiting for…PHOTOS!!!!


Just a week ago, Bay Sean was still hooked up to all kinds of tubes, machines, ect…

Lookie here….a clear nasal passage!



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    I too burst into tears when I read that Sean is breastfeeding. This will help so much in repairing the bond that was broken by his early birth. What a fighter this little guy is. He is destined to greatness in his life. I posted updates on my blog.


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