80 Uses for Coconut Oil


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  1. Michelle says

    Great post! You know what would also be helpful? To know where it is OK to use refined coconut oil and where it should not be used. Refined Co is sooo much cheaper and it would be nice id I could use that for *some* of the many things I use the good stuff for. Does that make sense?

  2. says

    Thank you! I have been hearing more and more about coconut oil and really don’t know much about it. It seems it’s like the “vinegar” of the oil world – it can be used for just about everything! I really appreciate you laying it all out in a nice, easy-to-read post!

  3. Anonymous says

    I started using virgin coconut oil a few days ago to help with the terrible symptoms of Hypothyroidsm & I can feel it working already.Thanks for the great post & tips..I love the oil.

    • Anonymous says

      2yrs ago I was diagnosed with hypothyroid(under active) my doctor recommended a prescription drug and said I would see a difference in 6 weeks. I told her I would find a natural cure and made an appt. for 6 weeks later. Thanks to this site I found my all natural cure!!! I put 2-3 tablespoons in my coffee and tea everyday and slather ony body@ night. I retested 6 weeks later and did NOT have hypothyroid!! Thank you so much for posting such a wealth of knowledge!!!

  4. says

    okay may seem silly but do you use the virgin coconut oil or the expeller pressed type for all of these uses? Is the virgin coconut oil not useful for these things, cause you state it’s good for cooking & baking…

  5. says

    I am so happy to hear that this post is helping all of you! I am getting some GREAT questions both here and on my Facebook page so what I am going to do is publish a post this Saturday morning which answers them all! This gives everyone another day to think of more questions plus I can always add to the post later on if needed. So stay tuned for the Coconut Oil Q&A on Saturday!

  6. says

    Living in the Caribbean I use locally produced coconut oil on a regular basis and loved reading this post nodding my head at most of the various uses and learning some new ones.

    When our children have colds we rub them in coconut oil and it’s a great decongestant if they have stuffy noses.

    We also use freshly made coconut milk on a daily basis which has all the oil in it and it’s amazing – full of nutrients and life giving properties. Great share. onelove

  7. Mel says

    Cant wait for your Sat morning post. I am buying refined organic coconut oil that i use for everything am i on the right track and as I weigh over 100 kgs should I have more than 4 tbs as I have been taking it for a couple of months and my cholesterol is still high. Just wondering if I am on right track. Great info by the way

  8. CaveGirl says

    WOW, I really never realized how beneficial coconut oil is! I’m allergic to it when ingested, but I will have to try some of the topical uses, especially the scalp treatment.

  9. says

    I like to make sure I buy coconut oil that is in glass or a can. I avoid plastic as I am uncertain as to whether the plastic might migrate into the coconut oil

  10. Susie Q says

    When I am finished here I need to find your FB page. Sherry, Luann has a coconut oil that is in the shortening aisle….Luann makes peanut oil, canola, so I was happy to see the coconut oil…maybe for skin.

  11. Anonymous says

    Many great ideas! I’ll have to try it internally. In the past, I’d get a jar of it and melt it in the sun to use as a tanning oil. I can’t vouch for any SPF because I always had a very dark tan but I sure didn’t have dry skin!
    Thank you!


  12. says

    The only two uses that I didn’t see mentioned were using coconut oil for oil pulling and oiling the wood cutting board with it.

  13. says

    Oh Great I was not aware about this much uses of coconut oil. keep posting this kind of articles so that we could get more information about such natural products importance in our life.

    Smith Alan
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  14. GAYNOR says

    just bought a tub of pure coconut oil from health shop, was the only place i could find any! Is this suitable for using in cooking and internally, or does it need to be the virgin coconut oil, am looking forward to trying it on my psoriasis and very dry curly hair, anyway!

  15. Anonymous says

    Could you talk more about how it helps with asthma? I’ve been searching for/trying as many natural things as I can for my little boy. Thanks!!!

  16. says

    I can vouch for its healing process. My 3 month old woke this morning with a pretty long fingernail scratch down the side of her face that drew blood. I applied a small amount of coco oil to it and it’s 4:30 and almost gone. Thanks for sharing

  17. Kelsey says

    Hi! I loved this post I am super excited to start using coconut oil in everyday life..

    I was wondering if you know of any places
    where coconut oil is sold in such large increments.
    I don’t know if you buy local or a chain store. Just wondering thank you for this posting!! 😀

  18. says

    Hi Jennifer
    I loved this article and wondered if I could have your permission to post it on my website article section that I will be populating shortly. I will definitely give you credit. My website is traditionalcook.com Let me know and THANKS
    Maria Atwood

  19. says

    Hi Maria! Yes, by all means repost this to your site. I am happy to have pulled this together as a resource! I will get your website up on my blogroll too since it clearly is in line with my blog andd lifestyle. Glad you found me so I could find you!

  20. says

    Sun Burn! Did I miss seeing it? For best soothing mix with a few drops of Lavender essential oil. Rub onto pink or red sunned skin. My skin is always healed by morning. Not even a sign of too much sun!
    Your list is great, thank you. I use coconut oil for many reasons from moisturizer, wood polish, cooking, eczema and soothe sun burn.

  21. says

    I do just take spoonfuls although you can add it to smoothies, coffee, tea as well as to foods (as in individual servings of salad dressing and the like). If adding it to a hot beverage be warned…the top layer will be oily and hide how hot the beverage underneath is. There are also some great recipes for making coconut oil “candies.” Mainly, it is melting the coconut oil, adding enough cocoa powder to make it tasty, allowing it to resolidify, then dropping teaspoon to tablespoon sized amounts and parchment paper and rolling them into little balls. You keep these in the fridge and eat them throughout to day until you have taken your daily allowance.

  22. Anonymous says

    Yay!!! Thank you so much for researching the asthma thing for me! I’m going to check out the link right now!! Mandy :)

  23. Anonymous says

    Love the article and all the healthy tips but personally I’ve noticed it can be a little over stimulating to the thyroid if it happens to be that way in the first place, over-active instead of under which the coconut oil is suppose to help, so does anybody know if it should be avoided in that case or just kept to a minimum?

  24. dani2013 says

    I love coconut oil, too! I have been using a 100% pure coconut oil lubricant called SemPure. It is liquid at room temperature so I don’t have to deal with heating it or spooning it out of a jar. You can buy it online at http://www.sempure.net or on Amazon. My husband and I use SemPure as a massage oil and skin moisturizing, also.

  25. Sarah says

    We use organic coconut oil for just about everything as well. It’s my ‘go to’ with everything! :) Something I was amazed to find was that it cures Pink Eye! My 2 year old son somehow got pink eye 2x in two months. I was breastfeeding my infant at the time, so I tried that but bm didn’t do the trick, so I tried Coconut oil and voila! 3 days of 3x a day and gone. Later antibiotics! :)

  26. Anonymous says

    Cave girl,how do you know you are alergic to it when ingested…Could be that you just tried too much too soon,you are meant to start on small doses and work your way up..Too much to start with can induce vomiting, diarrhea and general nausea.take it easy.

  27. Anonymous says

    I learned a lot about the health benefits of coconut oil from the book Primal Body Primal Mind I’ve also heard Dr. Michael Blaylock comment that anyone with any brain problem such as Alzheimer etc.. should be taking coconut oil every day! Dr. Blaylock is a brain surgeon.

  28. says

    I am from Asian descent and we regularly use coconut oil for everything. My Mother used to make me coconut oil by shredding the meat, hand pressing the liquids, then boil the water out. This oil tastes and smells just like the kind my Mother used to spend hours making. This is definitely worth the price for the amount of oil that you get. I use this as a hair detangler out of the shower, as make-up remover, face and body moisturizer, and lip balm.

  29. Sue says

    Coconut oil will also kill out some cancers. I had a ‘beauty mark’ that my OBGyn kept asking me questions about on the side of my breast. About 6 months to a year after using the oil instead of lotion after my shower, it just peeled off. It hasn’t come back either…

  30. says

    So versatile… 27. For breastfeeding moms, consuming 3 ½ tablespoons of coconut oil daily will enrich your milk supply.

    And it’s great as a salve to soothe flea bites on your pooch and kill the pesky suckers.

  31. Anonymous says

    question: and this may seem like a stupid question but considering how things are processed these days I have to ask. Does coconut milk have the oil in it & the same benefits as just ingesting the oil itself? If so what is the best coconut milk to look for?Thank you, Susan

  32. says

    @Anonymous Hi Susan! No, coconut milk and coconut oil are not the same thing. Although coconut milk does have some healing properties it is not even close to coconut oil in health benefits. Making your own coconut milk is the best way to go as all the store versions have added “ick” in them no matter how natural. I can email you instructions if you are interested.

  33. says

    This is great! Thank You! I am very intuitive and for over a year now I have been hearing Coconut! I have started to use it for somethings. This really helps to expand my use!

  34. says

    This is great! I am very intuitive and have been hearing coconut for over a year now. I have started using it but this will help to expand my use! Thank you for sharing!

  35. says

    I have always used coconut oil (for the past many years) in place of butter in many recipes… I spread it on bread when I make grilled cheese sandwiches. I actually preferred the unrefined, coconutty flavor.

    My stepmom recently turned 62 but has been diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia so I purchased some for her and plan on start using it. Mine is solid, so I have to warm it up to make it a liquid…

    I am wondering if it would be ok to ozonate it. I ozonate olive oil and put essential oils of lavender and lemongrass in it and use it as my daily face moisturizer. I would love to try this with coconut oil as wellll any thoughts?

    And I would love more instruction as to use it in smoothies… do you just plop a few tablespoons in along with your kefir (I am using a lot of kefir these days, make my own), and fruit and ice? I will have to try that.

    Thank you for this information… I am going to use this list, especially for my mom.

  36. Anonymous says

    @Hybrid Rasta Mama Thank you Rasta mama for letting me know the milk alone doesn’t cut it. I have both the virgin oil & use the milk but just wondered if the milk was enough. I’ll continue using both.Thank you! :) Susan

  37. says

    @Rebecca Hi Rebecca! I see no reason why you could not ozonate coconut oil. I do the same with olive oil and have never even thought about doing it with coconut oil. I think I will try it tomorrow!

    I add 2 tablespoons of coconut oil to my smoothies. Typically I make a 12-16 ounce smoothie. You might only use 1 tablespoon in a 8-10 ounce smoothie. It blends right in nicely!

    I am so sorry to hear about your mother. 62 is so very young for dementia. Have you looked into other natural support for her? You might try:

    These websites should offer some valuable information.

    Best wishes as you take this journey with your mother. You sound like a wonderful support for her and she is lucky to have you!

  38. Terry B says

    I’ve used Coconut oil on a burn(from a hot pan) I applied it right away and was surprised at how fast the pain was gone. I reapplied it often. It never blistered or hurt when I showered. Within a week, the burn was healed. Coconut oil also worked wonderful on my sunburn. It greatly reduced the pain.

  39. Anonymous says

    I grind raw almonds to make almond butter, and lately I have been adding coconut oil as well, to make it smooth and easy to spread on my toast. Yummy!!!

  40. says

    I have used coconut oil to relieve the itch and swelling of hives. I have dermal allergies and will sometimes randomly break out in hives on the palms and back of my hands. Coconut oil not only took the itch away, but it kept it from coming back as well.

  41. says

    Thanks for the reminder of everything this oil does! Time to get some more. It’s been a while since I ran out and re-ordering just slipped my mind. Maybe it’s time to get the 5-gallon tub!

  42. Anonymous says

    This is fabulous!! I just posted this in a mom group I’m in, I just had to share all the great uses. I’ve been using coconut oil for quite some time & now I have even more knowledge on it, thanks!

  43. Nadia says

    I use it as pre-poo (I’m black &have chemical-free hair) Pre-poo means before before shampoo lol. And I use it in my deep-conditioner I make if I don’t pre-poo.

  44. Anonymous says

    I love coconut oil. My husband’s cousin introduced it to me last year when I was having stomach problems. A year later my stomach issues are gone. My skin looks great. I use it in my oatmeal and when I bake my food. I use it on my skin and hair works amazing. I did a lot of research on it before using it and it’s amazing all the ways it can help people.

  45. Anonymous says

    Not sure if anyone else posted this but…coconut oil also works to calm nausea. Rub some on the inside of wrist or forearm. Works quickly.

  46. Anonymous says

    Hello there, thank u again forthe post. Can u give ratio of ingridients for deodorant rec. u mentioned? 5.Deodorant – coconut oil alone can be used as a deodorant, but even more effective in combination with cornstarch/arrowroot powder and baking soda! Highly apresiated:))

  47. ASLI says

    Hi, How can I use coconut oil for psoriasis? It is on my foot. Drinking it or rubbing on it ?? Please help… Thanks !!

  48. says

    @Anonymous Typically I mix 3 tablespoons of arrowroot powder with 3 tablespoons of baking soda then add in enough melted coconut oil to make a paste. I have never really measured how much coconut oil but my guess is about 1/2 cup. It will harden up if kept at room temperature so I always keep a small bowl handy, fill it with warm water, set my glass jar with the deodarant in it for about a minute, then take a pea sized amount and put it on.

  49. says

    @ASLI BOTH! Take coconut oil by the spoonful daily. It will work from the inside out. I would also use it directly on your skin as often as possible.

    Coconut oil will solidify at temperatures below 75 degrees so that is why it looks like a white cream. To soften it, place the coconut oil jar in a bowl filled with hot water. It will melt quickly and resolidify rather quickly as well.

  50. Nemina Angel says

    Doesn’t ‘refined’ generally mean stripped of all beneficial components? I’d go for Virgin oil every time! =) Good luck!

  51. says

    @Anonymous Here are some links for you to review about coconut oil and diabetes. I have a diabetic dog and I can say from experience that coconut oil does help regulate his blood sugar better than insulin alone. It seems to also really control his desire to eat everything and anything when his blood sugar does get a little wonky.




    Hope these links help!

  52. says

    @Anonymous Hi Christine! Yes, you can use it for pink eye with great success. Here is a link to an article with some basic information. http://www.livestrong.com/article/412363-coconut-oil-for-pink-eye/

    I have not personally had to use it for pink eye but I do know a few mothers who have used it on their children with great success. Basically just take a cotton ball, soak it in coconut oil and place over the eye three times a day. Pink eye clears up within a day or two!

  53. says

    Cellulite!! Help!! I’m wondering if there are any personal stories on this. I am so glad to have found this blog. And thanks for the Tropical Traditions share! I believe they are a company with integrity!

  54. says

    Cellulite! Please help! Any information please. Thanks for the info on Tropical Traditions. I believe they are one of the few companies with integrity. Been ordering from them because of you and I am very satisfied. But help with any Cellulite feedback.

  55. Anonymous says

    It aids in adding good fat and acids to breastmilk when ingested by nursing mothers! Wish I would have known this when my little one got sick and wasn’t gaining. The PED had me suppliment until he was gaining again.

  56. Anonymous says

    I didn’t see it mentioned anywhere, but my favorite use for coconut oil is to make coconut oil popcorn. By the way I thought your post is really great. I have a post on how to make organic virgin coconut oil using your own blender. You can link out to it if you want. http://coconutoilessentials.com. PS, where do you buy your 5 gallon drums? We usually use 1 to 2 gallons per month, and I could probably save money by buying a 5 gallon drum.

  57. Anonymous says

    1. Coconut oil is one of the reasons why Indian women have great hair. Massage warm coconut oil into the scalp, leave it for an hour and then shampoo your hair and feel the difference.

    2. If you have cracked heels, apply a little coconut oil on them before you sleep, wear socks and you’ll have baby soft feet in a week.

  58. Carrie - young living oil lady says

    I found this via Pinterest! Now I am following all your boards! Great info you have there! Thanks for sharing this article on coconut oil. I am a new fan of it myself! I am a natural, health freak and currently use essential oils for rememdies and I will start using coconut oil more now, thanks to this amazing post! :)

  59. says

    @Tori I see no reason why a lotion warmer would kill the healthy properties since the heat point of coconut oil is so high. Coconut oil can be used in very high heat cooking and long term heat in warm climates would be comparable to a lotion warmer. My coconut oil is pretty much in a liquid state 5 months per year due to warm temperatures. I say go for it!

  60. Anonymous says

    Coconut oil works wonders on PUPs rashes while pregnant. Calms down the inflammation and helps with the itching.

  61. Anonymous says

    Does injesting the daily dose of coconut oil contribute to the amount of fat in your diet? I mean, should you cut back on intake of other oils or fats in order to take your daily dose of coconut oil? I’m a little confused and just trying to understand. All I can picture is you taking a tablespoon and dishing in to a Crisco like substance and eating it. See what I mean. Straighten me out, would you please?

  62. says

    @Anonymous I suggest you visit my blog post on fats. It will help you to understand this better.


    In short, coconut oil can be taken as a supplement which means it is taken in addition to the fats you already consume (butter, lard, etc). Because of all of it’s health benefits, it is so much more than “just a fat.” So yes, it does contribute to the amount of fat in your diet but in a different way. So please read the post above and let me know if you have more questions. Happy to help!

  63. Anonymous says

    Wow, what a plethera of good information. Having read what you suggested above, I find that these are things I have always believed, but it goes against the mainstream, so I just pushed it back behind the rest of the stuff in my mind. My husband and I will be adjusting our diet with hopes to start on the road to health. He has heart disease (at an early age), and my body is beaten down by inflamation due to arthritis and spinal stenosis and so called fibromyalgia. I can’t wait for good results. Thank you.

  64. says

    I must agree with the commenters who say it works for sunburn because it DOES work SO FAST! Even a bad burn all over my son’s back – the CO immediately removed the sting, and with a second application that evening, the burn was gone the next morning. Not only does it heal the burn, it prevents the peeling afterward!

  65. Anonymous says

    The following is incorrect in my opinion: Cholesterol – improves HDL (‘good’ cholesterol) to HDL (‘bad’ cholesterol) ratio in people with high cholesterol. Should it not state LDL as the bad cholesterol. Someone may have commented on this already but I ran out of time reading. Great article however.

  66. flagyl says

    As I have found one of massive criteria to use coconut oil from this source. Coconut oil really works as a best of conditioner. It’s truly one of natural way to get quality moisturizer. It’s really one of knowledgeable contented source about coconut oil uses. Thanks for sharing.

  67. Anonymous says

    As an MD I find some your info alarmingly, dangerously, inaccurate:

    Coconut oil does not treat, improve or cure, in ANY capacity, the following:


    • Truth be told says

      I’m sure that is your opinion being that you only get paid by promoting pharmaceuticals, and natural cures have no benefit to helping you pay for your beach house! Doctor’s operate from a instruction manual these days and are pressured to produce, like sales people. How many pharma products do you prescribe to people, who never benefit from them and they never get well? There are tons of testimonials about natural herbs and coconut oil that has helped people when their doctors failed them because they were clueless.

  68. athlete body care says

    Simply desire to say your article is as astounding. The clarity in your submit is just cool and i could think you’re an expert in this subject. Well along with your permission allow me to snatch your RSS feed to stay up to date with forthcoming post. Thank you one million and please carry on the gratifying work

  69. says

    Not sure this has been mentioned…I use it for cuticle oil/conditioner. As a massage therapist, I’m constantly washing my hands and my cuticles get so dry. The oil counters all the soap I use.

  70. Anonymous says

    I use coconut oil for everything and I love it. I can’t imagine using anything else to moisturize my face now.

    I’ve been using it as a “personal” lubricant WITH condoms for several years and have never had a problem. I worked in the STD section of Public Health most of my life, so I know the company line of never using oil with condoms, but my experience tells me otherwise. Has anyone used coconut oil with condoms?

  71. says

    @Anonymous I have used it with condoms but it would not be politically correct of me to promote that! I know a lot of people who use it with no issue. I think it is fairly safe so long as you aren’t getting too crazy physically. 😉

  72. Anonymous says

    I am following the eat right 4 your type diet. It states that coconut oil should be avoided for people with type O blood. What are your thoughts?

  73. Anonymous says

    @Hybrid Rasta Mama I enjoyed reading your post regarding coconut oil is ok for blood type O. Some of the health issues that are common for those with this blood type fortunately does not affect me. So i guess like anything else you just have to take advice with an open mind. Thanks again your response! i think I’m going to ooh into the wheat belly/paleo diet.

  74. Anonymous says

    This post will only be better if there are appropriate studies and researches supporting those you have enumerated. Otherwise, all you have written only comes from you.

  75. Anonymous says

    I use it in oil pulling and I brush my teeth with it too. My dentist is amazed at how good my teeth look without harsh toothpastes and chemicals!

  76. Anonymous says

    Interesting that you felt the need to post your personal views on circumcision but didn’t make note that you were against getting genital warts. An informative subject is best left on the subject.

  77. Anonymous says

    For easy Summer use I pour the oil
    in ice cube trays then put the cubes in a zip lock bag. Then when I want some I just grab a cube. Helps the ice come out of trays too.

  78. Anonymous says

    I have been using coconut oil for a year now. My mom used it on my little sister when she was bron.(15 months ago) Her nose would be so stuffy that she couldent breath. So my mom put coconut oil in her nostrols and it all came out. So it works great for that too.

  79. Anonymous says


    I am a 65 yr old grandma and have had a problem for about 10 years with what I can best describe as a “diaper rash of the chest” – as I am not flat.. Sometimes it would get so bad that it would weep and bleed and oh my, did it itch. I tried everything to help it. I found an antifungal powder which helped some, but it said on the container to only use it for 3 weeks and I had used it for at least 7 years. Finally I mixed a couple of teaspoons of fractionated coconut oil with a few drops of Melaluca essential oil and applied it liberally after showering. It cleared up immediately! You only need a tiny bit, the mixture lasted a couple of weeks. I only use it now about every three days and it stays away. This is wonderful!

  80. Anonymous says

    I’m from curacao, a tiny island in the carribean and here we rub coconut oil on our baby’s forehead to help ease a stuffy nose and congestion. it really helps!

  81. says

    It’s best to really go organic. Here in our country, we have several uses for VCO. Some people even take a tablespoon a day to boost their energy or something. It can be used for massage, hair, moisturizing lotion. It truly is a wonder. Even chiropractic treatments utilize them because it really helps in soothing the body and the mind.

  82. says

    I started using CO today. I have bald spots after going thro early menopause triggered after completing chemotherapy in 2006. My hair was growing ok for 5yrs…..but then I noticed my hair thinning to my crown and right temple. I purchased my CO from as asian store (United Kingdom). The owner said that asian ladies apply it to their hair to condition snd promote healthy growth…..that the asian ladies apply ut daily and leave it in their hair until their next hair was…..which I plan to do.

  83. Evelyn Alsup says

    Found this on Facebook:
    Mix equal parts of Coconut oil + apple cider vinegar to treat head lice.
    Coconut oil dissolves the lice’s outer skeletal shell instantly. So once you put it on someone’s head you can have them shower and rinse it off right away and all the lice will be killed and gone! Plus there are no chemicals!

  84. joan says

    I just wanted to say,I have a English bulldog that has severe, skin allergies, she runs if she thinks I am putting anything on her skin, I have been using coconut oil to rub on her back where the hair is totally rubbed off and her skin is rough and itchy..WOW, in just a few days her hair is growing back and she welcomes the little rub down with coconut oil..It is such a wonderful to see her skin not crawl when I pet her..:)

  85. Carol says

    I Love using coconut oil to make cookies. However, this time of year with all of the humidity, I find that my nice crisp cookies quickly turn into limp blobs. Do you have any advice on how to keep this from happening?

    Thanks, Carol

    • says

      Ha ha! I totally understand! I usually have to move to a 50/50 mix of butter and coconut oil during the summer. This helps quite a bit.

  86. Amy says

    Deodorant. Did anyone say that? I’ve never ever EVER found anything that works as well as this for deodorant. In fact, it even gets rid of odor ‘down there’ for girls. I just bought a scentless brand by mistake at the grocery store. I actually like it better because i can use it as a body oil and no one can smell it on me. It’s LouAna coconut oil and comes in a white plastic container.

  87. Amy says

    I encourage everyone to also research hemp seed oil. Many of the same properties in coconut oil are in hemp seed oil. If we use both in our diets and on our skin, we can live forever!!!

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