7 Child And Eco Friendly Activities To Honor The Earth (Plus Some Environmental Books For Kids)

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Happy Earth Day!  Last year I wrote a post that I simple do not feel I can top.  So please read 25 Ways I Am Going More Green if you are so inclined.

Today I am pleased to present a special guest post about 7 Child and Eco Friendly Activities that go beyond a one day celebration of our beautiful planet.  But before I share this great post with you, I would like to provide you with some wonderful ideas for books you and your children can share to help them learn more about the importance of respecting our planet.

A Few of My Favorite Environmental Books For Kids

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And now, my featured guest post…

7 Child & Eco Friendly Activities

Our generation is in danger, due to the many environmental problems we face today. Getting our children involved in Eco-friendly activities around the house can help ensure our environment is safe for another generation. Eco-friendly activities can also be quite fun, and provide your children with something to do!

1. Start a Compost Garden!
Trash accumulates very easily and can often account for one of the main ways our oceans and forests become polluted. Taking some of your biodegradable trash and starting a garden with it provides the environment with effective fertilizer, promoting future growth for plants! This can also teach your children how to care for plants, which can lead to bigger lessons about responsibility.

2. Recycle!
Our world comes with limited resources, and it is very important that we conserve them. Teaching your children to recycle their empty plastic bottles and used or unwanted paper can benefit the environment in a number of ways. Recycling your plastic bottles means they can be re-used, and they won’t pile up on beaches and landfills. Plastics cause a huge problem on beaches, as turtles often mistake plastic bags as jellyfish, and end up sick.

3. Teach your Kids
One of the best ways to get your children involved in Eco-friendly activities is by teaching them about it and spending time with them. It is a lot easier to learn about things such as this with a guide, and what better person to do it than their parent? This will also encourage children to share the green activity, and soon, many children will be sharing good environmental habits.

4. Turn off Lights
One of the best ways to conserve energy is to shut off lights that are not in use, one of the biggest energy-wasters in houses. Teaching your children this good habit when they are young will encourage them to continue it for a lifetime, saving both of you money.

5. CFLs
Energy-efficient light bulbs cost less over time, and they can help save large amounts of energy. It can also help save money on bills too! One of the main reasons electricity consumption is on the rise is due to the fact that homeowners have not switched to energy-efficient light bulbs. Teaching children to replace light bulbs can be a helpful way to get them involved in Eco-friendly activities AND learn how to handle a basic household chore!

6. Clean up Trash
Often, people are careless and will not bother to put their trash in the appropriate bins. This can cause much harm to the environment, because trash can be swept away by wind or the waves and be carried out into the environment, where it can cause a large amount of damage to wildlife and forests. Teaching your children to pick up trash when they see it can be an effective way to assist the environment, and get them involved in Eco-friendly activities.

7. Turn Off Faucets

Faucets and kitchen sinks are often left on longer than they need to be, and as a result, this wastes a large amount of water. Water is Earth’s most precious resource, and it helps sustain life as we know it. Helping to conserve water can ensure that there is enough water for both humans and wildlife to survive. It will also ensure that our planet is safe and cared for when further generations come!

Thank you to Mathilda Finnegan for this guest post.  Mathilda likes to write about green living.

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  1. says

    Great tips! I thought it would be easy to encourage my kids to save water but they delight in having the tap running and splashing their hands in it. No matter how much I try to convince them a bath would be fun the running water is their favourite. In my ideal home I would love to have grey water recycling so that all of this play water (and a whole lot more) would be diverted into garden irrigation. Looking into the structural design of buildings is a key to sustainability as they are huge energy wasters.

    Enjoy a great Earth Day with your little one and thank-you for joining in the Earth Day Blog Carnival.

  2. says

    Oooh I am adding those books to my wish list – thank you for the great resource!

    Love the tips as well – it’s a constant amazement to me how much small things (like turning off the faucet – I left it running while I brushed my teeth for years! :p) are easy to forget – and yet they make such a difference.

    Thank you for the great advice and reminders…

  3. says

    Stopping over from the Carnival. I want to do #1 when we are back in a single-family home with a yard (six more weeks till we move; we’ve been apartment-dwellers for the last two years and we really, really, really miss having a yard!). Also checked out the list of 25 things from last year, and found several on there that I *could* be doing if I would just get with the program. Sigh. Thanks for sharing.

  4. says

    Thanks for these tips, Jennifer! I’m excited to get a few of these books on Daniel’s birthday wish list and even more of them from our library! I love how you point out that it can be just a few small changes (like turning off lights and switching to CFLs) which can make a big difference in the long run. It’s not hard—it just takes a little effort. Thank you for the reminder. =)

  5. says

    My favourite children’s book is “Living Sunlight: How Plants Bring the Earth to Life” by Molly Bang and Penny Chisholm. I love how it tells children that when we eat green plants we literally bring the energy of the sun into our bodies. It is both scientific in its descriptions as well as spiritual in its applications.
    I will have to check out some of the other titles you’ve listed.

  6. Jenn @ Monkey Butt Junction says

    Love the book list! I’m always looking for more books to add to our family’s eco-bookshelf.

  7. says

    Thanks for these tips. I really appreciate the book suggestions. We do follow several of your suggestions listed above and have for quite awhile which is great because our boys have grown up following some of these environmentally friendly practices. The books might help them better understand why we do these things.

  8. Christine Powell says

    These are all fantastic tips, we do a few of them already, and thanks for the inspiration to try a few more :)Heading over to your last years post now, Jennifer :)

  9. dumpster container rental says

    These may be little ways but will most definitely make a difference in the long run if everybody participates. We must all do our part.

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