50 Ways To Explore and Connect To Nature With Your Children.

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Children have a deep connection to nature. As parents, it is important to cultivate this. You can check out Nature – The Ultimate Healer for Children to get a better sense of my take on this.

Today I am keeping it simple. Below you will find a list of 50 ways in which Tiny and I explore and connect to nature. We get outside every single day and by the end of each week have pretty much done each one of the things on this list. And while at times it gets a little exhausting, I wouldn’t have it any other way!

  1. We walk around barefoot, letting our feet connect with Mother Earth.
  2. We did in dirt.
  3. We listen to the sounds around us.
  4. We bird watch.
  5. We climb and sit in trees.
  6. We garden.
  7. We splash in puddles.
  8. We look at animal prints/tracks in the dirt.
  9. We try to figure out what animal belongs to what poop.
  10. We pick up bugs.
  11. We go in search of specific trees, plants, and flowers.
  12. We watch clouds.
  13. We gather rocks and sticks.
  14. We marvel at mole holes and snake holes in the ground.
  15. We look up at the sky through tree branches.
  16. We tell stories about why we can see the moon during the day.
  17. We make mud.
  18. We seek out birds’ nests.
  19. We play in the rain.
  20. We feed the neighborhood horses, goats, and sheep.
  21. We create and play in our fairy garden.
  22. We take deep, cleansing breathes.
  23. We make nature into and a part of art.
  24. We giggle at the flying squirrels that tease our dog.
  25. We sniff and collect flowers.
  26. We meditate on the grass or under a tree.
  27. We forage for food in the wild and collect everything from berries to figs to loquats to persimmons to oranges to grapefruits to apples to plums to peaches to apricots to walnuts to cherries to squash and more!
  28. We follow snail trails then cuddle the snails.
  29. We hunt for mushrooms.
  30. We meander nowhere in particular.
  31. We roll down grassy hills.
  32. We goof around with shadows.
  33. We collect fallen leaves, fruits, seeds, pods, and other treasures.
  34. We bring home caterpillars and watch them turn into butterflies.
  35. We watch the sunset.
  36. We chase dragonflies.
  37. We let the wind blow our hair.
  38. We look for bee hives.
  39. We jump in leaves.
  40. We get naked in nature. Ahem, Tiny gets naked in nature.
  41. We search for four leaf clovers.
  42. We follow ants to their anthill.
  43. We marvel at spiderwebs.
  44. We catch frogs.
  45. We go fishing.
  46. We feed the ducks and geese.
  47. We watch the salmon spawn.
  48. We go hiking.
  49. We look at the world through a magnifying glass.
  50. We opt for the path less taken.

How do you explore and connect to nature? Anything I am missing?


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  1. says

    I’m not sure if children have a deeper connection to nature than adults, I just think they’re more aware of it. When we lived in Ivory Coast, we used to go to the beach two days a week, just sit in nature (no tourists, no hotels, nothing), every time I felt revived. Just by feeling the sand under my feet, the salt on my lips. I would feel the weekly stress literally fall off my while I was there.
    Thank you for another lovely post!

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