5 Chores To Turn Into Exercise

I’ve never been a huge fan of spending time at the gym working out. I was always in sports growing up and that is probably what groomed me to enjoy getting in physical activity while actually “doing” something. I’m always trying to find ways to work exercise into what I’m already doing on a daily basis. Here are 5 things I like to do that can be a good little workout while also getting my “chores” done:

1. Mow the Lawn (while babywearing of course!)
Instead of paying someone to come out and mow our new big lawn this summer I decided that I would be doing the mowing with a mower that needs to be pushed. I also add my 38 lb daughter to my back to increase the energy I need to use to get this task done! It takes me around 30 mins which is a perfect little workout for the day.

2. Mop and/or Vacuum the floors (again….while babywearing if you can!)

Doing these tasks normally would give you a little bit of a workout but adding some weight to your back be it a baby or, if you LO is not so little anymore, put a bag of rice in your old baby carrier and get to work. Really use and engage your core muscles the entire time you are doing this. Thinking of it as a workout and not an annoying chore that needs to get done will not only make it easier to do but might even help make it a little more fun. (do turn on some music or something while you are doing it though!)

3. Scrub the tub/tile

This is by far my least favorite chore and I tend to avoid it longer than I should most of the time. But once I decide to incorporate this into my workout plan that really changed the experience for me. Again, really get into it, engage your core muscles, on your hands and knees rock back and forth with intention and scrub with all of your strength. Don’t forget to switch arms half way through so both sides get an equal workout. (oh and try just using Vinegar, Baking Soda, Lemon Juice and essential oils for cleaning especially being down in there like that!)

4. Walk to the grocery store

Sometimes I think we rely on our cars a little too much…I mean what’s all the rush? Why not take your time and get multiple things done all at the same time while also getting some much needed fresh air!?

On days when I just need a few things at the store I’ve started walking to get them. I’ll get the stroller out and put a few extra bags, baby carrier and back pack in the bottom then off we go. It’s a good 30 mins each way from my house to the closest store. I use that time to get in a brisk walk taking the route with the most hills to get that extra burn in. Then, depending on what I get at the store, I do one of a couple things:

-Put my daughter on my back and load the stroller up with all the groceries.
-Put the groceries in a backpack and keep my daughter in the stroller.
-Or on days when I really only need a few smaller things I’ll skip the stroller all together and wear her on my back. I’m sure to bring a long a couple of my own bag that I know won’t hurt my hands carrying them all the way back. Then distribute the items evenly between two bags, one in each hand and on my way home do some different arm lifting exercises as I walk.

Come on….you can do it!

 5. Shovel the snow
With winter quickly approaching many of us the time to shove snow is just around the corner.

Use this to your advantage….shoveling snow is a great workout for your entire body. (I’d probably suggest skipping the babywearing on this one…but if you get stronger and want to add that bag of rice or beans to your back again!) Again, I can’t mention this too much, don’t forget to engage your core muscles the entire time you are shoveling. As far as you are concerned this is a workout not a cold miserable chore that has to get done so you can move your car or so no one will slip and fall. Work hard Mama! This is only a short moment of your day and you are multi-tasking like no other.

What types of “chores” do you use as exercise?

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  1. Leigh J. says

    I really like the scrubbing tub/tile one.. I will do that one tomorrow.. I cannot carry my little girl anymore as she is tall, lanky and 40ish pounds. lol I will also use the cleaning advice.. I have all of those ingredients and lavender essential oil and we love lemon and lavender!

  2. N. Jay says

    Mop the floor is a good idea. The only problem is that my baby would want to mop it herself, instead of letting me wearing her, lol.

  3. Sandy says

    Shoveling snow really is a workout where I live. I work up a sweat. Just as long as you do it safely and protect your back.

  4. Eden says

    I love walking to the store while babywearing. It’s a 20 minute walk to the store, so I add 10 more minutes by walking around the park nearby before going into the store. It ends up being 60 minutes roundtrip.

  5. Candace B says

    laundry is really a chore where I live, carrying the week’s laundry downstairs and across to the laundry center, and then back upstairs when finished! I have done it babywearing, but it is hard

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