Hearts That Care

Hearts That Care

By now most of you have read My Tail of Woe. In just a few short days I will be on the receiving end of what I hope will be my third and final surgery to address my “tail trouble.”

If you read all three parts of my Tail of Woe, you know that my dear friend started a fundraiser to try to help me cover my medical expenses. I am deeply grateful to her for putting this together and as a result of her campaign, my health challenge came on a former high school classmate’s radar. She read my Tail of Woe and immediately contacted me to discuss the possibility of connecting me with a local Sacramento area non-profit called Hearts That Care.

Hearts That Care is a fully recognized 501 (c) 3 non profit organization governed in part by board members who are also Realtors with Keller Williams Realty (where my friend is a realtor). Their vision is to foster and nurture a culture of caring by raising funds and establishing resources to aid the Sacramento area community in times of emergency and hardship. Understanding each need has a unique background, relationship and responsibility that impact their life, thereby creating a legacy which empowers and touches all in a positive way.

From the Hearts That Care website: “We like to describe our cause as not only providing monetary help to those in need, but also hope and human kindness. We have been able to provide help and support for many in their darkest and most vulnerable moments. With your compassionate hearts we have provide Holiday meals to those who would have gone hungry. We have reached out to Families where tragic events have left them struggling to figure out what to do and how to do it. We have given once in life time wishes to children who were only here with us for a brief moment of time, but touched the souls of many. And we have renewed the hearts of strangers with one single act of kindness. As an organization committed to giving back to those in need, it is with great pride we can share, the assistance we provide is quick and responsive. Our Board of Directors is committed to assessing each unique situation and need quickly. We are then able to determine how we can help and expedited our grant application so that assistance is provided within hours of the request being received. We recognized the importance of reaching out and following up with each grant and we continue to mentor with our recipients to ensure their success in overcoming their challenge’s.”

When Hearts That Care learned of my situation and financial need, they were not only interested in trying to help me financially but they had a sense of urgency about doing so. My main contact Denyce went above and beyond to work with me on getting through the grant application process swiftly. I could tell that Denyce genuinely cared about my situation. She approached me with concern and compassion. She offered up some creative ideas about how to manage some of my aftercare. She even had referrals to someone who could possibly help me with daily life and wound care after surgery. I was truly touched by the kindness she showed and the time she took getting me through the application process on such short notice.

Denyce promised that she would do whatever she could do get a bit of aid for me and true to her word, a week after I completed the grant application process, my high school friend Ginette and Antonio, the Hearts That Care Board representative were at my house presenting me with a little extra financial boost as well as a Jar of Hope. I was floored that my butt was even eligible for something like this but I was even more blown away by the genuine and deep concern these strangers had for my situation.

There really are good people left in this world.

If you are in the greater Sacramento area or know someone who is, keep Hearts That Care on your radar. You never know when you or someone you love will need a bit of extra assistance. The Hearts That Care network is extensive and they can do more than just help out those with a financial need. They have a lot of resources to offer.

Hearts That Care relies heavily on fundraisers to support their philanthropic efforts. Their annual Crab Feed is coming up in February so if you love crab and want to support a great organization, watch their blog for more details.

I am so grateful to Ginette for taking the time to read my Tail of Woe and for working hard to connect me with Hearts That Care. I am grateful to the Board but especially to Denyce who really facilitated the grant process. Hearts That Care has made this surgery just a wee bit easier for me financially. And for that, I will always be deeply grateful.

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  1. Momma Jorje says:

    Ooh, what is the Jar of Hope? How awesome that your friend knew of them to connect you!!

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