How To Find Meaning In Your Life Now

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If there is one thing I’ve realized, it’s my purpose here on Earth. Yep, it’s quite simple actually… and the cool part is that we have a lot in common, you and I. We have an Inner and an Outer purpose… Everyone’s Inner purpose is the same… We are here to AWAKEN. This means that our primary focus in life should be on simply BEING… because WHAT WE ARE is the most important thing… NOT WHAT WE DO. What we do, and DOING things is what our Outer Purpose is all about… and they are both important, but what we do could never substitute fulfillment of our TRUE GOAL in life…

Awareness of our inner purpose, is the foundation for fulfilling our outer purpose.

Everyone’s outer purpose may be different, and it changes over time. As humans we are constantly changing and expanding our consciousness, so we will likely feel different at various places in our life… The issue many people have is aligning their INNER & OUTER PURPOSE. Most people get caught up in either doing too much, and watching life pass them by as their health, sanity, and relationships teeter on the edge, or they are completely stagnant, overwhelmed, or just plain confused. Even the most amazingly creative and hard-working people often find themselves stuck, because deep inside they have the awareness of WHO THEY ARE, but they can’t find a way to EXPRESS themselves, or they have blockages preventing the energy to flow where it needs to. Something else that happens is that sometimes the EGO gets so involved in the doing of things, that the person spends all their time fulfilling their ego, trying to do what they think will make them who they want to be, neglecting their TRUE SPIRITUAL SELF, the ETERNAL SELF, that doesn’t need to do anything.

There are some people who have a sense of prosperity and are enjoying the freedom that comes along with that… While others are constantly thinking about how badly they want to prosper, and to feel that sense of freedom… But there is no substitute for the REAL FREEDOM that is available to all of us in each moment, if only we shift our awareness… See, because even those folks that are freed up financially, or with perfect health and not much stress, are still likely to be craving more, still focusing on what they need to change about themselves to improve who they are, or their life in some way… If we slow down, go within, and MERGE our INNER & OUTER PURPOSE, something happens… When we bring our awareness of WHO WE ARE AS SPIRITUAL BEINGS here to AWAKEN and EXPAND OUR CONSCIOUSNESS, into ALL THAT WE DO, that is when the magic happens.

Instead of trying to accomplish tasks to get from ‘ok’ to ‘good’, or ‘suffering’ to ‘happy’, we have to make that choice in the moment to accept that in reality we are fine how we are in each moment. We must rise above just surviving and find meaning in our life!

spiral elixir mandalaOur state of consciousness is what determines our life path experiences… Sure you can work hard, make ends meet, stay up late and tweak every little aspect of your hustle to get things right and make the money, or sustain that image, or get people to notice you, but it won’t be enough to ever find lasting joy or contentment… That type of living structure always ends in some type of suffering… Whether you portray that to others or not, the truth is, YOU ARE SUFFERING… and the only way to relieve yourself of that, is to shift your awareness to your INNER PURPOSE, which is not about what you do…

The AWAKENING that is happening is WORLD WIDE… On some level, everyone is feeling the energies bringing us into heightened awareness of what it truly important in life. For some people the awakening process is a transformational series of experiences they undergo… Sometimes people awaken suddenly, and it is so powerful that it is irreversible. Either way we awaken, it is always a process of integrating our conscious awareness into our lives.

When we are awake, we know we are the awareness behind our thinking… When we are awake, our PRESENCE overpowers our thoughts, and we align with UNIVERSAL INTELLIGENCE…

If you feel like you must DO something to initiate your own awakening process, or get the process started, you are off track and just letting your ego get too involved. There is nothing you can do about your awakening process, because when you try to, it just becomes an image of what you think that “awakened person” looks and acts like, and you try to live up to that image in your mind, and play a role you create unconsciously- which is completely fake and inauthentic. Sadly, when you look around, MANY people are living in this mental state. They have the image of what they want to be in their mind, so their ego does everything it can to collect all the pieces that make this image look real, and work hard every day to uphold an image of something that is not truly an expression of where that person is inside… Because inside the person who is fixated on their OUTER, is a lost and confused soul, that deeply craves their own awakening, and is simply looking for fulfillment in all the wrong places.

peopleTo the naive, these high-fashioned spiritual-looking types that say all the right things to appear in a state of awareness, look like the real thing… They can’t see through the illusion, and end up falling victim to being inspired by the falseness that vanity breeds. It concerns me, however I am just an observer, and occasionally I write about it, however I have compassion and LOVE for all beings, no matter what their state of awareness or consciousness is.

Perhaps there are those people who are in the beginning stages of awakening to their inner purpose, but they are no longer able to make sense of what their outer purpose is…? That is what I see going on around me often as well. There is this disconnection between what someone feels they want to do inside on a spiritual level, so they aren’t doing work that fulfills them… They feel that they have to keep their regular job to support their family, or sustain their living situation, etc. It can be a very lonely place to be… If you see how messed up the world is, and how so many humans are caught up in fulfilling a void in themselves, yet are unable to because they are trying to DO things and BUY things and are stuck on the mental aspect of it, but your awareness is not fully arisen inside you and integrated into your life- you are still suffering, perhaps even more so… because that feeling of SEEING, and KNOWING you are not in alignment, and sensing that deeper inner purpose and how you envision it as a manifested work of your outer purpose, and not finding the way to make it happen is so frustrating! That’s why there are so many “Life Coaches” these days. It’s actually a very trendy and popular (and high-paying) job to get into right now, because there are so many people stuck in the middle of that awareness between INNER & OUTER Purpose and unable to merge the two.

The meaning we find in life must always be from a state of constant awareness of our connection to ALL THAT IS, and our TRUE SPIRITUAL SELF…

No matter what we do, if it is not based in a foundation of spiritual self-awareness, we will inevitably lose the meaning in the things we do because life is constantly changing. We can’t pretend to find true meaning in our life in things that may disappear tomorrow. Yes, you may find meaning in being a mother and that is your outer purpose right now… but that meaning you find there is temporary… because what happens when the kids grow up…? What happens when you are unable to find all that meaning in your life when the kids don’t need you as much…? Or what if you find meaning your life in the work you do as a nurse, or lawyer, or secretary, or teacher… what if you lose your job, or retire… what then? What happens when the things you put your outer purpose works into change and you’re left hanging without knowing where to turn for fulfillment anymore…? Well, that may be when you awaken and realize that your TRUE PURPOSE is already happening within.

The way to steer clear of falling into the trap of the ego trying to find meaning in falseness, is so stop thinking about TIME. It doesn’t matter what you do, it’s all about how you do it, which is a reflection of who you are, and if what you do is done while ignoring your inner purpose, it will end up getting destroyed by time, and ultimately destroyed by the fact that your ego was trying to do it for selfish reasons. Even if you are trying to help the world, and create amazing things for all to benefit from, if you are doing it while ignoring your inner purpose, you will not find lasting fulfillment, and chances are you will end up suffering and be on the search for meaning again in your life.

successfulSo instead of always trying to make it BIG or do something so grand, and constantly be striving toward making it to the top, and getting everything just right, paying for all these coaching sessions, or workbooks, and eCourses, and whatever you think you need to heal and propel the YOU who you want to change into what you want to BE, look at the small things going on in your world. Humble down and bring your attention to the present moment, and start there… It takes the edge off and helps you gain composure. It really is essential to do, if you want inner-peace and to find meaning in your work.

When you forget your main purpose in life, and you put importance in the concept of trying to achieve something, you cut off the power of the UNIVERSE… Stress, anxiety, anger, frustration, and suffering rise up and take your power from you… simply because you are focused in TIME, and not in the present moment. Don’t let people fool you into thinking that you need to DO this or that to become successful.

The next time you meet someone, or have a conversation with someone, give them your full attention. Make your BEING there with them be more important that everything else in the world… Stop thinking of what you can sell or buy or get from people, and just bring your focus to the field of awareness between you… That energy is what is building the relationships that are taking us into a higher state of living in peace on this EARTH. When we exchange energy with others in an awareness of our main purpose, everything that we want or need to do will happen more easily and smoothly. You wonder how “successful” people make things look so effortless, or why they appear so at ease and comfortable with themselves…?


Shift your consciousness to that awareness of BEING, and watch how your life changes… There will be a new sense of quality in every little thing that you do… You can choose to live as a successful person in each and every moment you are alive. So start now! Don’t let anyone confuse you into thinking that your success is from anything else.

Lauren Luquin, M.Ed. *Animist Seer of Sacred Pathways*Practitioner of Metaphysics* is a dedicated mama to 2 bright children, married to her best friend. She holds degrees in Cross-Cultural Teaching, Sociology, and Metaphysical Science and is certified as an Ordained Minister/Practitioner of Metaphysics, Reiki Master, and Spiritual Aromatherapist. Lauren is the creator/facilitator of, The Intuitive Heart Sanctuary: A free online retreat for enhancing self-awareness within community and nature. She is also the owner of Spiral Elixir, her online business- offering Art, Craft, & Spirit Medicine. She works from home in Northern California, and has a passion for unschooling, natural parenting, holistic healing, soulful poetry & music, and living sustainably.

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