The Power of Music: Sacred Sound As A Healing Force

didgeridoo medicineMusic is healing, natural and spiritual. It can facilitate the process of transformation needed for growth and heightened consciousness. Everyone holds the gift of being musical within them. Life is music and rhythm. From the very first sounds we hear in the womb and our own little beating heart, we begin our journey with healing sounds.

Music is not just for listening to or filling the silence in a space. Although music is an art form, it’s not just a commercial product. Music is a powerful universal force that holds the key to life. When played, musical vibrations resonate outward into the energy field beyond what we can hear, and effects everything in lasting ways. Our brain waves change when we hear patterns in tones and repeated musical structures. We go from a normal state of consciousness to an altered state of consciousness… one that affects us in emotional and physical ways.

Playing music or singing the different modes (minor and major) are very powerful. Different cultures have tones associated with different scales, which is why sometimes things sound good to some and may sound strange to those who have not been exposed to those sounds. The scales of music are often harmonious and reflective of the people it comes from. Combinations of rhythms and tones have specific effects on our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual states.

The magic of music is in the order of the rhythm of tones and how they’re mixed with different melodies, whether vocal or instrumental. We can link energies of the body together by combining tones… There are various techniques used to facilitate healing, dreaming, communing with spirits, intuition, and invoking divine presences… When it comes to healing, an understanding of the chakra system and how the subtle energies in music align with various places of the body and auric field is important, but basically the chakras take the musical expressions and distribute them for various functions in our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual states.

Sometimes we hold on to emotions and attitudes that cause imbalance and weakness in the body. It ends up making us feel heavy and stuck. Intuitively we know how to take care of ourselves but sometimes we don’t give our self what we need. Instead, we eat things that aren’t good for us, we get stressed and we forget to rest. We forget simple ways to restore balance too. The easiest way to restore balance is with sound and music. Sacred sound has spiritual and metaphysical healing properties. The electro-magnetic emanations of the chakras respond to music.

heart music yogi

Although a seasoned practitioner of metaphysical sound healing may know which tones and combinations of tones to use for certain imbalances in the physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual states, and how each aligns with the different chakras… what is most important for us to remember is the strength of word-sound-power, and the fact that we intuitively know what feels good when we are hearing it. To trust that, if anything. Discovering the medicine in chanting, using mantras, and exploring the realm of sound healing as it relates to using our voice, storytelling, singing, working with crystals, dancing, and making music with instruments, is beneficial to anyone seeking a holistic approach to healing and raising their consciousness.

There are so many ways to heal with music, and it has been done for thousands of years, in every culture. Music is realized within, just as words and language are. The sounds that come from words vibrate to different chakras, different parts of the body, different states of consciousness, different organs and mental and emotional states. By taking advantage of its power in manipulative ways, language can be used to hurt and control… but language and how we speak is part of a rich history of using sound to emit positive power and healing as well. Most of our modern languages stem from an ancient form of Sanskrit. Even in places that don’t speak the language fluently, yogis use some Sanskrit words and sounds because of the ability to enhance meditations, and convey universal feelings of peace, love, unison, and respect.

musical thoughtsThe power of music and words quickens the emotions. The power depends on the intention behind it, the depth of which it arose, and what state of consciousness the individual or group was in that made it. For that matter, even electronic sounds, from computers, still carry energy from the producer… Beats are made and tracks can be mixed in ways that emit a vibration and effect the listeners, and those in the surrounding area of where the music is played (especially if the bass is high, right?) This is the reason why sometimes something one person says has a greater effect on us than when the same thing is said by someone else. We can feel the burn of words said with fire… and it’s also common to be unaffected and ignore those voices that we filter out at times, or that only affect our heart in a peaceful trusting way- no matter what they say… So it’s not “the word” that has the actual power, it is the way it is used and how it makes us feel… the purpose for it’s expression, the energy put into it.

We have the choice to use our voice, to speak, to make sounds, to move to rhythms, to filter out, or tune in to sounds and all types of music. Music and language are magical forces that work closely with the Law of Attraction. Energy follows thought… When we release thoughts by speaking, singing, or making music, the energy is sent out toward manifesting it into our physical reality. We also have the choice of whether we will allow ourself the gift of music to flow through us. By stifling our natural rhythmic nature, we deter our spirit from its path of beauty, healing, and illumination. Musicians are not the only ones who have the gift of making beautiful music, they just own their gift, work with it, and enjoy sharing it… but we all have it. By finding ways to freely express the music within us, to move to the sacred rhythms we feel, to be inspired or brought to tears by something said is a blessing.

peace love musicWithin each of us is all the energy of the universe, all of the powerful forces and potential to manifest health, abundance, and greater awareness into our lives. Within each of us is a child that remembers… The mystical experience of hearing nature speak through the songs of whispering winds, of enchanting streams, and symphonies of creatures hidden among branches of dancing leaves is our constant reminder of our natural gift as musical beings…

Lets keep the healing stories and songs of our past alive as we breathe new life and meaning into our future, with full awareness of our strength as such amazing souls- able to set the mood of our life with the way we express what’s within… As much as sound matters, it is also important to honor where it comes from… the silence. Respect the space in between… the time we get to reflect on how we feel as the energy flows through us… It is then we can appreciate the wonder of life as we visualize world peace and the life we want to live. Your life is a beautiful poem…

Enjoy the album Shamanic Dream II, by Anugama for blissed out musical healing vibes, here…

*Om Shanti Shanti*


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Lauren Luquin, M.Ed. *Animist Seer of Sacred Pathways*Practitioner of Metaphysics* is a dedicated mama to 2 bright children, married to her best friend. She holds degrees in Cross-Cultural Teaching, Sociology, and Metaphysical Science and is certified as an Ordained Minister/Practitioner of Metaphysics, Reiki Master, and Spiritual Aromatherapist. Lauren is the creator/facilitator of, The Intuitive Heart Sanctuary: A free online retreat for enhancing self-awareness within community and nature. She is also the owner of Spiral Elixir, her online business- offering Art, Craft, & Spirit Medicine. She works from home in Northern California, and has a passion for unschooling, natural parenting, holistic healing, soulful poetry & music, and living sustainably.


  1. Music is so very powerful! Nothing shifts my mood like listening to uplifting music. I especially love nature sounds to meditate to or help my babies to sleep. I’ve also noticed that when I sing my babies pay close attention to the vibration and are so very still. Children are so obviously moved by sound. If I had the liberty of just sitting and listening to music all day I would!

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