DIY “Poo-Pourri” Spray For a Fresher No. 2


I live with all dudes. My hubby, my son, my dog, and even my cat. It’s a lot of stinky dudes to be cleaning up after. The worst is definitely how stinky the dudes can leave a bathroom. Do ya feel me? Then, I found this AMAZING essential oil spray that is supposed to keep those foul offensive odors from ever even leaving the toilet bowl. This spray, called “Poo-Pourri” does exactly what it purports to do, but who has $10 to shell out for a small 2 oz bottle of it? Not this hippy!

I Decided to Make My Own No. 2 Spray

Of course, my first thought these days is “how can I make this myself to save money?” Making your own essential oil “Poo-Pourri” spray is as easy as 1-2-3! You just mix your essential oils and water, spray in the toilet….and umm…go. This spray is perfect to leave in the bathroom at work. Your co-workers will thank you for bringing it in and then ask you how you made it so that they can make some at home.

poopourri 2



  • 40 drops lemongrass essential oil
  • 40 drops grapefruit essential oil
  • 40 drops sweet orange essential oil
  • 20 drops eucalyptus essential oil
  • water to fill the bottle
  • 4 oz. glass or PET plastic spray bottle


  1. Fill the spray bottle with the essential oils, gently swirling the bottle to combine.
  2. Fill the rest of the bottle with water and shake before use, to emulsify contents.
  3. BEFORE going to the bathroom, shake and then spray into the toilet boil four times. The essential oils will disperse over the water creating a protective wall of scent, preventing any foul odors from escaping.


There Are MANY Scent Options You Can Go With

You do not need to be limited by my scent option given here. You can come up with your own blends too! With the holiday season looming, you can mix spicy and woodsy scents and create a space that feels like home…without the stench!


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About Christina

Christina Anthis is The Hippy Homemaker. She is 29 years old and the mother of one miraculous three year old boy, Silas Thor (also known as Syfy). After going through many health problems and surgeries, Christina had nowhere else to turn but to a \\\\"hippier\\\\" lifestyle, in hopes of finding the answer. She did her research, read a lot of books, and taught herself the basics to change her family over to a greener lifestyle. A couple months after making the switch, and getting rid of all of the chemicals in her cleaning supplies and beauty products, she noticed that the nerve pains that she used to suffer from constantly, had diminished so much so, that she was actually living and enjoying life the way that she used to.

When Christina made the choice to try a vegetarian diet, her husband Andy (whom she affectionately calls \\\\"The Hippy Husband\\\\"), jumped on board with her, to support the healthier lifestyle she was trying to forge for their family. A few months of eating without meat brought the most surprising side effect of all; Christina\\\\\'s narcolepsy was completely gone, and she was able to function Aderall free.

Always one to care for people, animals, and our Mother Earth; Christina has found her calling by writing for her blog, The Hippy Homemaker. On The Hippy Homemaker, she shares her journey to a healthier and more conscious lifestyle for her family, through vegan and vegetarian recipes, healthier and greener ways to clean, non-toxic beauty products that you can make in your own home, and non-toxic cheaper DIY kids crafts.


  1. I think it kinda stinks that you would completely copy another persons business idea – call it the same thing AND then post how to DIY it…. way to go – I see you’re really supportive!

  2. A side note to those that will try this – because I know there will be… when you’re not emulsifying your essential oils they should always be stored in a glass bottle rather than the plastic! Stay Safe :)

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