The Trees Are Our Teachers

Today I am pleased to host a guest post from Darcey Blue French of Blue Turtle Botanicals. Darcy’s eBook, The Introduction To Tree Medicine, is just one of the 53 amazing products offered in the Health Library Bundle. It has quickly become one of my favorite books and I am pleased to share a few words from Darcey today.

I’m Darcey Blue, a shamanic and clinical and wild herbalist in Southern Arizona. For as long as I can remember, even before I was an “herbalist” the trees around me spoke to me. Ancient wisdom keepers of the land, they hold the memories of the Earth in living form, they teach us how to be in the world with their gentle, stately presence, and the give to us deep healing medicines for our bodies, minds and spirits.

The Introduction to Tree Medicine is a way for beginning and intermediate herbal students, and people who are interested in living close to nature and natural healing ways to begin to learn about the healing medicines that come from the trees around us! It will teach you to make your own medicines from the trees leaves, needles, bark, twigs and fruits, how to harvest safely and ethically from trees in your environment, and how to use those medicines to improve your wellbeing and deal with life’s bumps, bruises, sadnesses, and challenge by connecting with the trees.

The medicine of the trees is much more than just physical, trees heal and teach us by just their presence in our lives, and our attention we give to them. In addition to sharing the medicine of Pine, Alder, Walnut, Hawthorn and Cherry trees, the Introduction to Tree Medicine gives you ways to connect with the trees around you in a deeper more heart and spirit centered way, including recordings of guided Tree Meditations, the spiritual and emotional healing properties of trees, and practices and journal activities to do with the trees.

One of the primary illnesses of our culture is a lack of contact with nature, with the wild, with the sacredness of the Earth.

Learning about the plant medicines available to us, growing freely in nature, and how to work with the natural energy of plants, especially trees, will help reconnect you with the spirit of nature, the wildness and magic in the world we live in, which can deepen and heal your heart, body, and spirit. Open your awareness to the trees, they are speaking, they are singing, they are waiting to share great wisdom and deep healing with all of us, if only we open our hearts and allow it.

  • In what ways do you connect with nature?
  • What gifts do you find in connecting with nature?
  • Do you have a memory of a special tree friend, either from childhood, or beyond?

The love of my life is helping to connect people with the magic and sacred nature of the Wild Earth – through the plant medicines, through deep heart opening connection with nature in the field, and through creating sacred space and ceremony in their life. You can find out more about how I do this work at my website

To learn more about the Health Library Bundle and how you can own The Introduction To Tree medicine, please click here

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