Healing Naturally – My Journey Towards Better Health (February 2013)

Well friends. I think that this post might serve as one of the last updates for a while. You see, my health has gotten rather boring which is INCREDIBLE!

Lydia, my health coach/nutritional therapist is WAY too good at her job. Seriously. In 5 months she was able to do what some of “the best” gastroenterologists were certain could never be done. She has successfully ended my battle with ulcerative colitis.

19 months of horrible, horrible health issues. 19 months of really not being able to live my life. 19 months of feeling gobs of guilt for not being a healthy mama to Tiny. And in 5 months I almost forget how bad life was for me. Almost.

Am I completely “healed?” No. No way. Ulcerative colitis is an autoimmune disease. It can rear its ugly head whenever it so desires. However, if I keep my body strong, continue to care for it through appropriate natural supplementation, real foods, plenty of probiotic rich foods, and a balanced approach to stress, sleep, and whatnot, I should be able to live symptom free for a really long time.

I owe my life to Lydia. I really do. You see, ulcerative colitis could have eventually led to far worse health issues. It opens the door for a lot of bad stuff to happen. But together, Lydia and I have worked hard to stop any further damage from occurring and we will continue to strengthen my body’s ability to fight back against this autoimmune disease.

Over the course of the next couple of months, we are slowly reducing the types of and amounts of supplements I am taking. We will be looking at doing a mini-cleanse to complete the cycle. I am scared a bit but optimistic that my body is ready to move forward without so much support. My wallet is ready for the break too! Not from Lydia. Gosh no! She is on the payroll for ever insofar as I am concerned. But the amount of supplements I have been taking gets a tad expensive. But it is well worth it. Good health is truly priceless.

One of the supplements that I continue to take is the Vitamin D sublingual drops from Biotics Research. The reason I mention these is that as you may recall, my Vitamin D levels were down around 18 at one point. That is REALLY bad. I was using several different Vitamin D supplements but they were not helping to bring my levels up. When I tried the D from Biotics Research, my levels shot through the roof! I was up over 100 a few months ago. We backed off the dose so it will be interesting to see how my levels are when I get tested next month.

Ok – well, this might be goodbye for a couple of months. I will check back in when there is more to report but until then, I am off to continue healing naturally!

If you have missed any of my posts in this series, you can find them here:

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  1. We use those Vitamin D drops for Daniel—they’re so easy and effective.

    I’m so happy to hear that you’re feeling better, Jennifer!

  2. So so happy for you!

  3. So so happy for you!

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