2 Year Blogging Anniversary Giveaway! 5 Winners! Open Worldwide!

Happy 2 Year Blogging Anniversary to Me!!!!

Wow – I have actually be at this blog thing for two years. Unbelievable! If you would have asked me when I started blogging if it would become something that pretty much has turned into a full-time gig, I would have had a good chuckle. However, I find myself spending a good 30 hours or more per week researching, writing, interacting, and responding to my readership. And you know what? I love every second of it. Ok, sometimes I get stressed but shoot – who wouldn’t!

To celebrate my Blogging Anniversary, I am bringing some VERY special giveaways to you this month! Today, I am kicking things off with a giveaway that is very special to me. The items offered to my lovely readers are all from work-at-home-mamas who are local to me.

These shops and these mamas are who I personally support. Whenever I can, I shop local. That is my priority. My second priority is to shop with work-at-home-mamas. It is incredible that the area I live in has such a rich offering of quality shops that I can stand behind!

You ready to see what you can enter to win?  Of course you are!

A Toy Garden ($25 Gift Certificate – excludes shipping)
A Toy Garden is hands down my FAVORITE shop to do business with. Seriously. I very rarely purchase toys, games, art supplies, and children’s books from anywhere else.

If you are looking for a unique selection of toys, this family-run business really has everything and more. For 12 years, Sonya (the owner) has offered an extensive selection of mostly hand-made toys made by her, crafters in Northern California, around the United States, and around the world. Whenever possible, she purchase directly from the artisans. In general, these toys are made from wood, cotton, wool, silk, and other natural and high-quality materials and are open-ended, leaving lots of room for the child to develop and use his/her own imagination and imitation skills. A few items are just plain fun and Sonya couldn’t resist offering them to you. Sonya offers quick shipping, free gift wrap, and fabulous customer service! Seriously. Sonya is on it when it comes to responding to her customers!

At A Toy Garden, you’ll find dolls, wooden toys and stackers, blocks and puzzles, quality books and music, art supplies and craft kits, lunch baskets and supplies, woolen undergarments and rain gear, little treasures, gifts for mom and teachers, and many other surprises! I could spend hours combing through the website.

There are also a lot of great sales and the close-out specials are always incredible. Sonya also likes to reward her customers with giveaways and even deeper discounts.

Please visit and “like” A Toy Garden’s Facebook page at and also sign up for their email list at

Sew Crafty Baby – ($25 Gift Certificate – excludes shipping)

Are you looking for an economical, earth friendly, cloth diaper and natural baby store? Sew Crafty Baby was on my hit list when Tiny was in cloth diapers still.

Sew Crafty Baby has a large selection of cloth diapers including one-size, all-in-one, pocket, all-in-twos, fitted, prefolds, flats, and counter diapers. In addition to all this fluffy goodness, they offer every diapering accessory imaginable as well as tons of great information about clothing diapering! They also have TONS of natural products for mama and baby!

Sew Crafty Baby was actually born from a successful Baby Leg Warmer business. The owner, Jennifer, took her passion for creating baby leg warmers, combined it with her love of cloth diapering her children, and created a one stop shop for all things natural baby related. The customer service in incredible and I like knowing I am supporting a family with values similar to mine!

Shipping is FREE and they ship to Canada for just $3 or FREE if over $55.

Please visit and “like Sew Crafty Baby on Facebook at

QwertyO – A Combo 5 Pack of Reusable Produce Bags and a 3 Pack of Reusable “Swiffer Style” Floor Mop Pads

One of my favorite shops on Etsy is Qwerty O. It caught my attention several years ago while I was on my quest to reduce our carbon footprint by no longer using the plastic produce and bulk bin item bags from the grocery store. After an exhaustive search on Etsy, I decided that the bags listed in Qwerty O’s shop were not only the most cost effective but also sounded like the sturdiest and best made option out there.

I was right! I still have the same bags I purchased over two years ago and they are going strong. There is NOTHING that these bags a cannot handle. In addition, I have been using the same ecofriendly, washable “Swiffer” style floor mop pads that the shop owner gave me for two years. I love them and wow – what cleaning power!

Take a moment to learn a little bit about this family run shop. From Susan – “My daughter Kristin and I started our QwertyO shop just over five years ago. My older daughter Brynna had shown me the website and I instantly fell in love with it. At first it was a place to sell random things but soon turned into a place to sell reusable and ecologically useful items that I already used in my own home. Kristin, who is 20 years old now, started taking over the production of the reusable/washable produce bags five years ago as a way to earn a little spending money of her own and save for college. She will be transferring to a four year university this fall and, thanks in part to the sale of her bags, will pursue a degree in English with the goal of becoming an elementary school teacher.”

Be sure to Favorite Qwerty O’s shop on Etsy!

I Love You More – (2 Signed Copies of the Paperback Book)

My friend Liz has always been extremely talented in the arts and crafts department. Seriously, there is nothing she cannot do! I am always in awe of her projects. Therefore, it was no surprise to me when she and her daughter decided to write and illustrate a children’s book together.

I Love You More is about the tremendous bond and vast love between a parent and child. It came to be over a simple illustration that Liz’s daughter Hannah would always draw and paint: A large heart, personified, holding the hand of a little heart and the two looking at each other. The large heart represents Liz (her mom) and the little heart her. From there, the story grew into trying to quantify their infinite love for each other. Once they had descriptions of just how much they loved each other, more than all the fire in the sun, more than all the stars in the sky, the book was born. Hannah hopes to be an example to other kids her age that have an idea they want to bring to life.

I absolutely adore this book. Tiny and I read it every day. She thinks it is super cool that I “know” the authors. But beyond that, it really is such a sweet story and one that can be shared with your child for years and years. I see it as something of a keepsake really.

I Love You More is available through Createspace, Amazon, Amazon UK and Barnes & Noble.

Be sure to check out the I Love You More Facebook page!

This giveaway opens today, Saturday, February 2, 2013 and closes at 11:59pm on Friday, February 15, 2013. Enter using the Rafflecopter widget below!

There will be 5 Winners total and winners will be notified via email. Winners will have 24 hours to respond to my email before I choose another winner so please keep an eye out!

Good Luck!

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  1. I love reading your blog!The posts about food are the ones I like the most.

  2. The item I would want most is the Sew Crafty Baby Certificate.

  3. Yes! Food posts, especially coconut oil.
    Lori G.

  4. I would love to have the Sew Crafty Baby! We are having our 7th in Aug. and plan on cloth diapering. Our youngest will be 11 1/2 yrs old when baby is born. We are starting over from scratch. This would be so helpful.
    Lori G.

  5. I love reading about Food related topics

  6. I would like The Toy Garden for my new grand daughter.

  7. I’m interested in how you navigate meals out of the house when on a specific diet. How do you talk to Tiny about what to eat?

  8. They are all great prizes, but I’d most like to win the reusable produce bags or the Toy Garden gift certificate.

  9. Amyl Nitrite says:

    I love reading your blogs about parenting and food topics the most, so that would be my hope for more of in 2013!

  10. Amyl Nitrite says:

    I’d most like to win the Toy Garden gift certificate, since I’ve already got the QwertyO produce bags!

  11. I also want some food/cooking posts! What do you make? How do you find recipes? How do you adapt (or do you even bother trying to adapt) ‘classic’ recipes to your specialty diet?

  12. I also want some food/cooking posts! What do you make? How do you find recipes? How do you adapt (or do you even bother trying to adapt) ‘classic’ recipes to your specialty diet?

  13. If I win, I’d LOVE the gift certificate to The Toy Garden. I’m always looking for more awesome, eco-friendly toys for our two littles!

  14. congrats! qwerty o looks great!

  15. @essm
    oops got cut off. i would love to hear more about your work with lydia.

  16. I am always a sucker for recipes too! Especially with before pictures and after. I like to know that what I make looked similar to what it should have!

  17. More vegan food posts please!

  18. I would love to win the reusuable bags!

  19. I love reading about parenting tips and food!

  20. Something about positive parenting affirmations – to yourself and about yourself! Thanks

  21. These are fantastic!

  22. I’m working on simplifying my life. Are you doing that too? How?

  23. I am strongly considering homeschooling my son but know very little about it. Any info would be helpful :) Happy Anniversary!

  24. I like healthy food reviews.

  25. I don’t read your blog as regularly as I should.. but (like so many others), I love your posts about coconut oil! I’d love to read more food posts too, especially ones to do with cooking with coconut flour.

  26. I’d love to win the Toy Garden certificate, but postage to Australia mightn’t be that cheap.. so the Qwerty O reusable bags and mop pads would be awesome! The bags would be fantastic for my farmer’s market shopping!

  27. Would love any & all posts related to nursing your little one. I’m 8 weeks in with #3 & I love reading other moms’ experiences, what they ate/stayed away from, general tips, etc. :

  28. Gift certificate to Sew Crafty Baby! :)

  29. Please write more on mindful mothering/parenting.

    And thanks for the giveaway! :)

  30. How you handle food sensitivities/restrictions

  31. Toy garden or qwertyo

  32. This looks wonderful!

  33. I would love to win the Qwertyo

  34. I love all the great info on coconut oil

  35. I would like to see you write about more recipes featuring plant based nutrition.

  36. I love reading anything about improving diet for myself and family!

  37. I’d like the toy garden certificate- I’ve got 3 kids- I know I could use it!!!

  38. I would love to see more posts about detoxing, specifically from mercury and copper. Thanks for the giveaway!

  39. I would love to win the reusable produce bags. :)

  40. Food posts are my favorite, so more of those would be great.

  41. Toy garden! Their shop looks great!

  42. Wonderful blog-congrats on 2yrs! Yay for awesome giveaways. :-)

  43. I love everything you’ve posted! I’m always sharing your links, especially your ever growing coconut oil thread! Keep ’em coming, mama! Thanks for all your hard work and great info!

  44. I would like to see a post on gallbladder disease and some diet options for people who have that or who have had their gallbladder removed.

  45. Any get healthy/fit type posts.

  46. If I won, I would most want the cloth diaper gift certificate since my little guy is outgrowing his smaller diapers now.

  47. I love anything you write about! I especially enjoy all things coconut oil, recipe and food posts, and parenting posts. :) I like the health posts as well.

  48. I’d love to have the QwertyO Prize. I have a Swiffer and hate the through away pads.. also hate the plastic produce bags at the stores… these would be wonderful to have

  49. I’m new here but I would have to say that I’d love to see any recipes/food posts, as well as natural parenting stuff. :)

  50. Oh, it’s a tough choice, but I would have to say I would love to win the QwertyO. I’ve been thinking about getting reusable produce bags, so that would be nice, and I wonder if the swiffer pads would work on my shark steam mop. If not, I know I could pass those on to somebody. :)

  51. I love reading your posts. Would love to see more on stress and the reduction of it… coping etc….

  52. I love your blog. Thank you for all of the great info.

  53. cloth diapers and babywearing are always good topics =)

  54. I love giveaways and recipes.

  55. A toy garden.

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