5 Health and Real Food Related Posts You Might Have Missed in 2012

I’m back with some more “best of 2012!” Today, I am sharing some of my natural health related posts that I wrote for publication on other blogs and sites. And in case you missed it, be sure to check out my year end “best of” and the wrap up post for conscious parenting related guest posts.

Don’t forget, I do have a dedicated page for Guest Posts I Have Written.

Pink Slime is Only the Beginning! 24 Disgusting Things You Probably Didn’t Know You Were Eating appeared on Multicultural Familia. I think the title says it all. Go read this now. Have a barf bucket ready. (I joke. Sort of).

Truth In Food Labeling – Do You Know What You Are Really Buying? appeared on Multicultural Familia. It floors me how brainwashed we are as consumers. If you read my blog, this may not be all that shocking to you but for some of you just beginning your real foods journey, you probably want to give this a read.

Truth In Food Labeling – How You Are Legally Deceived also appeared at Multicultural Familia. I get in the government’s face a little in this post.

Natural Remedies to Prevent Scarring was a popular post I had over at my friend Carrie’s blog. While I taut the wonders of coconut oil as scar prevention, I also offer several other natural remedies that are known to be successful.

Are you a breastfeeding mother? Know one? If so, my post on Coconut Oil and Breastfeeding Mothers is something to check out! 

And that ends the Best of 2012 series! Cheers to some great posts in 2013!

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