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Guess what? I decided to create a Hybrid Rasta Mama Newsletter! You are going to love it!

With Facebook being so unpredictable these days (only about 1/8 of my fan base actually see my posts) and with less than 1,000 of you subscribing to my posts by email, I feel like many of you might be missing content you would really like to see. 

I get a lot of emails each week (most of them coconut oil and health related) and about 80% of these can be addressed by sending the person over to a post I previously published. A lot of these emails come from long time readers which means that there are a lot of you missing my posts!

I don’t spend copious amounts of time researching and writing just for giggles. I do it to help others as much as I can! So it makes me sad to think that there are people out there who really are interested in what I write but are missing most of it!

Problem solved…a newsletter!

This is NOT some hokey free template that is going to become a spammy thorn in your side. Nope – I am actually paying for this service so it is going to be all groovy and what not. (At least I think so). Anyway, my goal is to send you a weekly update on Sundays where you will find links to all my post from the week before. I will also keep you posted on any giveaways I have open. And finally, you will get some exclusive content from time to time! This might be in the form of recipes, a short post, a cool/inspiring photo, and most importantly – coupons for my eBooks!

Which reminds me… my newest eBook, Cooking With Coconut Oil, is launching THIS Monday. That’s November 12th! If you subscribe to my newsletter by this Friday, then you will get a special ONE DAY discount on my eBook plus the chance to download it before it goes live. Yep! You get it before anyone else. How cool is that?  So subscribe now and watch your email closely on Saturday when I release that little coupon. 

Also, anyone who signs up for my newsletter by Friday will automatically be entered to win one of two copies of my friend Lydia’s eBook, Thanksgiving Classics. There are some wonderful holiday favorites in there, made real food style. I love it and I think you will too!

So what are you waiting for? 

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  1. Oooh, lovely. All signed up! Can’t wait for your new book!!


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