Do You Need A Life Coach? Musings On My Recent Experience With One…

Life’s journey can be beautiful. It can be challenging. It can be uplifting. At times, life can bog us down…heavily. When we become bogged down by life’s big and small challenges we often times lose sight of what is important. We lose a little bit of who we are. It can be tough to get that back on our own.

Enter, a life coach. Yeah, I know…sounds a little cheesy right? I certainly never thought I would benefit from talking with a life coach. Counselor? Maybe. But a coach? Please…coaches are for sports. And then I “met” Tara Mauger through a parenting blogger group.


Counselors can be beneficial but also have their time and place. Sometimes you do not need someone dredging up all of your past issues. Sometimes you need someone to help you see the blue skies through the gray clouds that are currently in your way. Since my husband and I are going through a bit of a communication rough patch, I thought it would be beneficial to see if someone looking from the outside in might be able to bring some insight into how we can come together as a more solidified couple.

My husband and I spent just over an hour on a call with Tara looking at our specific communication challenges as well as the environment, attitudes, and situations causing them. Tara was supportive, she asked insightful questions, and she empowered us to change the course we are on. She did give us a couple of entry level steps to work on to begin the process of changing the way in which we communicate but ultimately she gave us the tools so that we can take responsibility for our shortcomings and redesign our relationship so that it can function better in today’s circumstances. Rasta Daddy and I had not really adapted our relationship to our changing roles as parents. Tara helped us see this and begin to address this.

We are planning on another call with Tara. In addition to looking at our communication failures, we also looked at who we are as parents. This got us on the topic of empowering our daughter and gave us both some food for thought. Although this was not the intended direction of the coaching session, it ended up being something worth considering and reflecting on further.

Tara is very approaching, down to earth, and honest. She is a careful listener, mindful, and direct. I think that she would pretty much get along with anyone.

About Tara

Tara is a passionate and joyful mum to 2 wonderful kids and lover to her husband Samuel. They live ‘around’ Australia and other parts of the world as the travelling “Freedom Family” teaching other Families to live their free life they deserve. Tara is a BreakFree Empowerment Coach, she helps people ‘Ignite their MePower’ (empowerment) in all areas of their life with her coaching and mp’3 mediations, affirmations and courses. Tara is an avid entrepreneur seeking to change the world by helping others Ignite their ‘MePower’ on  a global level, her theory is that ‘the more MePower you have the more the world has!’

Tara has birthed both her 2 children at home easily, pain free and safely and is raising them through consensual & natural living and a medical free life. Her children are thriving human beings which adore their life on many different levels. As a partner and soul mate Tara strives to live in peace and optimum pure love and unconditional love and acceptance.

To read more about her journey as a Parent, Entrepreneur and Break Through Health click on the highlights.


Tara offers a wide away of products ranging from One on One Coaching Sessions, to Group Sessions, to Affirmation mp3s related to parenting, pregnancy, and health, to a Family Freedom BreakFree Program to a 56 Day Self Discovery Series, plus much more! All of the products offered are reasonably priced.


You can also find Tara at her website, Facebook page and on Twitter.


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  1. Hey Jennifer,

    I’m so happy to hear of your positive coaching experience with Tara. She did a wonderful guest post on my blog last month and I’ve been meaning to find/make/allow the time to do a call with her…I now feel even more motivated. Well done you for seeking to work through the issues instead of giving up and being open to this continual evolution we have as partners and parents! Thanks for sharing. onelove

  2. Hi Jennifer, thanks for sharing about you and your husband’s very positive experience with Tara. She sounds great! Being on the other side myself (as a marriage coach), I know the process can be powerful when everybody (including the coach!) shows up fully “present” and ready to work. And a big “way to go” for proactively dealing with your relationship—a good example for all of us.

  3. I love reading this. As a life coach, it’s refreshing to hear a “civilian’s” perspective on coaching. xo

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