Sesame Street Breastfeeds plus a quick Update

Happy Saturday to you all!

I have a couple of quick announcements and then a really great video to share with you! First, I am so delighted to introduce two wonderful resources to you all this week! The first will include a giveaway and will post tomorrow (Sunday). The other will be a two part series this Tuesday and Thursday. Both are can’t miss reads so keep your eyes open!

Mama’s Monday Musings may be on hiatus for a week or two. Tiny is having some technical difficulties and I need to focus on her a bit.

I TOTALLY forgot to tell everyone that several mamas out there wanted to get caught up on my Mindful Mothering Challenges and since we are at the halfway mark, I decided to give everyone a few weeks to catch up. They will return mid-June. :)

And now, for two GREAT videos. Ahhhhhh – the good old days. Enjoy a couple of Sesame Street Clips that show BREASTFEEDING!!!!! Yep – on T.V. – back in the 70’s. So awesome!

This one is of Buffy explaining breastfeeding to Big Bird. So cute!

This one shows Maria breastfeeding.


I miss the 70’s! :)

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  1. Wow! This is totally awesome! Definitely going to share this! :) LOVE IT!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I love Buffy. Have you seen this one, a song from Sesame Street, has a mom breastfeeding for quite some time, it’s beautiful! They redid it in the 90’s and took out the breastfeeding mom and added a bottle fed baby. The original was so beautiful, I wish they had left it alone.

  3. Amyables says:

    Oh poo. I really got excited thinking Sesame Street had done a new breastfeeding segment! I do LOVE those classic ones though. If it’s true that they re-did that clip to put a bottle in then I think it’s appalling! Thanks for sharing!

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