Mama’s Monday Musings – May 9th Edition

Happy Day After Mother’s Day to everyone. I hope that everyone had a wonderful day whether you were celebrating being a mother, having a mother, both, or neither.

I spent yesterday pretty much being a mom. I mean, why wouldn’t I? Tiny did a great job of reminding me that it was Mother’s Day. She had four blowouts in 30 minutes. One hit me in the face and another had me covered from head to toe. That was pretty sweet. You know – it’s the thought that counts right? We did take a nice little family stroll after breakfast and even though it was pretty cold and windy, we all enjoyed ourselves. A tick tried to take of residence on me but luckily I found it before any major damage was done. Again, it’s the thought that counts right?

Funny conversation with the husband:

Me (after opening a store bought card that my husband signed for Tiny): “Honey, thank you for thinking of me but you know that Tiny really loves to color and create pictures and cards nowadays. You do not have to put money into Hallmark’s pocket anymore.”

Husband: “Oh – its ok for Tiny to color?”

Me: “Did you really ask that? You see her artwork all over the house. Of course it is ok. Who do you think created that amazing Mother’s Day work of art for your mom?”

Husband: “I thought you just scribbled really badly and made it look legit.”

Me: “Wow.”

Husband: “Well, you are always saying you don’t have a creative bone in your body.”

Ahhhh – husband are funny people. All I could do was laugh.


I am receiving a small amount of hate e-mail in response to my two most recent blog posts (not the Eve’s Little Earthlings giveaway post but the two before that). I have been called a “pathetic piece of s*&t mother,” a “mental case,” and my personal favorite “someone who is clearly pretending to have a child because no mother on the face of the earth would think like me.” Words cannot express how I feel about those comments. They are ludacris. However, I feel like I am officially a blogger now. I have clearly hit some nerves and pissed a few people off. Yay me. I was beginning to worry that everyone actually liked what I had to say. Glad to know there are some haters out there. Keeps me humble you know. J But seriously, it is such a shame that we cannot all have respectful conversations with one another. Parenting is NOT a competition. It absolutely cannot be because the playing field is too gosh darn big. A longtime friend of mine wrote a post a while back and I got to thinking about it these past few days. You can check it out here. She made some really good points about parenting turning into a competitive sport these days. It seems to me that this is maybe what drove these women to make the comments that they did. Perhaps they feel threatened by my parenting approaches or maybe quite the opposite. Maybe they truly think I am a nutzo and that their methods are better. In any case, my opinion is that the majority of moms will parent their children the best way they know how, given the information and resources available to them. And that is what matters at the end of the day. Moms need to band together, embrace our differences and celebrate our similarities. It is tough enough being a parent without feeling like it is a competition. So seriously – any of my haters reading this – enough! Let’s respectfully agree that I might not write about things you embrace or agree with and move on. Does it really make you feel good to lash out at me and name call?

I have been slacking in two areas recently. First, I have had a lot of great guest posts published recently but have not been linking to them. I will be posting a few of these links on my Facebook page each week to get caught up. In addition, I have created a page on my blog where you can find links to all my guest posts. Check it out here. I will keep this updated and provide you with occasion reminders of new posts I have added. It is in alphabetical order so you can search by topic.

I have also been slacking on the recipe section of my blog. I think I might scrap it. Not sure. My other thought it to publish a full breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipe menu once a month and call it good. Anyway, stay tuned for my decision on that whole thing.

I will have some VERY exciting news to share soon. I am involved in a groundbreaking project right now. Super excited and I cannot wait to tell you all about it. Hopefully next week I can share.  

Make it a great week and watch for a couple of new posts this week. Oh, and do not forget to enter my current giveaway. EASY entry and super cute squirrel from Eve’s Little Earthlings.

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  1. Kimberly {YeP, they are all mine} says:

    I think you and I prove that we can have very different views on parenting and still manage to have respectful dialogue. I’m sorry that you are receiving those comments. All of that is totally unnecessary and hurtful.

  2. Kim – I am going to venture to say that we have fewer differences than one might think. I mean, you are not beating your children senseless; they are very respectful, loving children who clearly trust you and thrive in how you parent them; you really understand your children and are an active parent as opposed to one who parents from the couch (minus the candy entrapment); you are a strong role model for them; and you show them that you love them and are there for them. I think that by way of having three children who are all so close in age you HAVE to go about parenting a little differently than I do but we are really on the same page a lot of the time. And I think this is the case with a lot of moms. We are all coming at motherhood with the best of intentions and from the same peaceful mindset. We carry out mothering differently based on our circumstances. But at the end of the day, we all want to be the best we can be and do so the best way we know how. And THAT is why everyone needs to just get along. :) Thank you for your respectful comments mama!

  3. Thanks for the blog love Jen! ( :
    How can women who have to nurture children be so mean to another mom? It boggles my mind.
    You’re doing a fantastic job being a mom, and a blogger- you are obviously providing some though provoking insights that make them take an inner look at themselves to lash out at you.
    I’m proud of you how far you’ve come with this!

  4. You know they say criticism is the best compliment you can get! 😉

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