Parenting Experts Beware: There Is A New Sheriff In Town

Parenting Experts Beware - There Is A New Sheriff In Town: Follow Me on Pinterest

A reader emailed me the other day asking me what my credentials are and how I can make the claim that I am a parenting expert. Did I claim that at some point? Hmmm…well then. Look out folks! There is a new parenting sheriff in town and apparently that person is yours truly. Good grief.

Let me make this perfectly clear. I am NOT a parenting expert. I have never claimed to be a parenting expert. I have never claimed to be an expert in anything period. I mean really…who can honestly say that they are an expert in parenting? I guess you could claim that you are an expert in parenting your own children and to some extent that is true. However, your children are experts in their own will and therefore, will always be one step ahead of you when it comes to their thought processes, behaviors, and decisions.

I guess I really am not a big fan of the phrase “parenting expert.” I’ll buy that there are certain professionals who have a better understanding of certain parenting practices and whatnot but I highly doubt that they are the be all, end all and that no one else can come close to their knowledge base and abilities. There are a lot of parenting experts out there who bring the same approaches and methodologies to the table. They simply just use a few coined phrases to make it seem like the ideas are new and unique to them. Who made them experts anyway? Didn’t these professionals all go to school and learn a lot of the same fundamentals? They just choose to implement them with their own flavor and style. This does not mean that they are experts. It just means that they are good at packaging and branding a particular parenting approach.

And yet, I am drawn into what these parenting experts are selling offering. I love to read all kinds of parenting books. I find the variety of approaches intriguing. I liked to get riled up at the practices that are so very outdated, plain ridiculous, ineffective, and downright wrong. I love to find a philosophy or technique that I can wrap my head around and see working within my parenting framework. I love to find inspiration in the published works of great parenting professionals. But you know what I really love? You know who I see as the closest people to “parenting experts?” Moms and dads who are in the trenches like me. Those parents struggling to raise their children in the most peaceful, natural, loving way they can. Those parents who admit that they are only human and will never be perfect. Those parents who never give up finding the BEST way to parent their individual children. Those parents who are willing to share their trials, tribulations, and triumphs. Yep – those parents are the parenting experts I look for. So maybe that does make me one then. Because I AM one of those parents.

This little rant has given me an idea for a future post. Stay tuned…I think you will like what I am about to go write. It will give you a deeper look into the “hybrid” side of me.

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  1. Oh how I love ppl like that! LOL Just because we blog and they read (and maybe blog themselves) gives them permission to attack! I’m new to following your blog but love your thought process already! It sounds like she’s found something she disagrees w/in your blog but isn’t mature enough to have an adult conversation about it! Keep up the good work!

  2. You’re an expert on your life :)

  3. I love reading nearly everything I can, too. Books. Blogs. Peer-reviewed journal articles. I take it all in. I love hearing how people are growing in their role as a parent. I don’t think you can really ever call yourself an expert; once you do I’m sure your kids will throw you for a loop immediately! LOL

    Visiting from the blog party. Can’t wait to read more here.

  4. Love your attitude on this!

    I too, love reading, learning and learning some more! But I never ever will claim to be an expert!

  5. Thanks everyone! Some people are just sour individuals and I think this person who emailed me read something that hit home, made her think, then pissed her off. Suddenly, I am the bad person. Ha! Oh well. Can’t please them all. Glad that all of you are finding my blog to be a good read! :) XOXO

  6. This made me laugh. Thank you! You’re right, it’s the moms and dads who are the experts!


  1. […] know that I am far from perfect. I have already come out of the closet and admitted that I am not a parenting expert. I took you on a 22 week journey of becoming a more mindful mother, something I would not have done […]

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