Mama’s Monday Musings – April 18th Edition

Recovery sucks. I’m going stir crazy, Tiny is struggling and desperately wanting our normal rhythm to return, my husband is losing interest in helping, and quite frankly I am tired of an itchy, burning, throbbing butt crack. Oh well – this too shall pass. Thank God for my mom. She is keeping up the house for me and making sure Tiny gets to the park every day. My friends have been awesome too. Great food has been showing up and I have only had to attempt to cook one day since the surgery. Honestly, this is a huge blessing. It’s hard enough to cook on a good day but add in physical limitations and a whiney Tiny and it is darn impossible right now. I love my friends!

I have been working on a post about Babywearing around the world since February. It has consumed a lot of my time and I would love it if you would take a look at my efforts here. It was such a wonderful piece to put together and as I find more information and photos, I will add to it. I never dreamed that babywearing would be this beautiful. Many of the photos brought tears to my eyes!

I have a giveaway up from the Peaceful Housewife. She makes some incredible natural cleaning products. You will want to win this! It closes on Wednesday so hurry!

I will have another giveaway starting on Thursday from Keeper of the Home. The ebook, Real Food on a Real Budget, is a must have for everyone, regardless of your nutritional lifestyle/food preferences. Stay tuned!

My mindful mothering challenge will be back this week! Yay!

I have a few guest posts on other blogs that I need to link to so you can check them out. Think I will just get a little list posted on Saturday.

I have a WONDERFUL guest post that I will be featuring on my blog this coming Sunday. I’ll keep you all in suspense about it but this is a really great piece!

And finally – thank you for all the comments on my recent posts. I have read them all, loved them, appreciated them but haven’t had the hutzpah to comment back. Darn butt!

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  1. Oh no! I hope you feel better soon, but what wonderful friends indeed.

    The photos of mamas across the world wearing their babies is a winner – I’m not surprised some images bought tears to your eyes. It makes you feel united, connected somehow… thanks for sharing and take good care :)

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