Mama’s Monday Musings

February 21st Edition

It’s Monday and a holiday to boot! Thank you Mr. Presidents! I thought that I would start a little Monday tradition here on my blog. I’m calling it “Mama’s Monday Musings.” This is where I get to ramble a little about whatever comes to mind. I promise – I will keep it short! J

Saturday night on into Sunday morning had me praying to the porcelain god. I was blessed with a really obnoxious case of food poisoning. I haven’t been that wretchedly ill in ages. This was especially fun with my co-sleeping toddler. She HAS to touch me otherwise she cannot sleep. Well, my getting up and running to the bathroom every five seconds was certainly not ideal sleeping conditions for her. My husband tried to help but Tiny just wanted Mama and she made sure I knew it. Breastfeeding through this ordeal was a whole new experience. However, we all survived, I still feel like blech, and I am pretty sure that Tiny will never want to accompany me to the bathroom again. Seeing Mama blow was rather traumatizing for her at 2:00am.

I’m getting a little tired of chores lately. But who isn’t?

My dog needs to stop eating his crap, especially when it is hot off the press. Just saying. TMI I’m sure.

I’m getting ready to start reading a wonderful book about 2 year olds. I read the One Year Old and LOVED it. Such insightful, succinct information that has been spot on. Anyone interested in doing a little book study? I’ll read the book and give you all the great tid-bits of information. I know a lot of you have two year olds and soon to be two year olds.

I just learned how important it is to address children under five years of age as “we and us” as much as possible. Children under 5 do not see themselves as separate from their parents and respond better if they hear “we and us” as opposed to you, me, and I. So if you want your child to wash his or her hands, say “we need to wash our hands” as opposed to “you need to wash your hands.” I started trying this method today and Tiny definitely responded to me better. Interesting…

And those are Mama’s Monday Musings! Hope you enjoyed them!

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  1. I know this was written in February, but did you do the book study? My Peanut is three, but I’m pretty sure I’d get some info that would still help. Besides, Pistachio is only 3 months…

  2. Hi Jess. Nope – never did get to the book study but will be doing a new one this fall FOR SURE!!!! So stay tuned for that! I am going to be discussing the series of books I mentioned here in a post towards the later part of this month. There will be some good nuggets for you!

  3. Sweet! Can’t wait.

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